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Reality Street:

The EnterActive Game of Gay Decisions (tm)

Created by Dan F. Schramm

Internet Launch to be Announced

Most Sophisticated, Exciting & Sexiest
Adult Game Ever Created

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About the Game

This game is a totally new concept in online adult entertainment. It combines the best of the Internet with what is best about game playing. Reality Street is not a shoot-em-up, nor a DND. It is a SIM, but one the likes of which you have never seen. Reality Street combines chat, social interaction, community, virtual sex and more into an exciting game.

Reality Street is the game for people who do not normally play games. It will also intrigue serious gamers. It is a game like no other. You can play it or ignore the game aspect and just chat. You don't have to worry about being killed or lossing. There are no limited levels to complete. This game, like life, does not end unless you want it to. You are playing the game by interacting with other human players and with the residents of Reality Street. Play the game has intensively or as casually as you like. It is entirely up to you.

Our ultimate goal is to make Reality Street playable on any platform. Initially, Reality Street will offer a java client for Windows and Apple platforms. Later in development, clients will be offered for game platforms. Hopefully, Web TV and other appliances will soon support Java clients. Much later in the development cycle we would like to have a browser interface not requiring any client software, but this is some ways off.

What the Game Offers

Reality Street is itself a community, a gay community. It is a gay neighborhood, about nine square blocks filled with various types of gay businesses, buildings and other interesting things, including a large park. Buildings range from single family homes to multi-story hotels and apartment buildings. You can see maps of the neigborhood by clicking on that link at the top of the page. Soon after launching, the neighborhood will be expanded to about 12-15 sq. blocks, including a lesbian section and other things. You can move around the neighborhood and view it in all directions and interact with your physical surroundings.

The players can play the game in one of three ways. One, you can play it as yourself. Play it as a simulation of your real life, but with many more options and with consequences only in the game. Two, you can play it as a fantasy. Be who you have always wanted to be. Third, you can play it as a combination of these two approaches.

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You enter the Reality Street neighborhood and can walk around, all over the entire nine square blocks. (The neighborhood will grow as the game progresses.) You can look around, in every direction, including up and down to view your surroundings and things you can interact with. The user interface provides images of what you are looking at, and there is a further text description with more detail, including when relevant the sounds you are hearing, the temperature, humidity or other conditions. There is much to explore on the streets and in buildings, secrets to learn, and events to participate in. You can do most things in the game that you'd do or wish you could do in an all-gay neighborhood. The businesses include clubs and other places to gather and meet with other players in the game. The game provides an easy to use chat interface to chat with other players.

That is where other chat systems end. In Reality Street you can have physical-like interactions with other players and the environment, including virtual sexual encounters. The game uses various action commands to carry on virtual sex. The other player can accept or reject what you do and can take actions which you can accept or reject. You can also chat while taking the actions. At the end of the day the actions of the day are processed and scored.

The telephone system within the game provides a game-wide way to talk with people wherever they are in the game. The phone system provides personal voice mail boxes (in a text form) so players can leave each other messages, together with a pager system so friends can find each other. Plus, there are geographically-based chat rooms, just like the biggest gay chat systems, if you want to meet people for real. You will also be able to store a real profile and photos. You can reveal this profile selectively plus trade photos with other players if you desire. Be as real as you want, or maintain the fantasy.

That is only the beginning!

It is rather difficult to have functioning businesses in the neighborhood without employees and the neighborhood would not be nearly as interesting if people did not live there. The "people" in this case are the residents of the game. The residents are computerized virtual humans. You have NEVER seen anything like this!

The residents of Reality Street have physical characteristics, they have personal histories, they have attitudes, motivations, original ideas, and varying degrees of intelligence. Some are even dishonest and have other human failings. They have likes and dislikes and opinions.

SecureBAG-TAG Ad Image Like real people, the residents of Reality Street TALK. Yes, you can carry on interactive and intelligent conversations with the residents of the game through the typed interface. The characters have a base of knowledge they can draw from to have conversations on a wide range of subjects. The characters also understand basic concepts which makes them seem even more human. The heart of this ability is a cutting-edge natural language processing engine conceived by Dan Schramm, and programmed by our highly talented staff of computer programers. Nothing like this has ever been done before in a game.

Residents have jobs to do within the game, but they also have free time and social lives. You can get to know them, take them on dates and have virtual sex with them. We are not talking about a handful of scripted dates or encounters. These residents can make their own decisions and there are thousands of possibilities, just like in real life. This is a not game where you can learn the tricks and shortcuts and have it all figured out.

Many interactions with the residents will be similar to real life. If you go into a night club, you'll be greeted by a doorman who might ask for a cover charge. You'll walk to the bar and ask the bartender questions, and order a drink. You can check your coat and flirt with the coat-check boy.

You can actually get to know the characters by having conversations with them. You get to see photographs of them on your screen. You can make dates and take the residents on dates. If you do or say the right things, you can get them to take off their clothes and have a virtual sexual encounter with you. If you are successful in getting a resident into bed, you'll get to download hot and erotic pictures of the character.

There are many other things to do as well. You can go to the strip clubs and download images and Quicktime movies of the strippers taking off their clothes. If you're lucky, you can take them home. "Home?" you ask. Well, you don't live in the neighborhood, but the residents do. The residents actually have homes within the neighborhood. They spend time at home, they have jobs they walk to (you can meet them on the streets too), jobs that they carry out in the game, and things that they do in their free time. Just like you, the residents can go out and mingle, where you can meet them, date them, and do much more.

Like real life, you are best off finding a place to have a personal encounter. Maybe you'll go home with a resident, maybe you'll find a back room in a bar or go to the baths. Perhaps you'll wander into the park, or if you dare, the cemetery. Are you into vacant buildings, back alleys, or public toilets? (You'll laugh when you see who the public toilets are named after.) There are those too. You can be more conventional and go to one of the hotels and rent a room, or find a cheap boarding house and stay for a while.

Like any neighborhood, there are police officers. You can call them if you get in trouble, and maybe they'll show up, but if you have sex in the street (and scare the horses as they say) it is possible a police officer resident on patrol will find you. Will they let you off with a warning? Can you bribe them? Will they or other prisoners rape you in jail? Perhaps you will be arrested, go to jail and even go to trial. Who knows what might happen?

Like life, Reality Street has its dangers. What is a game without danger? What is life without some danger? Pretty boring. Danger can come in many forms and from many directions including accidents and disease. Some dangers are merely inconvenient, such as wandering into the wrong part of the park and getting sprayed by a skunk and having to deal with that or leave the game for the day, or tripping on a manhole cover and dropping your money. If you walk down by the river, be careful you don't walk out onto a dock and slip into the river. The game is over for you.

There are things to learn as well. Go to the community health center, be tested, and learn about safe sex. Walk through the park and see statutes of over 50 famous gay people from throughout history and read their stories. (No, you aren't forced to.) Walk into the art gallery and see famous art by gay artists. Or go to the pawn shop and pawn your watch so you can afford that pretty hustler. Go to the movies and seduce the guy in the back row, or follow him into the bathroom. Who knows what might happen?

Nothing in Reality Street is written in stone. This is not a game you can learn and figure out. You won't be able to figure this out any better than real life. The big advantage is that this is ONLY A GAME. There are no consequences in real life, unless you ignore the lessons that you learn. This is not a game where you win and it's over. Sure, there are winners and losers in the game, just as in life. Which will you be?

Reality Street provides other ways to interact with other players and meet them. There are telephone booths throughout the neighborhood, and there are group chat lines for the entire neighborhood. There are one-on-one chat lines where you can talk to a resident who will get you off, or you can talk to other players. You can hear hot fantasies, or even call a bar and see if your favorite bartender is working. If you want to locate a friend, you can call their voice mail number and leave them a message that is then delivered to their pager. If you want to communicate with everyone in the game, you can walk to the newspaper office and place a classified ad in the local "Reality Street Times".

In the future, you'll be able to go to the subway station and take the subway to other games, other neighborhoods. Visit Castro Street, Key West, South Beach, Paris, Berlin, Bangkok, or another fantasy neighborhood like Reality Street. You will be able to move seamlessly between games operated by us and licensees around the world.

There is much more, but we can't tell you everything. You'll have to learn for yourself.

Public Service Component:

The game is designed to serve a number of purposes. Its underlying purpose is to teach HIV/STD prevention and safe sex behavior. It does so however, on a very low key basis, simply by the experiences players have in the game. It is also a very erotic and exciting game to play and is designed to provide many hours of intense entertainment.

The game also has a library with a national database of HIV/STD treatment and support organizations, news on HIV treatment, a safe sex quiz and survey, and other related information.

The game is highly graphical, and includes still photographs, sound clips and motion picture video of the characters within the game, who are played by actors and attractive professional models. Later, we'll have some gay video stars come visit the neighborhood and do other interesting and exciting things to keep all the players amused.

Reality Street Game Development
Blue Planet Offices, Inc.
1107 Key Plaza, Box 306
Key West, FL 33040

"Reality Street" is a trademark of Blue Planet Offices, Inc. "The EnterActive Game of Gay Decisions" is a servicemark.

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