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These are news releases sent out by the GLINN News Distribution Service, from newest to oldest during 2004. Releases from previous years are linked at the bottom of the page. This is a representative sample. Thank you for your interest.

Press Release
For Immediate Release


January 17 through the 25 of 2005, is the week when various Catholic 
and Christian denominations pray for Christian Unity nationally and 

We are puzzled why Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender (GLBT) Catholics 
and Christians GLBT Churches and organizations are being excluded? The 
theme of the week is " "Christ, the one foundation of the ChurchÔ?Ł 
(1 Cor. 3:1-23)." Is the Church ready for this type of radical 

We are prayerfully calling all the national participants of this week 
to reflect on why it is necessary to discriminate against GLBT 
Catholics and Christians. Our call specifically is to the National 
Council of Catholic Bishops, The World Council of Churches, the 
Orthodox Church in America, the Greek Orthodox Church, Presbyterian 
Church (USA), The Salvation Army, and the United Methodist Church, to 

You have by the very nature of your call alienated GLBT 
Catholics Christians, and Christians. We cannot have unity unless we 
are ready to respect the very dignity of each other. If this call for 
Christian Unity is sincere why are our GLBT Churches and organizations 

If Christian Unity is about prayer than let it be in places where all 
Christians are welcome. Our challenge for the US organizers of the 
events for this week is to walk the talk. Love of God , and love of 
neighbor. To hold these prayer services in places of worship that 
promote homophobia, which attack the very dignity and rights of GLBT 
Christians is not walking the talk. We must therefore question, 
respectfully, the purpose of these events that will be held 
during the "Week of Prayer for Christian Unity."

To find out more about the Rainbow Sash Movement in the Roman Catholic 
Community visit our web site at https://www.rainbowsashmovement.com/. 


Contact Person:
Dennis Kluge
National Chair Media/Outreach Chair
Rainbow Sash Movement

Press Release

For Immediate Release

The Rainbow Sash Movement responds to the Popes Gay Bashing

The Rainbow Sash Movement is calling Pope John Paul II to stop his 
international Gay Bashing. Dogma is driving this effort not Holy Scripture. 
Personal piety is driving the Church in the direction that is opposed to the 
reality of the Psychological sciences. Like Galileo this Pope thinks it is 
ok to publicly condemn knowledge for Dogma. 
Gays/lesbians/bisexuals/transgender (glbt) are the brunt of these senseless 
mean-spirited attacks. We call on the Pope to educate himself, and come out 
and dialogue with glbt Catholics. Has the Pope ever talked to a gay 

The Rainbow Sash Movement is further calling the Pope to tone done his 
language, and stop and think how this will affect the lives of innocent 
people. This orchestrated worldwide jihad against the glbt international 
community is symptom of sick theology gone wild. Thank God the European 
Common Market, and Canada no longer listen to this sick propaganda of hate.

Finally, the Rainbow Sash Movement is calling Pope John Paul II to enter 
into a public dialogue with gay/lesbians/bisexuals/transgender Catholics. 
Certainly this is the pastoral thing to do.

We are glad to see that Archbishop Flynn of Minneapolis/St Paul in his 
recent visit to the Vatican said he discussed the issue in a private meeting 
in early December with Cardinal Francis Arinze, head of the Congregation for 
Divine Worship and the Sacraments. I got the clear understanding that this 
is recognized as a very complex pastoral issue which must constantly be 
looked at in all its ramifications," Archbishop Flynn said in an interview 
in mid-December.

If Cardinal Arinze recognizes this, what is the problem with the Pope? Or is 
this more Vatican smoke and mirrors? To find out more or join the Rainbow 
Sash Movement please visit our web site at www.rainbowsashmovement.com>>


For Immediate Release
Media Contact
Do Tell, Inc., Amanda Yoder
610-397-0100 / 

Martina Navratilova Honors The Center for Lesbian and Gay Civil 
With the Subaru-Rainbow Leadership Award
Pennsylvania Based Organization Recognized for Pioneering Work
In the Fight for Equality

Philadelphia, PA, December 13, 2004 -- Annually, Martina Navratilova and the 
Rainbow Card Program honors an exemplary organization with the 
Subaru-Rainbow Leadership Award and an accompanying $10,000 contribution. 
Martina is cofounder of the Rainbow Card, a Visa credit card that supports 
causes of importance to the gay and lesbian community, and the Rainbow 
Endowment, the non-profit beneficiary of funds raised through use of the 
Rainbow Card. To date, the Rainbow Card Program has generated over $1.5 
million . This year, the Subaru-Rainbow Leadership Award was presented to 
The Center for Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights, in recognition of the 
achievements the Center has merited in its work to represent LGBT 
individuals and to affect positive change on a state, and ultimately 
national, level.

│Access to legal aid and representation is vital in ensuring equality for 
all people." says Tim Bennett, Director of Marketing Programs, Subaru of 
America, "Subaru is proud to support the work necessary to protect and 
defend those discriminated against in our society.▓

The Center for Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights is an ever-growing nonprofit 
organization, established in 1996 to respond to the unmet needs for advocacy 
and legal services for lesbians and gay men in Pennsylvania. The Center╣s 
mission is to advocate equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender 
individuals in Pennsylvania by providing legal assistance through counseling 
and representation, conducting educational programs and seminars, and 
seeking policy reform. The Center is the only stand-alone organization in 
the country offering direct legal services specifically targeting its local 
gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

│We greatly appreciate the support of the Subaru-Rainbow Leadership Award." 
Stacey Sobel, Executive Director of the Center for Lesbian and Gay Civil 
Rights, continues, "Such generosity will allow us to continue the fight for 
equality and to make an impact on both the state level and in the lives of 
the individuals we serve.▓

The Subaru-Rainbow Leadership Award has been presented to many notable 
organizations, including last year╣s recipient, the Walt Whitman School in 
Dallas, Texas. The award is granted to those, like the Philadelphia based 
Center for Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights, who are on the forefront of the 
socio-political battle toward a safe and just world for LGBT people and 
their families.

Amanda Yoder
Do Tell Inc.

Press Release

For more information contact:

Deborah Rose
(479) 253-2555
PO Box 3158
Eureka Springs, AR 72631

For Immediate Release -- Effective 12/09/04

3 Gender Combo Dance Teams Win $3000!

EUREKA SPRINGS, ARK. - Diversity Pride Events awarded $1000 each to the top 
three 'GOLDEN OLDIES' dance teams during the annual Fall Diversity Weekend 
on Saturday, November 6, 2004. Judges chose the best teams in three 
categories: (Male-Female) Don McClung and Sandy Miller, (Male-Male) Mark 
Short & Christopher Jones and (Female-Female) Evelyn Chronister and Trini 

The Contest was the highlight of the GOLDEN OLDIES Dance that featured music 
from the 1940's to the present, as spun by DJ Jason Watts. The event was 
produced to provide a venue for the GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and 
Transgender) /PFLAG (Parents, Friends, & Families of Lesbians and Gays) 
communities, to promote parity for all-gender dancing and to inspire dancers 
to think 'out of the box' when they dance. "It's a great opportunity to 
explore fresh new dynamics in couple dancing, says Producer Deborah Rose, 
"regardless of gender combinations or sexual orientation."

For a second and more CONTEMPORARY dance, Diversity Pride Events brought in 
big city circuit DJ, Lydia Prim, who delighted men and women dancers with 
her own special blend of tribal, trance and house music. Prim spins at top 
name events from Provincetown's 4th of July, New York Pride to Jeffrey 
Sanker's internationally renowned White Parties in Miami and Palm Springs, 
and is resident DJ in many famous clubs all over the world. Prim expressed 
her appreciation of the friendliness and generosity of the people of Eureka 
Springs and the high level of professionalism of the producers and crew. 
Prim made it clear she wants to perform in Eureka again.

Diversity Pride Events will next feature a special Valentine's Dinner and 
Dance for the GLBT/PFLAG community on Saturday, February 19, 2005. To 
please dancers of all ages, DJ Jason Watts will play favorite dance hits 
from the 1940's to 2005, with a little bit of country mixed in! For more 
details, log on to https://www.diversitypride.com or call 479-253-2555

Based in the heart of the Ozarks, Diversity Pride Events invites you to 
visit our little town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, for Fall & Spring 
Diversity Weekends, romantic Valentines Getaways, special Concerts & other 
Pride Events. Diversity Pride Events is committed to producing quality 
events for Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Transgender (GLBTs) and Parents, 
Friends and Families of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAGs).

NOTE: For the media, high-resolution pictures of the events and the dance 
contest winners can be viewed and downloaded at 

The Rainbow Sash Movement (GLBT Catholics) challenges the Vatican's 
Statement on AIDS and Women for World AIDS Day

This week, on Dec. 1, the world marks Aids Day to commemorate those who have 
died and are suffering from Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and 
the HIV virus. Also in focus are women and the 14 million children orphaned 
by this disease.

On this World AIDS Day the Rainbow Sash Movement is calling on the Catholic 
Church to apologize to those communities affected by HIV/AIDS both locally, 
and internationally, for the Church's slow and confused response to the AIDS 
pandemic. Are the bishops and the Pope sorry at all? They all sound so 
right, so self-righteous and yet, when it comes to their personal life, 
doing the right thing themselves, their silence is deafening!

We challenge the Vatican's recently released Statement for World AIDS Day 
by Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragßn, "The Church has always defended women 
and their very great dignity with especial vigor and is struggling to fight 
those examples of discrimination which still today in a great deal of our 
society require greater efforts to secure the elimination of disparities in 
relation to women, including in the area of health." This statement is 
simply untrue, and is not in line with the actions of the Church around the 
issue of women.

There are some countries were women are endangered species. The female 
populations in certain countries are specially endangered due to their 
subordinate status as well as lack of education and economic stature. For 
instance, in sub-Saharan Africa, 57 percent of HIV victims are women. In 
Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa, women compose 77 percent of all young 
people infected by the virus.

In Asia, there has been a 55 percent increase in the number of women who 
tested positive for the HIV virus. Even in Russia, the proportion of women 
infected jumped from 24% to 38% in just 12 months.

In Africa, John Paul II has repeatedly refused to countenance the use of 
condoms, even when faced with the spread of HIV-AIDS, thus seemingly 
abandoning Africans, in their millions, to a lethal epidemic. Elsewhere, he 
continues his intransigent opposition to birth control of any kind, divorce, 
homosexuality, IVF treatment, and to married and women priests. Huge swathes 
of the Catholic community are in this way made to feel excluded.

And Catholics who cannot meet the Pope's exacting standards of sexual 
morality are withdrawing from the church in record numbers, turning a 
once-thriving community into a shrinking one.

The ABC mantra favored by the United States National Council of Catholic 
Bishops - abstinence, be faithful and no condoms, is useless where women and 
girls have no power to say "no."

We are asking newly elected President, Bishop William Skylstad of Spokane, 
Washington, and Vice President Cardinal Francis George of Chicago, IL, to 
call for a national day of atonement in the US Church for the communities 
impacted by HIV/AIDS. The Church must accept the responsibility it played in 
the spread of this disease. Delusional statements coming out of the Vatican 
will not solve the problem. Only when the Pope and Bishops behavior is 
consistent with the two great commandments, love of God, and love of 
neighbor, can the Church regain any moral authority to speak to these 
communities. We call on our Bishops to be silent no more on this World AIDS 

To find out more about the Rainbow Sash Movement please visit our web site 
at www.rainbowsashmovement.com.


For Immediate Release

The following Press Released was release by the Rainbow Sash Movement

Rainbow Sash Movement: Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Catholics Calls on 
the National Council of Catholic Bishops To Remove the Blinders of 

It was ironic that members of the Rainbow Sash Movement were denied 
Communion at the Bishops Plenary Liturgy this past week in the Basilica of 
the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC because of a public witness of 
their faith. While simultaneously the Bishops where patting themselves on 
the back about overcoming racism, intolerance, and the blindness of 
ignorance that cannot see Jesus Christ in our neighbor. It is ironic because 
at the end of the day hate motivated by good intentions, is still hate and a 

The Bishops just bury their heads deeper in the sand. Our parishes and 
schools are closing in mass across the nation, Arch/dioceses are going into 
bankruptcy and more to come, the needs of victims of clergy sexual abuse are 
being glossed over with money, a chronic priest shortage, a chronic problem 
with AIDS in the Priesthood, the role of women, and a hierarchy that appears 
to be clueless about its gay clergy: one could compare this to Nero playing 
the fiddle while Rome burnt.

Homophobia promotes blindness. Denying Rainbow Sash Members Holy communion, 
for publicly witnessing their faith was grounded in homophobia. It only 
highlights the words of Bishops Gregory out going president of the National 
Council of Catholic Bishops. Hate "It is a blinding shadow so dark and 
damaging that it keeps us from seeing Jesus in others." Joe Murray the US 
Convener of the Rainbow Sash Movement said "We in the Rainbow Sash Movement 
have come to a place of faithfulness, our walk with Jesus Christ, requires 
telling the whole truth and paying whatever price truthfulness requires."

The Gay policy adopted by the Bishops is "don't ask don't tell." This policy 
must be challenged by Catholics across the board. Not to challenge this 
policy is to passively allow homophobia to flourish in the Church. How else 
can "they" know us and put a face on their prejudice if we are never 

Murray further said "we will continue to come back to the National Council 
of Catholic Bishops Plenary liturgy each year to receive the body and blood 
of Christ, will continue speak out on behalf of Justice for glbt people, and 
will continue to speak out from the pews of our parishes to challenge 
homophobia. While the events of this past week were deeply painful, we care 
for our bishops, and pray the Lord will give them renewed sight to see glbt 
as human beings, with dignity and rights."

To join and/or find out more about the Rainbow Sash Movement please visit 
our web page at www.rainbowsashmovement.com.


Contact Person:

Dennis Kluge

Media Outreach Chair

Rainbow Sash Movement


Press Release

For Immediate Release

The Rainbow Sash Movement: Gay Catholics Act Up with
the National Council of Catholic Bishops

The following press release was issued
today by the The Rainbow Sash Movement:

The Rainbow Sash Movement (RSM) a national organization of
gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender (glbt) Catholics and their supporters will 
be present at the Plenary Liturgy of the National Council of Catholic 
Bishops(NCCB). This Liturgy will be held at the Basilica of the Immaculate 
Conception in Washington, DC on Monday, November 15, 2004@ 7PM. RSM says 
is alive and well in the Catholic Church.

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of the Archdiocese of Washington has 
indicated by his past actions that he will deny gay Catholics Communion at 
this Liturgy. According to Cardinal McCarrick the piece of clothing we wear, 
a rainbow sash is an affront to the Church. This is the Catholic version of 
don't ask don't
tell policy.

Earlier this year Cardinal Francis George of the Archdiocese of Chicago 
made international news for denying RSM members and their supporters Holy 
Communion at his Cathedral. Like Cardinal George of Chicago, Cardinal 
McCarrick will only bring more scandal to a scandal ridden church.

However, there is division on this matter among the bishops: Archbishop 
Harry Flynn (Minneapolis/St Paul, MN), Cardinal Roger Mahony (Los Angeles, 
CA), Bishop Mathew Clark (Rochester, NY), have welcomed RSM members to Holy 
Communion this past year. Additionally, Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton 
(Detroit)has supported our call for inclusion.

Joe Murray, US Convener of the Rainbow Sash Movement is calling on Bishop 
Gregory the outgoing president of the NCCB, to make clear at the Basilica 
that Cardinal McCarrick does not represent the National Council of Catholic 
Bishops in denying openly glbt Catholics and their supporters Communion. 
Murray further said "it was my hope that Cardinal McCarrick would of 
understood, now
is a time to unite Catholics, not divide them."

As people of faith we are puzzled by Cardinal McCarrick's actions, 
especially because of his decision not to deny pro choice Catholic 
politicians Communion. Why the double standard? The NCCB has no public 
policy on denying Rainbow Sash Movement members and their supporters Holy 
Communion. We hope Cardinal McCarrick will be clear on this matter.

We find no shame in publicly identifying ourselves, by wearing Rainbow 
Sashes, as both believers and glbt people. We feel that diversity is a 
fundamental element in the fabric of social justice. Diverse voices and 
viewpoints will only deepen our understanding of both our faith, and glbt 

To find out more about the RSM please visit our web page at
https://www.rainbowsashmovement.com .

SOURCE The Rainbow Sash Movement
-0- 11/11/2004
/CONTACT: Dennis Kluge, National Media/Outreach Chair of Rainbow Sash 
Movement, +1-312-266-6080, or +1-202-638-2626 in Washington DC 11/12/04 
through 11/16/04 /

/Web site: https://www.rainbowsashmovement.com /

For release:
Lubbock, Texas: 
Scifi novel joins gay marriage debate

When Duane Simolke re-released Degranon: A Science
Fiction Adventure in June 2004, he made three of the
central characters gay, and used them to further delve
into contemporary issues, including gay marriage.
While the first edition (published January 2002)
showed gay marriage as legal and a non-issue, the
second edition further incorporates parallels to
anti-gay crusades in real life.

For example, one of the passages explains a series of
constitutional amendments that supposedly protected
society on the planet Valchondria but actually led to
discrimination and a gradual erosion of human rights.
At the same time, the invading world Degranon remains
as fanatical and divisive as in the original, with
characters using religious dogma to justify violence
and oppression against each other and everyone else.

A review appearing in the October 1, 2004 issue of
X-Factor (https://www.xfactor.com) explains how
Degranon's second edition explores gay marriage and
other contemporary issues, saying that "Duane Simolke
establishes his voice in gay genre writing" with those

Though best known for his books, Simolke also writes
for This Week In Texas
(https://www.thisweekintexas.com/). His Web site
(https://duanesimolke.com/) includes Rainbow: Lubbock,
an online newsletter for his fellow gays in Lubbock,
Texas. With that location, he sees much of the
anti-gay debate, usually framed in religious or family

Despite a Texas law banning gay marriage, at least one
Texas politician now seeks to add Texas to the states
with constitutional amendments banning gay marriage,
even while newly re-elected President George W. Bush
continues to seek a federal constitutional ban.
Degranon explores many of the arguments that such
politicians use to justify these actions, even though
it frames them in other-worldly ways and sometimes
applies them to discrimination on the basis of race,
weight, or other factors. 

Paperback ISBN: 0595317138. Hardcover ISBN:
0595663893. E-Book ISBN: 0595765211. 216 pages.
Publisher: iUniverse.com.
Cover image:


NGPA Education Fund Press Release


For Release: November 1, 2004

Contact: Jeff Buchman, Executive Director

Phone: 214.336.0873

Email: ExecDir@ngpa.org

Dallas, TX, November 1, 2004 - The NGPA Education Fund scholarship 
application deadline is approaching. Applications are due to be postmarked 
no later than December 1, 2004. Students currently pursuing careers as 
professional pilots are encouraged to submit applications. The NGPA 
Education Fund may award up to $9,000 in scholarships to at least three 
high-caliber students in 2005.

NGPA Education Fund has been established to provide financial assistance to 
members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community (including 
heterosexual supporters) who are working towards an aviation career as a 
professional pilot.

The strength of the applicant's commitment to supporting and bettering the 
Gay and Lesbian community, demonstrated academic ability, and financial need 
are some of the criteria established by the NGPA Education Fund in 
considering scholarship applications.

Details of scholarship eligibility, the scholarship application form and 
information on making a charitable donation to the NGPA Education Fund is 
available via the National Gay Pilots Association website: 
https://www.NGPA.org. Follow the "Scholarships" Link on the left side of the 
home page.

The NGPA Education Fund is a 501c(3) not-for-profit scholarship fund created 
by the National Gay Pilots Association (NGPA). Since its inception, the NGPA 
EF has awarded more than twenty-two scholarships totaling $45,000 to 
students pursuing careers as professional pilots.

The NGPA is a membership organization comprised of more than 825 gay, 
lesbian, bisexual and transgender pilots and other aviation enthusiasts from 
across the United States and eight foreign countries. The NGPA was created 
as a forum to promote aviation safety, provide an affirming social and 
professional network for Gay and Lesbian aviators, encourage Gays and 
Lesbians to begin piloting careers, and foster equal treatment of Gay and 
Lesbian aviators. NGPA sponsors activities across the United States and 
Canada to provide a venue for social and professional interaction among gay 

Press Release 

For more information contact:
Deborah Rose 
For Immediate Release -- Effective 10/20/04

"My dream is to just dance freely and as myself."
John Clark (Richard Gere) from Shall We Dance?

Celebrating the Diversity of all Dancers


EUREKA SPRINGS, ARK. - Diversity Pride Events, based in the heart of 
the Ozarks, announced today the Golden Rules for their "Golden Oldies" 
Dance and Dance Contest, to be held on November 5 - 6 in Eureka 
Springs, which will put a spotlight on couple dancing in a significantly 
different way. 

While traditional dance contests focus on male-female dance teams, 
the Diversity Pride contest will feature three dance team categories 
competing for their portion of a $3,000 prize pot. Male-female, 
male-male, and female-female dance teams will waltz, swing, tango 
and disco their way to a $1,000 cash prize for each winning team.

"We do it different," says Diversity Pride Events producer, Deborah 
Rose. "Our dance contest was created to inspire all the dancers to 
'think out of the box' when they dance. This is a great opportunity to 
explore fresh new dynamics in couple dancing, regardless of gender 
combinations or sexual orientation. We hope we can encourage 
excellence and overcome convention by rewarding and celebrating 
all-gender dancing."

On Friday night at the People's Choice Semi-Finals, all the guests will 
vote for their favorite dance teams to be sent on to compete in the 
Saturday night Finals.

Also on Saturday night, there will be a Best Costume Contest. All 
guests are invited to compete for cash prizes to be awarded to the First, 
Second and Third place winners chosen by the guests at the dance.

"You don't have to compete to enjoy the dance," says Rose. 
"Remember, this is not just a contest, it's a fun dance for everyone. Even 
if you have two left feet, come kick up your heels in a safe, friendly 
environment. The DJ will be playing dance hits from the 1940s and on. 
>From time to time we'll take a break to enjoy watching the dancers 


The Golden Oldies Dance and Dance Contest is open to GLBTs (Gay, 
Lesbian, Bisexual,
Transgender) and PFLAGs (parents, friends, families of gays and 
lesbians). Doors open at the Best Western Inn of the Ozarks Convention 
Center at 7:30 p.m., with dancing from 8:00 to 1 a.m. There will be a 
cash bar. All guests must be over 18 with valid ID.

Tickets are $15 per person at the door. Dance teams pay an additional 
$15 entry fee to compete. On Saturday, in addition to the $15 door 
charge, guests are requested to bring an un-wrapped present or cash 
donation for the "Secret Santa Program" sponsored by Arvest Bank and 
The Junior Bank Board. 

Diversity Pride Events is committed to providing quality events for GLBTs 
and PFLAGs of all ages. Scheduled dances and events coincide with 
Eureka Springs Fall and Spring Diversity Weekends, as well as 
Valentine's Day. For more information, log on to 
https://www.DiversityPride.com or call 479-253-2555

Press Release

For more information contact:
Deborah Rose
For Immediate Release -- Effective 10/24/04

Top DJ idol to spin Eureka Springs at Diversity Dance


EUREKA SPRINGS, ARK. - The buzz for Fall Diversity Weekend in
Eureka Springs is about DJ Lydia Prim, one of the most coveted and
talked about DJs in the country. Prim, a #1 rated DJ who plays the best
circuit parties in North America, will be spinning at Diversity Pride
Events' 'Contemporary' Dance and Social on Friday and Saturday, Nov.
5, 6. "Lydia is going to rock the roof right off the historic Basin Park
Hotel," says one of the producers, Deborah Rose.

Spinning vinyl in a style all her own, Prim serves it up with a butch
drippy-sexy edge that's soulful and perfectly timed. Tribal beats,
progressive trance, anthemic vocals.....all mixed as smooth, seamless
and intoxicating as any dancer could demand. Her style simply oozes

"This is a DJ who appeals to both men and women..and she is the
absolute buzzword on every gay circuit boy's lips these days," says
Rose. Prim knows the direct link between the vinyl and the dance floor
and understands the relationship between sexy music and a man's
head better than, well, a man does.


As one of only 150 DJs across the country to report to Billboard for the
Hot 100 Dance Chart, Lydia Prim is an incredible artist who has risen
as a female in a male dominated industry. Her schedule is an
impressive, fast-pace between big name events and big name cities -
from Provincetown's 4th of July, New York Pride to Jeffrey Sanker's
internationally renowned White Parties in Miami and Palm Springs.

The 'Contemporary' Dance and Social will be held in the Ballroom at the
Basin Park Hotel in Eureka Springs, Ark. The dance is open to GLBTs
(gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) and PFLAGs (parents, friends,
families of gays and lesbians).

Doors open at 7:30 p.m., with dancing from 8:30 to 1 a.m. There will be
a cash bar and guests must be over 18 with valid ID. Tickets are $15
per person at the door. On Saturday, in addition to the $15 door charge,
guests are requested to bring an un-wrapped present or cash donation
for the "Secret Santa Program" sponsored by Arvest Bank and The
Junior Bank Board.

Diversity Pride Events is committed to providing quality events for GLBTs
and PFLAGs of all ages. Scheduled dances and events coincide with
Eureka Springs Fall and Spring Diversity Weekends, as well as
Valentine's Day. For more information, log on to
https://www.DiversityPride.com or call 479-253-2555

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Gay Catholics Challenge Catholic Bishops on Voting

The Rainbow Sash Movement is calling on Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender 
(glbt) Catholics to exercise their right and vote in the November elections. 
We do not endorse either presidential candidate that is not the purpose of 
the Rainbow Sash Movement (RSM). However, we are called to remind glbt 
Catholics of the panoply of Catholic moral issues, and that they must vote 
their Conscience, according to the "Primacy of Conscience."

We encourage glbt Catholics to remember the ethical principles laid down by 
Pope John XXIII in his remarkable 1963 encyclical "Pacem in Terris: On 
Establishing Universal Peace in Truth, Justice, Charity and Liberty." We 
share the enthusiastic commitment to the direction given by U.S. Catholic 
bishops in their 1986 pastoral letter, "Economic Justice for All: Catholic 
Social Teaching and the U.S. Economy". We must never forget the needs of the 
poor in our society, and our Catholic calling to love our neighbor.

Catholic Social Justice has developed out of documents concerning war and 
peace, the environment, young children, economic justice, racism, 
immigration, ecology, poverty, the death penalty, nuclear power, 
international trade; health care, corporate power and sustainable 

We understand the Bishops who continue to promote the denial to glbt people 
fundamental human rights, do not promote Catholic Social Justice, and this 
is wrong. The Bishops have no Theological right to tell any how to vote 
their conscience. GLBT Catholics must remember the affect their vote will 
have on social justice for their Community. As people of Faith we are called 
to stand shoulder to shoulder with any group who is unjustly marginalized by 
either Church or State, and that means our own community.

Concerning the war in Iraq, it is confusing that some of our Bishops have 
inferred that that killing of a fetus is not the same in principle, as the 
killing of thousands of people in Iraq. Or, that Gay Marriage should not be 
allowed as a civil right, inferring that a loving glbt couple is somehow 
inferior, this is wrong. Homophobia like racism and sexism is an evil in our 
society. It must be opposed by all people of good will

The effort to use abortion as a political litmus test in providing Communion 
for Catholics is wrong. A woman should always have the right to choose life 
over procreation. All should be welcomed to the Eucharist Table regardless 
of sexual orientation, or political affiliation. In the words of Archbishop 
Daniel Pilarczyk of Cincinnati, "We need to be very cautious about the 
denying people the sacraments on the basis of what they say they believe, 
especially when those are political beliefs."

The right to vote is a precious gift. Many have died so we can use it don't 
waist it. To find out more about the Rainbow Sash Movement please visit our 
web page at www.rainbowsashmovement.com.


Contact Person:

Joe Murray


Rainbow Sash Movement.


Sandra R. Garcia, Founder/Publisher
Queer Ramblings Magazine
392 14th St, Suite #1A
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Photos, cover images and more information gladly provided upon request. We 
you are busy, so permission is granted to publish the following press 
either whole or in part, without the necessity of contacting us. If 
let us know so we may feature you on our website.

A saucy literary and art magazine for queer women and trans folks

Nationwide launch, Nov. 2004

There are already some magazines that cater to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual,
Transgender and Intersex (GLBTI) community. Why another one?

Most of those magazines specifically target gay men. The few magazines that 
reach out to queer women and transgendered folks tend to focus on 
and gossip. We at Queer Ramblings like gossip and celebrities just as much 
the next person, but realize that there is a demand for literary and 
work. Queer Ramblings delivers just that by featuring work by GLBTI 
artists, photographers and musicians.

Queer Ramblings is not a lesbian-only magazine. We live in an era where it 
finally being recognized that there are more categories than gay/straight 
man/woman. Queer Ramblings is inclusive of the whole spectrum of gender,
sexuality and race - and for that we are applauded.

Although new to the magazine scene, Queer Ramblings has been around for four
years as a monthly zine available in independent bookstores. Demand has 
and now we are launching a quarterly, full-color, glossy magazine that hits
nationwide newsstands and mailboxes in November, 2004.

Queer Ramblings is the brainchild of Sandra R. Garcia. She is a queer,
bi-racial writer who found that there were a lack of publications that 
queer-themed work. So, what did she do? She started her own publication. 
first issue was created in her bedroom on a freezing Minnesota night. Four
years and over 40 issues later, Queer Ramblings is living and thriving in 
Big Apple.

In celebration of this re-launching, we have teamed up with Fringe Element
Records to present New York City's Queer Revue, a quarterly radical event 
brings art and activism to the dance floor. Please join us on Nov 13th.
Location info found on our website.

Please visit us for more information about this fresh and exciting magazine 
https://www.QueerRamblings.com, by emailing us at sandy@QueerRamblings.com or 
writing to us at Queer Ramblings Magazine, 392 14th St. #1A, Brooklyn, NY

Queerly Yours,
Sandra R. Garcia


OCTOBER 13th, 2004


ELISE LINDBORG (206) 938-1850

DENNIS NOLAND (206) 622-8011

ZippyDogs to the Rescue

Healthy Pride Products

SEATTLE - Oct. 13th, 2004 - ZippyDogs.com, a promotional products company, 
is launching a new web site, www.HealthyPride.com, with a focus on health 
issue messaged products for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender 
(LGBT) community, thus Healthy Pride. The goal of Healthy Pride is to 
provide resources for organizations that have chosen to disseminate health 
messages that are LGBT specific.

The products are created by LGBT individuals. Items featured are not your 
standard health education brochures, but instead are colorful and cutting 
edge, while remaining informative, using hip, trendy language with which 
LGBT individuals identify. This may be the only web site in the world that 
offers LGBT specific health education materials.

Sexually transmitted disease, date rape drugs, amphetamines, and tobacco 
have a higher level of incidence and consequence in the LGBT community. LGBT 
individuals can have an aversion to routine health checkups. 
HealthyPride.com is combining pride in the community and cutting edge 
messaging to help organizations, entrusted with health education, serve the 
LGBT community better.

About HealthyPride.com

Elise Lindborg and Kelli Henderson are life partners and the founders of 
ZippyDogs.com. Elise and Kelli have created HealthyPride.com out of their 
care for the community. This web site is an evolution of their successful 
tobacco prevention campaign the "Gay American Smoke Out." 
(www.gaysmokeout.net ) HealthyPride.com addresses an expanded range of LGBT 
health issues. Elise spent over 10 years in tobacco prevention and worked as 
a Public Health professional. Kelli has a passion for serving the LGBT 
community in a healthy and positive way.



Elise Lindborg 206-938-1850


About ZippyDogs.com

ZippyDogs.com is a Seattle based leader in providing innovative promotional 
products and memorable marketing opportunities for businesses throughout the 
U.S. Through its online shopping experience and personalized service via 
phone placed orders, ZippyDogs.com provides creative design services for its 
wide range of logo embossed items that generate great lasting impressions 
for every type of business. ZippyDogs.com was founded in 2000 by Elise 
Lindborg and Kelli Henderson. ZippyDogs.com has more than 100 corporate 
clients and has a catalogue of more than fifty thousand different 
promotional products that range from embroidered sportswear to tchotchkes of 
every flavor.



Elise Lindborg 206-938-1850




Elise Lindborg

Phone: 206.938.8828

Web: www.zippydogs.com

Logo available for download: 

News release-- for immediate release:

Nyvatex Health-MatTM Shown To Stimulate T-Cell Proliferation 55%

BILLINGS, Mont., October 7th, 2004--Nyvatex announced today that a 
laboratory test of its patented Health-MatT at Iowa State University, Ames, 
Iowa, showed a statistically significant 55% improvement in immune system 
T-cell proliferation in blood samples placed with the Nyvatex Health-MatT 
versus the control without the Health-MatT effect. 144 samples of blood 
from volunteers were tested by incubation in cultured media with and without 
activation. These results are in addition to a just-completed immune system 
clinical trial, which reports are being prepared.

The Nyvatex Health-Mat's effect on activated (memory) T-cells was not 
statistically significant, but non-activated ("na´ve" or "just-born") 
T-cells in culture media alone proliferated to a statistically significant 
value of 0.547 when exposed to the Health-MatT, compared to 0.353 when not 
exposed, which is a 55% increase. Nyvatex CEO John C. Ledbetter stated that 
the improvement in non-treated T-cells suggests that the Health-MatT is 
encouraging proliferation of na´ve ("just-born") T-cells.

What stimulating proliferation of "na´ve" T-cells means: A "na´ve" T-cell 
is a "just born" T-cell that can develop when needed into whatever the 
immune system needs to do its job, much as "na´ve" stem cells can become any 
organ part needed by the body for regeneration and repair. A nationally 
recognized biotech researcher has stated that a non-invasive, 
no-side-effects method to enable the human body to stimulate "na´ve" T- Cell 
proliferation is the HOLY GRAIL of biotech science researchers, which no one 
in scores of other biotech companies/universities has yet apparently 
invented. Na´ve T-Cell deficits can result in allowing scores of diseases to 
develop. For instance, na´ve T-cells are singled out and depleted by HIV. A 
big na´ve T-cell increase may provide an exceptional offense/defense to many 
diseases, both chronic as well as infectious. Many researchers now think a 
large number of diseases have a cause related to a compromised (na´ve T-cell 
deficit) immune system.

Describing the potential significance of the test results, Ledbetter stated: 
"These results may offer an explanation for the substantial immune system 
benefits reported over many years by users of the Nyvatex Health-MatT. We 
have seen that people who sleep nightly on the Health-MatT do not suffer the 
annual cough-cold-flu syndrome experienced by most of the U.S. population."

The Nyvatex Health-MatT is made from non-magnetic material in a patented 
arrangement. Nyvatex health products have been available for purchase from 
Nyvatex since 1975 and have been used by thousands of individuals. The 
material was developed at Nyvatex to assist in countering the negative 
insulative effects of indoor living, working and traveling of daily life. 
Health-MatT beneficial effects duplicate the earth's natural electric fields 
in combination with boosting the body's natural electric fields. Health-MatT 
use is not to replace any ongoing disease treatments, but rather is in 
addition to whatever treatment is in place.

About Nyvatex

Nyvatex Health Products is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nyvatex Oil Corp., 
an oil exploration company dedicated to the development of an oil-finding 
technology premised on naturally occurring earth phenomena. Nyvatex was 
founded in 1968.

For further information: Tel (406) 252-3429 Fax (406) 252-6440 

www.nyvatex.com e-mail: nyvatex@nyvatex.com Stock symbol: NYVA

John C. Ledbetter, CEO

Nyvatex, 3021 6th Avenue North, P.O. Box 1835, Billings, Montana 59103

Press Release

For Immediate Release

An Open letter to 295 Catholic Bishops - Lets Talk with Integrity

The Rainbow Sash Movement (RSM) sent a letter, dated October 3, 2004 to each 
of the 295 US Catholic Bishops. Each fall the Bishops meet in Washington, 
DC to address issues, concerns and housekeeping matters that affect the 
Roman Catholic Church in the United States. It is a tradition of the Rainbow 
Sash Movement to notify each Bishop in writing of our presence at their 
Plenary Liturgy, and to explain why we wear the Rainbow Sash and call for 
dialogue with integrity. Each year since 2000 our delegation has been the 
denied the Holy Eucharist because we will not bye into the shame factor.

The RSM will continue the challenge the leadership of the Church when that 
leadership promotes homophobia instead of love, and orchestrates attacks on 
the civil rights of glbt community. The Bishops should be promoting 
tolerance and respect for all, not intolerance.

Follow through is an important part of trust building. Those Bishops who 
have dialogued with glbt people must follow through with their commitments. 
There should be no room for a lack of integrity in any of our discussions.

While we are a Catholic Organization, with a Catholic Leadership we are 
always looking for people of good will who are willing to take a supportive 

It is the custom of the NCCB to hold the Plenary Liturgy at the Basilica of 
the Immaculate Conception in DC. This year that Liturgy will be held at 7 PM 
on November 15, 2004 (Monday). If you are interested in supporting the 
Rainbow Sash Movement delegation please email us at sashmovement@aol.com.

The complete letter to the US Bishops is available for reading on our web 
page www.rainbowsashmovement.com.

Contact Person:

Joe Murray


Rainbow Sash Movement


Email: sashmovement@aol.com.

For Immediate Release:

McFarland Publishing announces Miss Peggy Lee: A Career Chronicle by Robert 
312 pgs, 80 rare photos and a CD Discography. The most authoritative book on 
Miss Lee. Pre-order at: barnesandnoble.com

The author is available for interviews. Email peggyleebook@aol.com 

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Cardinal McCarrick Reverses His Decision to Meet with Gay Catholics.

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was scheduled to meet with members of the 
Rainbow Sash Movement in the Crypt Church of the Basilica of the Immaculate 
Conception, Washington, DC for "Listening Session." This meeting was to be 
in conjunction with the National Council of Catholic Bishops meeting in 
November. The Cardinal notified Joe Murray, the US Convener of the Rainbow 
Sash Movement that he had changed his mind, saying he thought now was not a 
good time to meet, and he felt this was in the best interest of the Church 
and the Rainbow Sash Movement. The Rainbow Sash Movement is a national 
Catholic Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Organization.

Murray responding to Cardinal McCarrick's change of heart said "We are 
deeply disappointed, we had hoped the Cardinal would treat gay Catholics 
with the same standard he had treated Catholic Politicians." When dealing 
with Catholic Politicians the Cardinal said "The question for us is not 
simply whether denial of Communion is possible, but whether it is pastorally 
wise and prudent." This standard however apparently does not apply to Gay 
Catholics who publicly identify themselves as Gay.

Each year the Rainbow Sash Movement sends a delegation to the Plenary 
Liturgy of the National Council of Catholic Bishops in November, and each 
year Cardinal McCarrick refuses Rainbow Sash Movement members Communion 
because of a piece of clothing, a Rainbow Sash.

Our delegation will return this year once again wearing Rainbow Sashes. In 
faith we know that we are not alone as we face our challenge and fulfill our 
responsibility. Our responsibility and challenge is to overcome ignorance 
and prejudice, to become a community of healing and reconciliation so 
gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender Catholics can move from a sense of 
alienation to one of unity, from a sense of judgment to one of unconditional 

While we do not question the authority of Cardinal McCarrick, we 
respectfully submit that each of us is in the best position to know the 
state of our soul and our relationship to God and our Church. Therefore, 
each of God's children should be the final judge as to whether it is 
appropriate for them to receive the sacrament of communion. It is not the 
Cardinal's responsibility or anyone else's responsibility to pass judgment 
on Catholics as they proceed to the Communion table.

It was our hope that Cardinal McCarrick would have honored his word to meet 
with us. However, we continue to value the Church, its teachings and are 
proud to be Catholics.

To find out more about the Rainbow Sash Movement please visit our web site 
at WWW.RainbowSashMovement.Com.


Dennis Kluge

Media Outreach

Rainbow Sash Movement


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 09, 2004

Patric "Pipa" Stillman
Owner, Oak Grove Oracle 
Phone: 619-269-3694
E-mail: ogo@oakgroveoracle.com
Release: BT-09-09-A

Gay spirited Brotherhood Tarot limited edition release announced

San Diego - September 9, 2004 - Just in time for the Season of Witches,
Oak Grove Oracle announces the release of Brotherhood Tarot, a
Gay spirited Tarot deck. Created by San Diego digital artist Patric
Stillman, the deck is being released this October for the first time as
a special limited edition.

Brotherhood Tarot uniquely draws inspiration from Gay history and
mythology to create the ultimate masculine fantasy Tarot deck.

Seventy-eight colorful cards draw from the traditional structure of the
Tarot while reinventing the look with bold Radical Faerie imagery.

Oak Grove Oracle is a gay owned multimedia business with a mission to
explore the creative arts of Radical Faeries and create an on-line
community that represents the wide range of artistry within these GLBT

On the eve of launching the Brotherhood Tarot, we interviewed Patric
Stillman, the creator and digital artist -

Q. Where did you get your idea to create a gay Tarot deck?

P.S. Somewhere in recent history, I lost sight of myself. Which was a
terrible thing. And finally, one day, I sat myself down and looked at
my life. I though about how could I bring together my creativity and
spirituality with what I've learned in my career path to create
something new in my life that could celebrate these things and bring me
closer to a community of like minded people. I turned to my own Tarot
deck for some answers to my internal debate and there it was, literally,
right in front me. I wanted a deck that celebrated my homosexuality
and it seemed like this was the perfect time to take this project on.

So I took a personal journey through California to photograph this
beautiful state where I live and take time to listen to my inner voice
away from the urban grind. It wasn't long and I found myself taking
advice from elderly Redwoods in Humboldt County and questioning the
endless rantings of the Joshua Trees in the Mojave Desert. Right away,
I knew that I wanted it to reflect the free spirit that I've experienced
with other Radical Faeries. As I moved around the State, all kinds of
ideas came together for me and my journey began.

Q. Can you explain Radical Faeries?

P.S. Radical Faeries grew out of an idea in the late 1970s by Harry Hay,
legendary gay activist and "father of the gay rights movement", who had
returned from a decade in New Mexico, where he was seeking a living
Berdache (a Native American gay male spirit guide). Harry formed a gay
men's spiritual movement dubbed the "Radical Faeries." Today, Radical
Faeries gather for festivals and retreats throughout the US and Canada as
well all over the world from Australia to Germany.

They say if you ask five Radical Faeries what it is to be a Faerie, you'll
get six answers. I would sum it up as men and women who celebrate their
individuality and love of nature by gathering together to celebrate the
physical and spiritual. 

Q. Will the images on the cards be familiar to those who read Tarot?

P.S. Yes, I wanted the cards to be useful so I kept in the tradition of
the Rider-Waite deck, which is by and far the most popular deck. While
the imagery may be completely fresh in some cases, I tried to keep with
the usual meanings of each card for easy use. 

Visually, the images used in Brotherhood Tarot are compositions that I
created digitally. I chose to create a natural world that contains the
bold, colorful aspects of Radical Faerie fantasies.

What makes Brotherhood Tarot a little bit different is that I also have
incorporated a nod to Gay history and mythology. It was important to me
to reflect the fact that gay people have been around for centuries and
in all cultures. We have many stories that date back before Stonewall
and I think that we sometimes forget that life did not start for us in
the 60's. In fact, discovering our ancient history meant a lot to me
when I first came out in the late 70's when gays were not often
positively reflected in popular culture. These stories offered me a way
to approach the Tarot with another perspective that I hope others find
appealing as well.

Q. Is this the first Gay Tarot deck on the market?

P.S. In the past, there have been some gay themed decks that are no
longer available. Until recently, Cosmic Tribe Tarot, a visually
fantastic deck, was the only tarot deck out there that I'm aware of that
included three Lovers' cards for personalized use reflecting a gay,
lesbian, and straight couple. That is about as Gay as any Tarot deck
got that I could find over the years.

Recently, there has been some exciting developments for Gay men
interested in Tarot. During the Summer, Tarot publisher Lo Scarabeo
released The Gay Tarot by Lee Bursten with art by Antonella Platano that
has hand drawn images of men in everyday professions and committed
relationships. I've also talked with Paul Chirumbolo who continues to
work on The Original Gay Tarot, which should be very exciting to see
once it is completed.

Obviously, the time has come for this to be out there for us and I think
its great that we also now have choices. 

For more information, log on to www.OakGroveOracle.com.

- END -

For media resources, corporate logo(s) and Brotherhood Tarot images for
web and print use, go to: https://www.oakgroveoracle.com/ogopress.htm

Oak Grove Oracle
4754 Wilson Avenue
San Diego, CA 92116-2406
Phone: 619-269-3694
E-mail: ogo@oakgroveoracle.com
Web site: www.oakgroveoracle.com

NEWS RELEASE: Contact: V. Ninet'te Wheatley
(510) 776-1983
e-mail: vninettew@sapphocommunities.com


(Hidden Valley - Ozark, AR) -- SapphoCommunities.com Founder' V. Ninet'te
Wheatley spent two years analyzing, prospecting, and fulfilling the goal of
providing new living options for Lesbians.

In the search for providing positive living options to Lesbians,
SapphoCommunities founder located prime subdivision areas that were
available for acquisition. The search located not only prime residential
lots but an atmosphere of aesthetic beauty amidst its beautiful lakes,
mountains, rivers; the recreational outlets - golf, hiking, swimming,
canoeing, fishing, and other watersports; were equally important. The land
solution was found in the fresh air and aesthetically appealing, four-season
areas of Hidden Valley - Ozark, Arkansas.

By purchasing large areas of prime residential lots, SapphoCommunities.com -
provides an option for Lesbians to build resort, vacation, and retirement
homes in a community of Lesbians.
The vision is that a variety of housing opportunities should be availabe to
the Lesbian community.

SapphoCommunities.com offers a unique opportunity for lesbians to own
residential lots that meet their needs be it a home, getaway, vacation, or
retirement location.

For more information contact SapphoCommunities.com Founder, V. Ninet'te
Wheatley, at (510) 776-1983
or email - vninettew@sapphocommunities.com.

SapphoCommunities.com is committed to creating Lesbian Communities. For full
information visit their
web site: https://www.sapphocommunities.com


For Immediate Release

For More Information:
Contact: David Christian Hamblin
Phone: 585-865-7180
Email: david@graysonfairbanks.com

Presenting NEW F.A.G Aromatherapy Products for the Fabulous and Gay

(Rochester, NY - August 2004) Regally packaged to command instant attention,
F.A.G Fabulous and Gay bath and body products provide the gay community with
an exclusively fragranced, sophisticated grooming line for personal use and
gifting. The creative team at Grayson Fairbanks, Inc., Ian Ganze, Cynthia
Coolidge and David Christian Hamblin, liberated the word FAG from its
negative connotation by redefining and branding it as a bold statement of
pride and power.

Grayson Fairbanks, Inc. is committed to the healing forces of a positive
message achieved by manufacturing holistic life-affirming beauty and
grooming products. Pure essential oils, biodegradable materials, and no
animal testing highlight their mission to support an earth-friendly

Bay Laurel, selected as the primary essential oil for the signature line of
F.A.G products, is heralded for its healing properties to reduce stress,
bestow confidence and provide clarity. In Ancient Greece bay laurel was
used to adorn the victors and scholars as a sign of honor. Today we have
witnessed the same adornment in the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

Each F.A.G product shares the healing fragrance and powers of bay laurel
essential oil, plus special herbal/natural ingredients to cleanse, smooth,
soften, and protect.

F.A.G Hair & Body Wash: Extracts of chamomile and jojoba oil for soft,
silky hair and skin. Combo full body wash offers the latest grooming trend
for men, providing convenience for home, gym, or traveling.

F.A.G Hair Conditioner: Extracts of jojoba oil and rosemary offer a
moisture rich 3-minute therapy for all hair types.

F.A.G Body Cream: Nourishing cream with anti-aging antioxidants and
vitamins. This quick-absorbing treatment leaves skin soft, fragrant,

F.A.G Lip Balm: Contains specially hydrating emollients for soft, kissable

The entire F.A.G Fabulous and Gay collection is available online for direct
to consumer and wholesale orders. Ordering details and a special, limited
time introductory offer are available at www.fabulousandgay.com.

For media resources, and images for web and print use, go to:

For interviews, features, etc contact:

Grayson Fairbanks, Inc.
PO Box 16563
Rochester, NY 14616
Phone: 585-865-7180
Website: www.fabulousandgay.com




LIFETIME TELEVISION premieres the comedic makeover reality series "How Clean
Is Your House?" Monday, September 6 at 11 PM (ET/PT). The show is based on
the hugely popular British hit of the same name and introduces Brit stars
Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie to American audiences.

The show, a delicious mix of Absolutely Fabulous and Queer Eye for the
Straight Guy, is co-executive produced by gay film and television producer
Jeff Collins. Collins states, "The show has all the elements gay audiences
love: intense drama, drag queen humor and high camp."

A digital press kit, press releases, available photography and a 350-WORD
STORY FOR GAY MEDIA can be accessed at https://media.bcollie.com/

Contact Steve Fryer, Lifetime gay media contact, for more information of if
you should have any inquiries or requests.

Steve Fryer



For Immediate Release
August 2, 2004
Contact: Susan Fleischmann
617-661-6900 x 127

Mass Matrimony at
Cambridge City Hall
Live television coverage by Cambridge Community Television
At 12:01 AM on May 17, 2004, City Hall in Cambridge opened its doors to
the first same sex couples in the country to file for marriage licenses.
Community Television and our crew of members and volunteers were on hand
through the early hours of the morning to provide television coverage from
our unique Cambridge perspective, and touch topics that were likely
overlooked by commercial network news teams.

Because of high demand for copies of our footage, CCTV now offers DVDs for
sale through our website or mail order. These 90 minute DVDs contain
interviews with couples, well-wishers, city officials, and individuals in
the crowd of 5000+ people waiting outside City Hall. If you could not watch
the newscasts, were unable to make your own home movies, or had friends and
family who could not attend, this DVD captures the essence of the evening!

Cost: $18.25 each, includes shipping and handling

Available at www.cctvcambridge.org/store or by sending a check to CCTV, 675
Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA. 02139

Press review copies available by request on letterhead from news

Visit website for order form PDF
DVD cover photo


Susan Fleischmann, Executive Director
Cambridge Community Television
675 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA. 02139
617-661-6900 x 127
fax 617-661-6927

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Cardinal McCarrick Reverses His Decision to Meet with Gay Catholics.

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was scheduled to meet with members of the 
Rainbow Sash Movement in the Crypt Church of the Basilica of the Immaculate 
Conception, Washington, DC for "Listening Session." This meeting was to be 
in conjunction with the National Council of Catholic Bishops meeting in 
November. The Cardinal notified Joe Murray, the US Convener of the Rainbow 
Sash Movement that he had changed his mind, saying he thought now was not a 
good time to meet, and he felt this was in the best interest of the Church 
and the Rainbow Sash Movement. The Rainbow Sash Movement is a national 
Catholic Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Organization.

Murray responding to Cardinal McCarrick's change of heart said "We are 
deeply disappointed, we had hoped the Cardinal would treat gay Catholics 
with the same standard he had treated Catholic Politicians." When dealing 
with Catholic Politicians the Cardinal said "The question for us is not 
simply whether denial of Communion is possible, but whether it is pastorally 
wise and prudent." This standard however apparently does not apply to Gay 
Catholics who publicly identify themselves as Gay.

Each year the Rainbow Sash Movement sends a delegation to the Plenary 
Liturgy of the National Council of Catholic Bishops in November, and each 
year Cardinal McCarrick refuses Rainbow Sash Movement members Communion 
because of a piece of clothing, a Rainbow Sash.

Our delegation will return this year once again wearing Rainbow Sashes. In 
faith we know that we are not alone as we face our challenge and fulfill our 
responsibility. Our responsibility and challenge is to overcome ignorance 
and prejudice, to become a community of healing and reconciliation so 
gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender Catholics can move from a sense of 
alienation to one of unity, from a sense of judgment to one of unconditional 

While we do not question the authority of Cardinal McCarrick, we 
respectfully submit that each of us is in the best position to know the 
state of our soul and our relationship to God and our Church. Therefore, 
each of God's children should be the final judge as to whether it is 
appropriate for them to receive the sacrament of communion. It is not the 
Cardinal's responsibility or anyone else's responsibility to pass judgment 
on Catholics as they proceed to the Communion table.

It was our hope that Cardinal McCarrick would have honored his word to meet 
with us. However, we continue to value the Church, its teachings and are 
proud to be Catholics.

To find out more about the Rainbow Sash Movement please visit our web site 
at WWW.RainbowSashMovement.Com.


Dennis Kluge

Media Outreach

Rainbow Sash Movement


For Immediate Release:

McFarland Publishing announces Miss Peggy Lee: A Career Chronicle by Robert 
312 pgs, 80 rare photos and a CD Discography. The most authoritative book on 
Miss Lee. Pre-order at: barnesandnoble.com

The author is available for interviews. Email peggyleebook@aol.com 



LIFETIME TELEVISION premieres the comedic makeover reality series "How Clean
Is Your House?" Monday, September 6 at 11 PM (ET/PT). The show is based on
the hugely popular British hit of the same name and introduces Brit stars
Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie to American audiences.

The show, a delicious mix of Absolutely Fabulous and Queer Eye for the
Straight Guy, is co-executive produced by gay film and television producer
Jeff Collins. Collins states, "The show has all the elements gay audiences
love: intense drama, drag queen humor and high camp."

A digital press kit, press releases, available photography and a 350-WORD
STORY FOR GAY MEDIA can be accessed at https://media.bcollie.com/

Contact Steve Fryer, Lifetime gay media contact, for more information of if
you should have any inquiries or requests.

Steve Fryer



For Immediate Release
August 2, 2004
Contact: Susan Fleischmann
617-661-6900 x 127

Mass Matrimony at
Cambridge City Hall
Live television coverage by Cambridge Community Television
At 12:01 AM on May 17, 2004, City Hall in Cambridge opened its doors to
the first same sex couples in the country to file for marriage licenses.
Community Television and our crew of members and volunteers were on hand
through the early hours of the morning to provide television coverage from
our unique Cambridge perspective, and touch topics that were likely
overlooked by commercial network news teams.

Because of high demand for copies of our footage, CCTV now offers DVDs for
sale through our website or mail order. These 90 minute DVDs contain
interviews with couples, well-wishers, city officials, and individuals in
the crowd of 5000+ people waiting outside City Hall. If you could not watch
the newscasts, were unable to make your own home movies, or had friends and
family who could not attend, this DVD captures the essence of the evening!

Cost: $18.25 each, includes shipping and handling

Available at www.cctvcambridge.org/store or by sending a check to CCTV, 675
Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA. 02139

Press review copies available by request on letterhead from news

Visit website for order form PDF
DVD cover photo



ASB Public Relations


New York, NY - August 2, 2004: Dramatic and historic irony abounded as
actor Brian Simons strolled down the red carpet with his partner of ten
years Andrew Brown at the premiere of Spike Lee's new film SHE HATE ME. In
the film, which opens this week in New York and LA and around the nation on
August 13, Simons plays the role of Jeb Stuart Magruder, Nixon's Deputy
Campaign Director and a key Watergate conspirator.

For Simons, an openly gay actor and activist, working on SHE HATE ME marked
a convergence of the personal, political and professional. "Bringing to
light the vanity and abuse of power epitomized by Watergate and men like Jeb
Stuart Magruder in a film that explores gay parenting, corporate corruption
and sex was, to say the least, a juicy undertaking."

Brian Simons has appeared on stage across the nation, in studio and
independent films, and in such TV series as LAW & ORDER: SVU, AS THE WORLD
TURNS and SEX AND THE CITY. Through his acting work and support of LGBT
health, service and civil rights organizations like the PBS gay and lesbian
TV newsmagazine IN THE LIFE, Lambda Legal, and the Callen-Lorde Community
Health Center, Simons has worked to raise awareness and positive visibility
of the gay and lesbian community.

Simons was drawn to SHE HATE ME because the film deconstructs America's
current corporate and political culture, where the elite will stop at
nothing in their pursuit of money and power, including the use of sexual
orientation as a weapon against their opponents. Simons states, "To
eradicate this type of homophobia is precisely why I work on and support
projects that show the true face of the gay and lesbian community. LGBT
people are everyday Americans living and working, raising families and
contributing to society like everyone else."

SHE HATE ME likens the political climate that produced Watergate's Magruder
(played by Simons in the film) to our current, corrupt political and
corporate culture, personified by Enron's Ken Lay. This is, indeed,
particularly timely subject matter as America gears up for our 2004
Presidential elections and this summer marks the 30th anniversary of Richard
Nixon's resignation due to his participation in Watergate confirmed by,
among other things, the damning testimony of key Whitehouse aide Jeb

Simons felt strongly about SHE HATE ME, because the film not only explores
corporate and government greed, but it also discusses the real meaning of
family values. "Corporate giants like Enron and Worldcom, government
administrations like Nixon's in which Magruder served and now Bush's
administration have all invoked 'family values' in their platforms and yet
have betrayed America's sense of trust. Meanwhile, these same
administrations, with corporate interests close at hand, deny gay and
lesbian people -- who wish to create families based on real values of love
and trust -- the freedom to marry, adoption rights and equal access to

Lee worked with casting director Kim Coleman to make his final actor
choices, including that of Simons for the role of Jeb Magruder. Preston
Holmes, a producer who worked with Lee on SHE HATE ME and several other
projects comments, "Casting has always been one of Spike's strong points. He
has a unique skill to spot and recognize talent." Lee offers, "I've always
wanted to be in a position where our films can be a vehicle, a launching pad
for young talented people who need a shot. There's an abundance of talent,
but not an abundance of good roles. So with the opportunity we had there are
a couple of roles for each film that we can really let some young hungry
talented person shine. This is part of the agenda, so we have always tried
to do that. I think it's something the audience loves when they feel they
are part of the discovery. People want to see familiar faces, but at the
same time they want to see new fresh faces too."

On working with one of the most talented and acclaimed filmmakers of our
time Simons states, "Spike Lee is an amazing artist who knows what he wants
and instinctively knows what works on film. On set he's very serious and
all about the work. His vision is very specific, but he also allowed me to
stretch my wings and to be as creative and spontaneous as possible. It was
a joy and an honor to work with him."

SHE HATE ME, much like FAHRENHEIT 9/11, draws powerful parallels between
corporate and government corruption and the state of 'family values' in
America today. The lust for power by men like Watergate conspirator Jeb
Stuart Magruder (Brian Simons) is compared to our current administration's
antics, as well as the kind of corruption behind the recent implosion of
corporate giants like Enron, Worldcom, Tyco, Adelphia, ImClone and Martha
Stewart herself. Simons adds, "An openly gay actor and liberal activist
like me playing conservative Nixon crony Jeb Stuart Magruder is the ultimate
dramatic and historic irony. This freedom and diversity is what makes
America great."

Brian Simons is an actor, writer and producer who has performed on New York,
national and international stages. On-screen credits include SHE HATE ME
(Spike Lee, Director), KINSEY (Bill Condon, Director), LAW & ORDER: SVU, SEX
industrial/independent films, and the Emmy-nominated PBS series IN THE LIFE.
Simons graduated from New York University with a BFA in Drama. His
feature-length screenplay UNLIKELY COWBOYS was a New Century Writers Award
Finalist. He is currently at work on his solo play QUEER IN THE USA. He
resides in Jersey City, NJ with his partner of 10 years, Andrew Brown.

Images for related web and print use are available at:

For interviews or features contact:
ASB Public Relations

FOR RELEASE: July 13, 2004

For More information:
Please contact: Larry Cole
Phone: 1-877-AMG-DIRECT
Email: sales@AthleticModelGuild.com
Release: C-04-002

2,000 Athletic Model Guild "Session Videos" from the 1980s Available

El Cerrito, California - July 13, 2004: Certainly the second and third most
common fantasies among viewers of physique photography are how they would
direct the movements of the models and the answer to the question: What
really happens at a physique photo shoot?

Athletic Model Guild has announced the availability of nearly two thousand
video tapes, called "Session Videos" by AMG owner Dennis Bell, which will
answer that question. "These are tapes made during photo sessions by Bob
Mizer at AMG between 1980 and 1992," Bell said, "and they show exactly what
happened in the studio from the time the model got there and began taking
off his clothes, until the session was over and he started getting dressed
again. Bob would set the video camera on a tripod, and follow the model with
it while he shot his photos. This "behind-the-scenes" footage includes
Mizer himself directing the models, models bickering with each other or
talking back to Bob, and the audio which captures the comments, noises, porn
video, dogs barking and phones ringing offset. But of course" Bell adds,
" they also feature up to 3 hours of non-stop nude wrestling, spanking,
jacking off, and Anal Erotica (A&E); an exclusive type of photography that
made AMG's fortune in the 1980s.

The first successful Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) for the home was the 1/2
inch Betamax, introduced by Sony in 1975. "Bob was really at the forefront
of technology," said Bell. "He was recording his models less than five
years after the first versions of home videotape recorders hit the market.
Today, in 2004, we're taking those original Betamax tapes, just as they came
from his camera, but making high quality copies on VHS (the format which
beat out Betamax as the preferred home use videotape format)." AMG "Session
Videos " will be available in one-, two- and three-hour tapes, depending on
what Mizer recorded originally. "We're dubbing these original Betamax tapes
using professional quality four-head Betamax editing and duplication
equipment to standard VHS tapes in the Standard Play (SP- highest quality)
mode." Bell said he hoped to be able to release the Session Videos series
on DVD within two or three years. However, plans are presently underway to
release "Session Videos - Compilations" on DVD. More information on that is
expected within the next sixty days.

"For now," Bell said, "we are involved in making a complete inventory of the
tapes and checking their quality. That's nearly 3,500 hours of tape." Even
working forty hours a week, every week, it would take nearly 18 months to
complete the task. "But as I looked at these tapes, I thought the material
was so remarkable, so classic and erotic, it would be great to make them
available right now to classic physique lovers and long time fans of AMG.
That's why I decided to make copies available on a customized basis."

Bell rhapsodized about the assets of many of the models he's "discovered" on
the tapes. There are the "men's men," said Bell. "Hairy, muscular, very
macho. Tico Patterson, Joseph Hardee and Steve Cougar epitomize a cross
between the 80s clone and a convict." However, Mizer also photographed what
might be called "twinks" today. "There are some remarkable session videos
of Joseph Phile, Willie Amstel and Mike Reuter, who also went on to do a lot
of work for the Old Reliable studio." Some models are in one or two tapes,
others appear in many more. Dean Adams, for example, appears in ninety-four
videos. "He was nicknamed 'Kermit'," Bell said, "because he was always
around the pool at the AMG studio. And whenever Bob needed a second person
to be in a wrestling or spanking shot - there would be Kermit, ready to jump
into the action. Bob actually received mail from customers asking him to
'give Kermit a rest.' But that was rare. Most of the guys who appear in
multiple videos were outstanding in appearance: facial, muscular development
or endowment - or all three. Armando Gonzales, for instance, who will be
the cover for an upcoming AMG release on DVD of 'Best Size #35' was in forty
four different sessions. T. J. Swan was a favorite black model, noted for
his great endowment. Eddie Perez was a popular model who appeared in scores
of videos and wrestled a lot."

Photographs of these models and many more can be seen at the AMG web site.
Ordering information is there as well. Information is also available from
Bell or his staff at 1-800-AMG-DIRECT (1-800-264-3473), from 9am-5pm
(Pacific Time). Email - sales@AthleticModelGuild.com Checks, money orders,
on-line payment services and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or
American Express) are also accepted. Prices range from $34.95 for a one
hour tape to $64.95 for a three-hour tape. Bell pointed out these current
prices are less than half of what Mizer charged for the tapes in the 1980s.

For media resources, and images for web and print use, go to:

For interviews, features, etc contact:
media@AthleticModelGuild.com or :

Athletic Model Guild, LLC
3020 El Cerrito Plaza, Suite 114
El Cerrito, CA 94530
Phone: 877-AMG-DIRECT (877-264-3473)
e-mail: sales@AthleticModelGuild.com
Website: www.AthleticModelGuild.com



North America's first 24 hour adult movie network has been successfully
launched by two companies,


Targeting the burgeoning $450 billion a year gay and lesbian market,the XXX
rated network is now available with a 24 hour a day, seven day a week

Included in the network package are three separate channels:

BACKROOM: Europe's Number 1, 100% GAY XXX channel,now available to North

FREE-XTV: movies featuring a variety of alternative adult genres.

XDREAM TV: featuring straight and amateur orientated movies.

Although VIACOM's MTV announced its first channel (LOGO) catering to the
lifestyle, it won't be available until sometime in 2005. In the meantime
XXXVISION.TV hopes to reach the estimated 12-15 million household market by
early fall.

The fully digital satellite system which retails for $449 US, $599 CDN
includes a full two (2) year subscription and all the necessary equipment
for reception.

More information is available at the website: www.xxxvision.tv or contact
Brad Fisher @ 519 351 8127 ( 10 am to 10 pm )

Contact: Jeffrey Garber
OpusComm Group, Inc.


2003 Study finds that more than half of gay consumers are partnered;
Four percent are married or in a civil union

SYRACUSE, NY (July 11, 2004) - How does a mainstream American company tap
into the gay market? Just what is the gay "lifestyle?" Does it conjure up
visions of a people immersed in fashion, travel, entertainment and art, or a
life woven around relationships, family, religion, mortgages and children?

OpusComm Group, a leading gay/lesbian consumer marketing firm, together
with Syracuse University, announced the launch of the 2004 Gay and Lesbian
Consumer Online Census (G/L Census). The annual Internet study of
gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender (GLBT) consumers takes place July 12 -
August 13, 2004. GLBT consumers ages 18+ interested in participating in the
study - which measures the demographics, purchasing behaviors, life
situations and media usage of GLBT consumers ? are invited to log on to

The G/L Census is conducted through a partnership between the S.I.
Newhouse School of Public Communication at Syracuse University, with
Professor Amy Falkner as the lead researcher on the project, and OpusComm
Group, Inc. The only survey of its kind to be sanctioned by a university and
the most comprehensive study of gay and lesbian consumers in the U.S., the
G/L Census is used by Fortune 1000 marketers and media companies as a tool
for developing products and marketing tailored to GLBT consumers nationally.
The 2003 G/L Census had approximately 8,000 respondents.

"We created the G/L Census four years ago for one reason: GLBT people
want to be heard. That is why the theme of our survey is "Stand Up and be
Counted!," said Jeffrey Garber, president of OpusComm Group, Inc. and a
cofounder of the G/L Census. "The GLBT community is better targeted and
better served when the people behind the campaigns - be they politicians,
media or business ? know their audience."

The G/L Census receives thousands of comments and suggestions from
respondents - mostly notes of thanks and praise for the study.
"Consistently, this study breaks down stereotypes and informs corporate
America about the power of the GLBT consumer," said Mr. Garber. "We
anticipate thousands of GLBT consumers will participate in the 2004 survey."

Conducted by researchers adhering to industry-accepted privacy
guidelines, the Internet provides a uniquely anonymous vehicle for sharing
attitudes and opinions among the GLBT consumer group. Email addresses are
only collected if the respondent wishes to receive a summary of study
results, and the G/L Census does not sell or publish the addresses - adding
another layer of security to the survey.

"Anonymity is an essential requirement when carrying out a study of the
gay and lesbian community, which is why the G/L Census uses online surveys
as its research tool," said Mr. Garber. "The Internet gives a high level of
security and anonymity, making respondents feel comfortable and open."

In March 2004, OpusComm Group announced an alliance with Scarborough
Research, a leading provider of consumer shopping, media and lifestyle
information. Through the partnership, Scarborough has added the G/L Census
to its arsenal of consumer information, which is used by a client base
consisting of over 3,500 marketers and media professionals. This move
underscored Scarborough's commitment to multicultural marketing and also
demonstrated the need for GLBT information in today's marketplace.

The 2004 Gay and Lesbian Consumer Online Census is sponsored by
Rivendell Media, America's leading gay and lesbian media placement firm.
Helping marketers reach the gay press since 1979, Rivendell is the national
advertising representative for over 200 gay and lesbian newspapers,
magazines and entertainment guides.

2003 G/L Census Highlights

The 2003 G/L Census reported that marriage and family are important
concerns for gay consumers. Fifty-two percent of respondents said they were
partnered in the study; four percent said they are in a civil union, are
civilly registered or had a same-sex marriage ceremony. Thirty-five percent
of gay consumers have a will, according to the study. Gay consumers are
coming out at an earlier age - 16 percent of respondents said they came out
between the ages of 12-17 and 45 percent between the ages of 18-24.

When it comes to marketing and fostering brand loyalty among gay
consumers, the G/L Census finds that advertisers who choose to use gay
themes realize increased brand awareness and brand loyalty. Eighty-seven
percent of respondents reported they remember ads with gay themes versus
those with non-gay themes. Sixty-five percent of gays and lesbians say they
are more likely to purchase products or services whose advertising uses gay
themes than those whose advertising does not, according to the G/L Census.

The demographics of gay/lesbian consumers paint a picture of a
high-income, highly-educated consumer. According to the G/L Census, 37
percent of gay/lesbian consumers are college graduates and one-fifth have
graduate degrees. Twenty-seven percent have an annual household income of
$100,000 or more. The Gay/Lesbian Consumer Online Census finds that 48
percent of gay/lesbian consumers have investments, and 53 percent own their
home. Technologically savvy, 31 percent have a broadband Internet connection
in the home, 52 percent of gay/lesbian Internet users made an online
purchase at least once a month during the past year, and 30 percent of these
Internet consumers spent $50-$99 per online purchase, according to the G/L
Charts and graphs highlighting 2003 G/L Census findings are available upon

About the Gay/Lesbian Consumer Online Census

The Gay/Lesbian Consumer Online Census (G/L Census) is conducted
annually via a partnership between OpusComm Group, Inc. and the S.I.
Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. Professor
Amy Falkner is the lead researcher on the project. With approximately 8,000
respondents, the G/L Census is the largest and most comprehensive
gay/lesbian consumer and media study and the only one sponsored by a major
university. It addresses many consumer categories including demographics,
purchasing behaviors, lifestyles and media usage. For more information
please log on to www.glcensus.org.

About OpusComm Group

OpusComm Group Inc., the founder of the annual Gay/Lesbian Consumer
Online Census, is led by co-principals, Jeffrey Garber and Daniel Fedrizzi,
who have been providing effective marketing, public relations and
advertising to Fortune 1000 marketers for almost 20 years. As one of the
world's leading researchers in gay/lesbian consumerism, OpusComm provides
consulting services and market plan development for businesses seeking to
target the gay/lesbian community in the mainstream media. For more
information please log on to www.opuscommgroup.com.

About Scarborough Research

Scarborough Research is a leader in identifying local, regional and
national shopping patterns and media usage for the American consumer.
Scarborough provides data solutions and media strategies for today's complex
marketing challenges. Scarborough's 3,500+ subscribers rely on the company's
data to acquire and retain customers, extend brand reach, increase sales and
expand into new markets. Surveying more than 200,000 adults annually,
Scarborough measures adult consumers in the local markets where they live.
Scarborough Research is a joint venture between Arbitron Inc. and VNU Media
Measurement & Information. For additional information, please log on to

For further information, contact Jeffrey Garber, President of OpusComm
Group, Inc.
jeff@opuscommgroup.com, call 315.637.2018, or visit www.glcensus.org.


For immediate Release

Sacramento, California

You are cordially invited to view the first domain of its kind on Earth,

The new domain will reveal for the first time, innovative new programming
and content, devoted exclusively for the gay sexually enlightened, sensually
endowed and spiritually empowered.

Arcanum One, Located in Sacramento, California, in association with the
world's leading expert in classical Pythagorean numerology, Hans Decoz, will
unveil the first re-translations geared to the current vernacular of the gay
lifestyle, and gay lifestyle only.

Gayhoodoo will show how to manifest and use naturally occurring influences
(the mathematics of nature) on behalf of gay men and women, and will do so
for the first time anywhere. Gayhoodoo guarantees this claim with firm,
unalterable resolve. Arcanum One, Gayhoodoo.com, and Gaynumbers.us believe
that gays possess unique sensitivities beyond normal society, and have the
innate capability to tap into these hidden forces. The time has now come for
these abilities to manifest. Gayhoodoo.com, and Gaynumbers.us guarantees
these methodologies will not only empower, but enlighten as never before.

In addition, Gayhoodoo.com will introduce several rare and one-of-a-kind
metaphysical algorithms, that claim to be more accurate than any previously
known, geared to a gay audience exclusively.

In depth histories, and a huge knowledge base at well over 500,000 words
will offer the only single source for gay oriented metaphysical studies

To further enliven the experience, Individually prepared potions, spiritual
therapy fragrances, and centuries old ritual, based on time tested methods
and procedures with an exotic gay slant will inspire and regain faith and
belief in unseen forces, sadly overlooked in today's culture. Gayhoodoo will
not only be the first to offer gay potions, it will be the only gay website
offering private consultation for both gay men and women, using accurate
numerical sequencing techniques and trained intuitive numericists.

Another innovative step will offer the first and only gay matching service
that does not use sexual intrigue, psychology, or astrology as a means to
finding gratifying companionship. Gaynumbers.us will employ profile
matching techniques that accurately predicts compatibility on levels never
obtained before. This dating service is free, and to gay men and women,
transsexuals, and bisexuals only, and will be directly linked to Gayhoodoo.

Gayhoodoo.com is currently soliciting affiliations to include within the
domain's database to insure wide penetration. To increase the knowledge web,
we gladly accept trade links with diverse gay subject matter.

You may reach gayhoodoo through Arcanum One at 916-922-9208, or fax at
916-922-9209 during normal business hours, Pacific time, or you may obtain
additional specific contact information within the "Keymaster" domain at

Arcanum One

"Thinking Up
New Vibrations"

What You Search For - Most Popular Keywords on the GayCrawler.com Search

June 16, 2004. Montreal Canada - Our team has studied the searches carried
out during your visits on our Internet directory dedicated to the community.
This study is based on searches carried out during the months of March,
April and May 2004 on more than 50,000 keywords and was undertaken thanks to
the technology of Click4gay.net, leader in sponsored links advertising in
the gay market!

This top keywords list reveals the differences in interests between the gay
and lesbian communities of Europe and North America. Similarly, anglophones,
francophones and hispanophones do not share the same search topics.

The top keywords list is divided between North American and European
Internet users, and according to six search themes. Searches relating to
adult sites (pornographic) are at the top of the list with more than 58% of
searches, the "dating and chat" theme comes in second with 16%, followed by
travel (12%), business (7%), sports (4%) and, finally, the "help & support"
theme concerning support and rights defence associations (3%).

58% "adult"

1.gay sex
2.free gay sex
3.gay sex toy
4.gay sex video
5.gay sex porn
6.gay bear
7.first time gay
9.asian sex
10.latino sex

1.gay sex
2.gay sex toy
3.free gay sex
4.gay sex shop
5.gay sex pic
6.adult sex shop
7.gay phone sex
8.first gay sex
9.gay black sex
10.free gay sex videos

16% "dating and chat"

1.gay dating
2.gay chat room
3.gay personal ads
4.interracial dating
5.black gay dating
6.adult dating gay
7.dating gay jewish
8.christian dating
9.gay profile
10.personal pic

1.free gay chat
2.uk gay chat
3.gay chat line
4.gay dating uk
5.speed dating
6.dating in spain
7.personal ad
8.uk personal
9.gay profiles
10.personals profile dating

12% "travel"

1.travel agency
2.travel guide
3.travel agencies
4.travel mexico
5.travel montreal
6.travel nyc
7.travel miami
8.san francisco
10.gay cruise

1.travel agent
2.travel guide
3.travel agencies
4.travel insurance
5.travel gay asia
6.travel turkey
7.Las Palomas

7% "business"

1.gay shopping
2.gay sex shop
3.real estate
4.gay business
7.gay dvd shop
8.finance gay
9.chamber of commerce
10.business directory

1.gay sex shop
3.gay night club
4.gay wedding
6.gay marketing
7.gay shopping
8.gay dvd shop
9.finance gay lesbian tax
10.gay business venture groups

4% "sports"

1.gay water sport
2.gay game
3.gay rodeo
4.gay hockey
5.league softball
6.cycling gay
7.gay volleyball
8.gay golf
9.gay outdoor
10.scuba diving

1.gay rugby
2.gay soccer
3.gay ski week
4.gay rugby players
5.gay games
7.gay Cycling
8.gay league
9.gay golf
10.tennis gay

3% "help & support"

1.marriage support
2.teen support
3.gay lesbian support
4.adoption gay support
5.civil right
6.right activist
7.first time sex
8.gay right in Canada
9.equal gay right
10.aids gay hiv

1.support parents gays
2.gay marriage support
3.gay rights legislation
4.gay teen help
5.gay lesbian support london
6.gay parenting
7.adoption gay couples
8.gay rights in america
9.gay civil weddings
10.gay organisations

Keywords from the adult and dating themes highlight the difference of
interests of a racial or ethnic nature between Americans and Europeans. The
travel theme also indicates that these communities do not choose the same
"gayfriendly" destinations. As for business, underwear and Dvds are very
popular and North Americans rank three keywords relating to business in the
gay community. Rugby and soccer are apparently more popular in Europe!
Finally, mariage and adoption dominate the last theme.

The origin of users is also interesting to study. North Americans are a
majority, but we can also see that residents of North Africa are present
among francophone users. Most surprisingly, hispanophone users come mostly
from the United States, rather than from Spain!

English speaking
1.United States
3.UK & Ireland
5.New Zealand
6.South Africa

Spanish speaking
1.United States
7.Costa Rica
8.Republica Dominicana

French speaking
4.Quebec Canada

Others languages

To conclude, note that 68% of you use categories to perform searches ...
Enjoy the surf!
We thank you for your interest in our directory and invite you to regularly
discover the new sites indexed everyday. (online version

The GayCrawler.com team

About GayCrawler.com
The GayCrawler.com search engine is edited by GCLifeStyle.com Inc., which
was founded in March 2000 in Montreal and ows a trilingual on-line travel
agency dedicated to the gay and lesbian community worldwide (operated by
TravelPrice Canada). GayCrawler.com and GayCrawler.com Travel greet more
than 250,000 unique visitors every month. GayCrawler.com belongs to the
Click4gay (www.click4gay.net) sponsored links network dedicated to the

Through the GayCrawler.com service, users may access more than 25,000 sites
in more than 327 categories of specific interest to the gay and lesbian
community. Each site indexed in the GayCrawler.com database is individually
registered by surfers who have a detailed knowledge of the topic; this means
that search results are more reliable and, therefore, more relevant to
GayCrawler.com users. Anybody can submit a pertinent Web site to be added to
the database. However, GayCrawler.com might refuse a Web site if its content
is considered inappropriate.

- 30 -

Gerard Spatafora, President (001) 514 313-9198 g@gaycrawler.com


For additional information:
Tom O'Neill 773-528-2554


CHICAGO, IL 2004-- Kate Clinton, one of America's foremost political comics
is the recipient of the 2004 Stonewall Award -- the national $25,000,
no-strings-attached grant that recognizes individuals or groups who have
made a
significant contribution to the gay and lesbian community. The award was
announced today by Allen Schuh, president of the Anderson Prize Foundation
which has
awarded over $1 million to 40 Stonewall Awards winners since 1991.

"Kate Clinton is a brilliant Writer and performer whose positive energy,
sharp insights and community service have helped the gay and lesbian
both.understand itself better and become more visible in the broader
noted Allen Schuh. "The Foundation is proud to recognize the efforts she
made to create a stronger gay and lesbian movement."

The Anderson Prize Foundation was established in 1991 by the late Paul
Anderson of Chicago, shortly before his death of AIDS-related illness.
Allen Schuh,
an attorney, was Andeso's partner for 13 ears and joined Paul in
the Foundation to recognize and reward those who have contributed
significantly the the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT)
community. The
awards are made without regard to sexual orientation, race, age, ethnic
origin, or
gender. Past winners have included nationally prominent GLBT rights
local activists both straight and gay, artists and organizers.

Kate Clinton is a critically acclaimed political conic and writer whose
performance career spans more more that 23 years. Clinton started
performing in
1981, when politically edgy and out-of-the-closet comedy was neither found
welcome in mainstream comedy clubs, television or in media. Working through
community-based network of lesbian-feminist producers, folk and women's
festivals and progressive coffeehouses, Kate toured the country building
an audience and an emerging proud and identifiable lesbian community. As
GLBT community turned more of its attention to the twin challenges of the
HIV/AIDS epidemic and the anti-gay Right wing in the late 1980's, Kate's
comedy and
audience also changed to address these emerging issues. Today she ranks
among the top ten political comics in the country, with an intelligent and
original style that brings her before more that 100.000 people each year.

Kate Clinton has released seven audio CDs, including the 2004 release; The
Marrying Kind; Read These Lips (200l)' Comedy You Can Dance To (l999) and
in Joyland (1996). She is author of the award-winning book, Don't Get Me
Started (Ballantine Books, 1998). The audio companion to the book was named
of the best Audio books by Publisher's Weekly. Clinton is a regular
columnist for two national publications, the 95-year old, Wisconsin-based
monthly, the
Progressive and the national GLBT newsmagazine, The Advocate. Clinton is a
former high school English teacher. She is a graduate and Colgate
(MA) and Le Moyne Collige (BA).

Kate is a sought-after performer whose national concert tours routinely sell
out. She continues to perform in venues from church basements to small
to prestigious halls of several thousand people. In 2004, she will be
in some cities for rock star Melissa Etheridge on her Lucky Tour. Kate is an
accomplished is an accomplished comic actor who has appeared on Broadway in
The Rocky Horror Picture Show (in 2001 as the narrator) and The Vagina
Monologues (2002). She appeared in the film, The Secret Lives of Dentists
(2003), and
is one of the four comedians featured in the 2003 Documentary, Laughing
Matters. Kate's satire and commentary are sought after by diverse print and
broadcast media, and she has brought her humor to CNN, MSNBC, Good Morning
Oxygen, Comedy Central., the Toyota Comedy Festival, Montreal Comedy
the Marshall's Women in Comedy Festival, as well as to major talk and public
radio shows around to country.

Kate's political commitment is reflected in her work and in the time she
donates to feminist, gay, and progressive organizations. Clinton helped
emcee the
1987 and 1993 Marches on Washington for GLBT Rights; the 1993 Gay and
Inaugural Ball at the Clinton inauguration; anti-war benefits and
demonstrations from 2002-2003; and the 2004 March for Woman's Lives in
Washington. She
contributes significant amounts of time and resources to strengthen GLBT
organizations all over the country.

"In making this award, we are recognizing not just Kate's phenomonal talent,
but her dedication to the GLBT community. She has given thousands of hours
community service, performed for free at hundreds of fund raising benefits,
dinners, shows, and marches and raised literally millions of dollars for
like Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, the New York City GLBT Center,
the National Center for Lesbian Rights, to name just a few," said Schuh.


Photo available at: https://www.gaydata.com/download/katebw.jpg

For Immediate release


For Author interviews, call 570-443-7379
Contact: Br. Jack or Archbishop Simpson

The Office of the Archbishop announced today that a new autobiography
entitled The Gay Face of God, has been released from Third Millennium
Publishing of Tempe, AZ. and is now available. The book which has all ready
received rave reviews, reveals the trials and challenges of growing up gay
in the 1950's and 1960's, onto service in the military during Vietnam, and a
career path that led to police departments, local magistrate, bodyguard,
senior Treasury Department official with the Financial Management Service in
Washington, D.C. and ordination and consecration within the Old Catholic
Church in America, after attending Roman Catholic Seminary.

In addition to the life experiences of this remarkable man, the Archbishop's
feelings and beliefs on being gay and Old Catholic in a world where many
believe just being gay is a ticket to hell, are portrayed with responses to
Vatican attacks and other situations reprinted in the book. Of particular
concern to the Archbishop is the plight of gay youth in American society who
commit suicide at a far greater rate than do heterosexual youth simply
because they are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered.

In the Appendix of the book, is a reconstructed same-sex marriage Rite that
was used by the Roman Catholic Church for over nine centuries and adopted
for present day use based on research by Professor John Boswell. Plans for
the construction of a monastery for the Benedictine Order of St. John the
Beloved are also discussed.

Copies of the book may be purchased directly from the publisher by calling
1-888-216-8173, or by visiting https://3mpub.com/simpson, or through the
Order's website at: OSJTB.COM


For Immediate Release
Contact: 415/861-0318



CONTACT: Sam Warren
(619) 531-0765
Fax: (619) 501-4177
E-mail: sam@bookwarren.com

Corruption in the Belly of the Burro

(San Diego, CA, May 23, 2004) Bookwarren Publishing announced today the
publication of a new book, entitled TALES FROM THE TIJUANA JAILS - I:
Corruption in the Belly of the Burro, the first of two volumes by a former
Baja prisoner, Sam Warren.

While inside the downtown jail, the infamous El Pueblito penitentiary and
later the El Hongo prison in the desert, Sam gathered information about
crimes and corruption in the prisons and in the Baja society at large.
Warren, a local author, publisher and gay activist, operated a
bed-and-breakfast in an upscale suburb of Tijuana.

On April 27, 2000, the Tijuana police raided his establishment and arrested
everyone in the building - residents, guests and employees. All the charges
except one were dropped as they were all extortion attempts by the Mexican
police to rob the author. The police thought they could extort Sam because
he was a gay activist. They were wrong, and now Sam has exposed their threat
to American citizens who visit Baja, gay or straight.

The book weaves through crimes cells, violence, sex, murder, extortion,
families with kids and pets inside to the private prison condos of the
murderous drug lords. A whole chapter is dedicated to the man who saved Sam'
s life inside - a fellow U.S. prisoner who became one of the most powerful
prisoners inside. He was a former U.S. Special Operations sergeant, federal
law officer, martial arts expert, medical expert, and gun smuggler.

The drug lords gave him the title of "Don." He used his power and his
medical knowledge in the prison to protect and help the Americans and other
prisoners to survive. After his release, he started a diving business in San
Diego and won a national judo championship.

The book includes a foreword by Pat Osio, Jr., a columnist for the San Diego
Metro- politan magazine and the editor of www.HispanicVista.com. The book
is illustrated with drawings by "German" Joe Paschen, a former inmate of El
# # #

The book, published in both e-Book and print formats, is currently available
for sale online at www. bookwarren.com; www.amazon.com;
www.barnesandnoble.com; and in bookstores. Volume II will be available later
next month. Pictures are available.

Please contact author for a review copy and/or interview. A review copy can
also be seen at: https://www.bookwarren.com/review1.pdf.

(619) 531-0765

Contact: Greg Allen
Home Video Salon, PO Box 9161, North St. Paul, Minnesota 55109-9161
email: gregallen@paradise-inn.com



The "Paradise Inn" trailer and pilot episode are now available in Quicktime
streaming format at the "Paradise Inn" website:

"Paradise Inn" is a gay sitcom that follows the everyday lives of a gay
couple who run a Bed & Breakfast in rural Minnesota. In the pilot episode,
"Paradise Lost", fledgling entrepreneur Mark McClaine, and his partner of 5
years, Rob Johannsen, have opened their bed and breakfast in the small
resort town of Paradise, Minnesota. Business is a little slow at the Inn,
and then two unexpected guests show up, exactly the kind of guests Mark and
Rob don't need: their mothers.

The pilot episode, "Paradise Lost", premiered at the Twin Cities Pride
Festival, and was seen shortly thereafter on the Metro Cable Network
throughout the Twin Cities (Minnesota) region.

Here's what some of the critics have said:

"It has more appeal...than half of the new comedies on the networks fall
schedules." TV critic Noel Holston, Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Gay and Lesbian characters in television dramas and especially situation
comedies are increasing...But like the sitcom "Ellen", "Paradise Inn" could
be groundbreaking because both its main characters are gay." Minnesota
Public Radio feature by Todd Moe

The show was created and produced in Minneapolis, Minnesota, by Greg Allen,
directed by Bob Beverage, written by Kathy P. Anderson, and stars Blake
Hambrick, John D. Trones, Barbara Fayth Humphrey, Marilyn Murray and Trudy
Monette. The entire cast and crew are from the Twin Cities and the episode
was shot on location in Alma, Wisconsin, at the historic Burlington Hotel.

With the success of its first episode, "Paradise Inn", is preparing for its
next stage of development. And the audience is anxiously waiting...Numerous
viewers have written in, asking: "When's the next episode??"

"It's exciting to be in on the ground floor of a project like this that is
portraying gay and lesbian characters in a very everyday light," said John
D. Trones, who portrays Rob Johannsen. "It's a slice of life from more of a
gay reality than what we typically see in films and on television."

Invite your friends and family to see this truly FAMILY comedy!


Two photos are available for web and print use. The photos are 72dpi and
are in the jpeg file format. Both photos feature our male stars: Blake
Hambrick (Mark McClaine) on the left, and John D. Trones (Rob Johannsen) on
the right. You can access the photos at ftp://paradise-inn.com. The user
name is: prphotos. The password is: photos. Please contact Greg Allen at
gregallen@paradise-inn.com to inform of usage on your web site or in your

Czar Rules the Music Scene for Pride NYC 2004

For Immediate Release: (New York, New York) May 17, 2004 - "Ambrosia for the
Gods," a much anticipated new music performance and CD release from
singer/songwriter 'Czar' debuts this summer at The Belt Theater, (336 w.
37th St. 8-9 Aves.) June 23rd through June 27th, 8 pm nightly. A fully
downloadable electronic media kit can be found at:

Distinguishing Czar's music from that of other artists is his melodical
strength, seductive harmonies and thought provoking lyrics amid high-energy
dance-inducing music, designed to tap into thematic philosophies of
sensuality, body empowerment and confidence. Bringing sex out of the closet,
Czar's varied musical style within both performance and CD explore the
spiritual path to revelation as something to be exalted, not trivialized.
His first full-length CD is to be released June 23, independently.

"The Belt Theater is a raw performance space with rock concert feel,
accentuating the music, performance and natural sensation," exclaims Czar.
"Gay Pride Week in New York City is ideal for great live entertainment. It's
a terrific time to convey messages of sexual empowerment, when everyone is
in the joy of the moment of expression without inhibitions."

The "Ambrosia For The Gods" CD and performances both blend a wide variety of
Czar's most admired styles of alternative and classic dance music to a
largely Rock and Roll platform, intended to make audiences dance. Influenced
early by timeless bands such as The Who, Three Dog Night, The Temptations,
Grand Funk Railroad and Ashford/Simpson, Czar also credits his musical
aspirations to classic storytellers like The Doors and CSNY as well as stage
and film musicals like An American in Paris and Woodstock.

"Blending all the styles of music I enjoy and appreciate most, I want
listeners to come away from "Ambrosia for the Gods" with more confidence in
their own bodies derived from my lyrics and sound, that seductively
celebrate the ritualistic aspects of sensuality. I may walk a controversial
path to revelation, portraying a beast fundamentalists fear because sex
ignites ecstasy, but I believe physical communication is just as important,
if not more than verbal communication," declares Czar.

With a career ranging from contracts with major dance companies such as the
Joffrey Ballet and Alvin Ailey Dance Company to industrials and Broadway,
spanning the globe from New York to Singapore, Czar is no stranger to
performing onstage and in film. Physical awareness comes naturally to Czar
who began as a dancer in New York in the mid-seventies, working with the
likes of Rudolph Nureyev, Ben Vereen and Lucie Arnaz as well as forming his
own all-male dance company, Centaur Dance Theater.

Complemented by backup singers Michelle Carano and Judy Krause, a four-piece
rock band, hot dancers and a performance packed full of surprises, "Ambrosia
For The Gods" features a song and dance entertainment powerhouse whose work
is versatile, virtually unlimited and not to be missed. Tickets:
www.smarttix.com or 1(800) 868-4444. Tickets, CD sales and media kit:

Media Inquiries:

Arielle Jamil, Fierce Communications LLC



For Immediate Release

National Gay and Lesbian Catholics Support Mayor Gavin Newom of San

The Rainbow Sash Movement a National Gay and Lesbian Catholic organization
fully supports the efforts of Mayor Gavin Newsom of San Francisco to promote
tolerance. We are deeply troubled that the San Francisco Baptist Ministers
would not recognize the separation of Church and State. Their attack on the
Mayor Newsome's faith and integrity should be challenged. They do not
represent Jesus Christ in this matter, they do represent another opinion.

We deeply respect the Mayor's recognition of all families. His faith and
family values are about inclusiveness not about fear and intolerance. He
certainly follows in the footsteps Mayor George Moscone, and City Supervisor
Harvey Milk in supporting the rights of the marginalized with integrity. As
Gay and Lesbian Catholics we are deeply impressed with his promotion of
Gospel Values. We ask for prayers for him and his family, we recognize how
difficult it must be for his family to witness these demonizing attacks.

To find out more about the Rainbow Sash Movement please visit our web site
at www.rainbowsashmovement.org.


Contact Person:

Joe Murray


Rainbow Sash Movement


Email: SashMovement@AOL.Com



For More Information, Contact:
April 14, 2004 7:50 AM

Jerome Biern
Blue Coast, Inc.
401-487-4539 cell 866-859-5943

14K Wedding Bands with Gay Partner Vows Engraved Inside Gaining Steam

Cranston, R.I.- April 14, 2004 Wedding Vow Rings, a jewelry
manufacturing company based in Cranston, R.I., today announced the
availability of Partner Vow Rings, matching wedding bands that include
entire partner vows engraved on the inside and clearly readable. A unique
application to laser engraving has made it possible to engrave entire
passages of information inside of a wedding band, something never before

Couples are choosing from civil vows, religious vows, gay vows, love poetry,
even writing their own vows.

" Gay Partner Vow Rings now account for 40% of our business and are growing
faster than any other of our vow categories, We are sympathetic to equal
rights for all people especially when it comes to love and marriage. We are
thrilled that the gay community has discovered our offering", said Jerry
Biern, president of the firm.

"In a most romantic and sentimental way, we want to preserve the moment and
make the wedding vows even more important and everlasting. By allowing
couples to memorialize the wedding vows and carry them inside of their rings
everyday, the commitment will never be forgotten. This is a unique concept
that makes a lot of sense for everybody.", added Biern.

These handsome 14K engraved rings are available at
https://www.weddingvowrings.com and are offered in both white and yellow

Image available at: https://www.ereleases.com/pr/2003-weddingvowrings.jpg

Immediate release

Sparkle Media, Sweden
Marq W webmaster@gaybud.com
Phone: +46730347450
Site URL: https://www.gaybud.com
Picture from site: https://www.gaybud.com/pressguy.jpg

A new gay online community called GayBud opened it's doors today.
Marq W., founder of Gaybud said: "We invite gay men from all around the
globe to join the fun today. We have invested a great deal of time and money
to get this project going. You will notice that we are different from other
gay dating sites and I am sure that within a short time this site will be
and utilized by gay guys all over the world". GayBud.com is free to join, it
funded by advertising.

To mention a few things the users of the site can do: Post pictures and
profiles of themselves, interact with other users via instant messaging and
anonynmous e-mail, watch private picture galleries, search for members using
many options.

In one word, it is fabulous. The site and the community will always be
evolving, so new features will be added all the time, said Marq.

FOR RELEASE: March 31, 2004

For More information:
Please contact: Dennis Bell
Phone: (510) 295-8223
Email: den@AthleticModelGuild.com
Release: C-04-001

1,000,000 male physique photos and films to be preserved

El Cerrito, California ş March 31, 2004: The preservation of nearly one
million negatives, slides and movies, which represent almost 60 years of the
history of all-male erotica, was assured today by the acquisition of
Athletic Model Guild (AMG) of Los Angeles by Dennis Bell of El Cerrito
California. Bell purchased the entire estate of Bob Mizer, founder of AMG,
for an undisclosed sum and will reform the company. He plans to manage,
market and preserve one of the most outstanding collections of all-male
physique photography and film production in the world. │Bob Mizer can rest
easy knowing that his work will be preserved, his films will continue to be
released in new media formats and the studio he founded will continue to
produce new material,▓ said Bell, a well known physique photographer in his
own right (www.DennisBellPhoto.com  ), and
owner of www.PosingStrap.com  and
www.PhysiqueLibrary.com  , two sites that
specialize in vintage collections of physique photography.

AMG was founded in 1945 by Bob Mizer. Now an icon of gay history, Mizer was
a trailblazer in fighting the strict censorship laws of the mid twentieth
century which permitted female, but not male, nudity in photography. Since
Mizer╣s death twelve years ago, the slides, negatives and other assets of
his estate have been in the custody of Wayne Stanley, one of Mizer╣s legal
advisers and friends. During that time, licenses have been given
periodically to publish, reproduce, sell or exhibit some of Mizer╣s work.
The commercial release of the mainstream film Beefcake introduced Mizer and
his work to millions of moviegoers. But for thousands of service men and
others, Mizer was no stranger. │Soldiers, sailors and marines knew that if
they came through Hollywood, they could pick up an extra fifty bucks by
posing for Bob▓ said Bell. In addition, Mizer photographed thousands of gay
and straight men of all descriptions. His subjects included motion picture
and television actors, waiters, motorcyclists, college men, construction
workers, California surfer boys and mid-Western farm hands just │off the
bus▓ and searching for fame and fortune in Hollywood.

│Bob Mizer╣s photographs span the entire gamut of masculinity,▓ says Bell,
│and the alphabet as well S from George Abagian to Dick Ziglar. There were
names we may recognize: TV Star Glenn Corbett went on to star in 77 Sunset
Strip after Bob photographed him; Ed Fury was in a number of films and TV
shows (24 according to www.imdb.com  ); Dick Dubois
was pictured in Life magazine as a member of the Las Vegas cast of Mae
West╣s show. Estimates are that Bob photographed more than 10,000 men over
his forty-five year career.▓

Bell has the difficult but enviable task now of cataloguing the negatives,
prints and slides. │I expect it will take three years or more,▓ Bell adds.
│It will be a massive undertaking to assure these irreplaceable treasures
and relics of gay history and male photography are preserved and treated
with the respect they deserve.▓
Bell is developing a plan to exhibit and market the photographs, many of
which have never been seen by the public. │Even in 2004, we Americans have
tremendous hang-ups about frontal male nudity in photography. But remember,
at the time Bob was taking some of these photographs, this kind of
photography wasn╣t the subject of a Ohang-up╣ -- it was illegal. Some
physique photographers did prison time for a single pubic hair visible in
their work.▓ Bell said. │I think there will be a number of pleasant
surprises as this imagery resurfaces into modern gay culture.▓

│Athletic Model Guild was the pioneer of modern gay erotica and this
acquisition will continue the legacy into the twenty-first century. Look for
classic collections of AMG 8mm films coming soon on DVD and new productions
from AMG later this year. In the new films we╣ll be connecting the
innocence of Mizer╣s past work with the expectations and ideals of today╣s
gay audience.▓ The new company will keep the historic name. According to
new owner Bell, │It is far too important a name, with the attendant
mythology, to give it up.▓

For media resources, and images for web and print use, go to:

For interviews, features, etc contact:
media@AthleticModelGuild.com or :

Athletic Model Guild, LLC
3020 El Cerrito Plaza, Suite 114
El Cerrito, CA 94530
Phone: (510) 295-8223
e-mail: den@AthleticModelGuild.com
Website: www.AthleticModelGuild.com 

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Gay Catholics Challenge Archbishop O'Malley of Boston on Gay Marriage

Under the leadership of Archbishop O'Malley of Boston the Massachusetts
Bishops have waged an unjust war against the gay and Lesbian community. The
Rainbow Sash Movement (National Gay Catholic Organization )believes when our
Catholic bishops and their allies enter the public domain they have an
obligation to offer convincing evidence, and not only present their
religious perspectives. If they claim the freedom of gays and lesbians to
marry will result in traditional marital meltdowns, they ought to make a
persuasive case-not rely on fear factors.

The four (4) bishops of Massachusetts do no represent the real diversity of
the Catholic Church on the matter of gay marriage. For instance about 67
percent of the Massachusetts Legislature is Catholic, but lawmakers do not
appear to be following the church's repeated calls to both ban gay marriage
and block civil unions for gay couples. The most popular measure in two
sessions of the constitutional convention has been an amendment to ban gay
marriage and allow civil unions. The church opposes both gay marriage and
civil unions, calling civil unions the equivalent of marriage.

According to Joe Murray, US Convener of the Rainbow Sash Movement "what is
troubling for me is the reactionary nature of the Bishops response. The
bishops for the first time in history wish to change not only the
Massachusetts, but also the US Constitution and create a second class
citizenry status for gay and lesbian people. Why have these bishops not
shown as much passion to pass a bill in the Massachusetts that would require
the Church to report child abuse? Also, I wish they would put as much
effort into lobbying for human services and poverty programs." Murray
further stated "Archbishop's O'Malley's willingness to say anything that
keeps committed same-gender couples and their families from access to basic
rights and protections violates core Catholic principles of distributive
justice and dignity of the human person."

The Rainbow Sash Movement calls on the Massachusetts bishops to refrain from
attacks on the Massachusetts gay and lesbian community that would willfully
promote hatred against that community. Additionally, we hope they consider
the impact their actions will have in promoting physical as well as mental
violence against members of the gay and lesbian Community of Massachusetts.
Murray further said "The anti-gay marriage bandwagon, with four Catholic
bishops in the van and Bishop O'Malley in command, was moving along nicely
until the ominous cloud of "l'affaire Dupre" arose out of Springfield to
dampen anti-gay rhetoric and remind us all of "thrown stones and glass

We ask the bishops to also consider, hate has to be determined by the ear of
the hearer, not the mind of the speaker. For the Bishops not to acknowledge
this is na´ve at best, disingenuous at worst. We call on them to remember
the call of the Gospels to love God and one another. The Church also
teaches that hate is a sin and if any of these bishops are without sin. let
them cast the first stone.

To find out more about the Rainbow Sash Movement, and how you can help in
this social justice ministry please visit our web page at


Contact Person

Dennis Kluge
Media Chair
Rainbow Sash Movement
PH: 312-266-6080
Email: SashMovement@AOL.Com

Christopher Kingry

Wedding Bells to Ring at The Abbey - June 1, 2004
Margaret Cho to Preside, Mayor Duran to Officiate
Pepper MaShay & Gay Men's Chorus to Sing "Amazing Grace"
Ceremonies Kick-off National Gay Pride Month

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA. - 3/23/04 -The Abbey, a West Hollywood historic social
spot at 692 North Robertson Boulevard plans to kick off National Gay Pride
Month with its first ever wedding and commitment ceremony. Margaret Cho is
set to preside, Mayor Duran will officiate and Pepper MaShay and the Gay
Men's Chorus of Los Angeles will sing "Amazing Grace."

Ceremony reservations and info are available at www.abbeyfoodandbar.com

The symbolism of The Abbey's name has not gone unnoticed by patrons or its
owner, David Cooley.

"I'm thrilled to have so many gifted individuals willing to step up to the
plate and stand up for our communities' rights. Hopefully someday soon our
ceremonies won't be just symbolic!" Cooley added, "In spite of a recent
court ruling, the marriage of thousands of Gay and Lesbian couples in San
Francisco and across the nation represents social change on a grand scale."

Mayor Duran has offered his support, officially proclaiming, "The City of
West Hollywood supports marriages for same sex couples and is working hard
to change California law. Although we do not yet have equal protection
under the law, no government can prevent us from loving whom we choose."

Says Margaret Cho, "I don't know why conservatives are so against gay
marriage. It would be the perfect solution to Bush's economy and jobs
failures. Income from ice sculptures alone could pay off the National Debt."
Cho has launched her own supportive web site at www.loveisloveislove.com

Singer Pepper MaShay exclaims, "Honey, gay marriage represents the coming
together of two people under the eyes of humanity - so let the ceremonies

Already considered a hub for the West Hollywood community, The Abbey, now
undergoing a $2 million renovation provides what Cooley calls, "the ideal
combination of ambiance and service in a supportive environment." The
Abbey once again, will be donating its space, as it did for the APLA "The
Envelope Please" Oscar Party, which raised over $150,000.00.

The Abbey has won numerous accolades including: Best of CitySearch.com for
"Best Gay and Lesbian Bar;" and Zagat Guide's "Best in West Hollywood
Nightlife." Los Angeles Magazine says it's "The Best Gay Bar to Bring a
Straight Friend To" in its annual 101 Things We Love issue and the West
Hollywood Chamber of Commerce designated it "Best Restaurant in 2003. West
Hollywood Awards crowned it "Outstanding Restaurant and Bar 2003."

Hi Res PHOTOS: www.lobelinepr.com/abbey
Media Contact: Lobeline Communications 310-271-1551 ext 16 pr@lobeline.com
Stephanie Schopp

# # #

MORGAN in the Mirror

Saint-Clair, in her latest novel Morgan in the mirror, tackles the important
issue of transgenderism. It is an important issue for the health and
survival not only of our own community but also of humankind, because
transgenderism is part of the global issue of discrimination against 'the
other', and our survival is based on our ability to become compassionate,
accepting human beings capable of caring for each other and, in turn, our
planet. I believe Saint-Clair's novel contributes towards our understanding
of 'the other', and any knowledge and experience we gain of those who differ
from us diminishes our ignorance and its concomitant fear. We have all
witnessed recently in Iraq the horrific human, cultural and environmental
destruction which has occurred as a consequence of this 'innate' fear being
fanned into all-consuming violence.

Although there is a plethora of information on this subject on the internet,
there is little, if any, fictional or imaginative explorations. In Morgan in
the mirror, Saint-Clair imagines the mind and psyche of Morgan, an FTM, and
her exploration engaged this reader's interest and compassion. In the
prologue, the author sets up an intriguing mystery, which is partly solved
for the reader in the first chapter, where the main protagonists are brought
together and their inter-relationships deftly uncovered. Then, in a series
of flashbacks interweaved with present moments, Saint-Clair develops the
credible character of Morgan the transman - from the little girl who 'had
blurred even before she was old enough to know what she was doing', to the
young man who comes to terms with the question: what is a man?

Saint-Clair has developed a fully-fleshed character in Morgan, building him
layer by layer by means of flashbacks to childhood and adolescence,
depictions of his current experiences as a young man working on a building
site, and expositions of others' perceptions of him. The character of
Christen was introduced in Saint-Clair's previous novel Far from Maddy, as
the heterosexual police officer who searched for the missing Jo, became
involved with Maddy, and consequently questioned her sexuality.

If our survival as a community is based on our ability to become
compassionate, accepting human beings capable of caring for each other, even
in the absence of understanding, then Saint-Clair tests our readiness by
giving us Morgan and the challenge his personal circumstances present to the

Gender and sexuality have never been frozen in binary oppositions of
either/or, but have always existed as mere stations along a rich and
gloriously multicoloured continuum.

Christen discovered this truism after her own surprising heart-connection
with Maddy but can she now accept Morgan, her new love interest, as he
stands before her at the mid-point of his trans-gender journey from female
to male?

'Passionate connections in sensual, evocative language.' F.T. Johnson

View an image of the book and a more detail description on

Thursday, March 11, 12:05 pm PT

Stephen Ceplenski
Circuit Noize Magazine, LLC (tm)


Dance, Music and Gay Trends Magazine "Circuit Noize" Reaches a Decade of
Celebrating Gay Dance Festivals, Fundraisers and Circuit Events.

Los Angeles, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 11, 2004-- Circuit Noize
Magazine, LLC, the premier guide to dance events worldwide, today announced
that they will be celebrating ten years of following and driving trends
among gay dance events, festivals and parties. This coming May, 2004, marks
the 40th issue of Circuit Noize Magazine, slated to be a special collector's
edition that will review the changing face of fundraising and festival dance
events over the past ten years.

Circuit Noize Magazine began in 1994, and soon became the "bible" of gay
dance events worldwide. With over 100 events taking place in North America
and abroad, readers depend on the unbiased reporting and reviews that
Circuit Noize provides. "When there were only a handful of events taking
place each year, it was easy to attend them all," says Editor-in-Chief Steve
Kammon from Circuit Noize's Fort Lauderdale office. "Now these events are
becoming more than just a party - they are a destination. We help people
make choices based on the energy of the events, the type of music, who the
DJs are, the production standards and we provide insight on which charities
are benefiting from your money."

"Unlike many local newspapers and internet websites that criticize events,
Circuit Noize has always strived be fair and neutral in our coverage through
photography, editorial and advertising," says Publisher Stephen Ceplenski.
"Pretty much every major event can be found in our magazine. Since we are
the only magazine that focuses on the 'gay rave' community, promoters know
that if they want a crowd, they need to be in Circuit Noize."

Over the past ten years, Circuit Noize has grown from a 6-page flyer to a
150-page glossy, high-end magazine. It is available quarterly in major
cities across the United States and Canada at dance events, clubs,
bookstores, gyms and coffeehouses. Circuit Noize discusses music, events,
safe sex, responsible partying, and the feeling of celebration that pervades
Circuit events. It has addressed the uplifting, sometimes spiritual aspect
of dance events while at the same time acknowledging the problems that can
arise when the party gets out of control.

Always cutting-edge, the editorial of Circuit Noize has pushed the envelope
on many levels. A leader in the harm reduction movement, Circuit Noize has
never shied away from the difficult issues that face our community. Rather
than preaching to its readers, a tactic which only alienates the intended
audience, the magazine has instead used humor and brutal honesty to educate.

Circuit Noize will be producing a special collector's edition for its May
2004 issue, including additional distribution above their normal 50,000
copies nationwide. For more information, please contact
publisher@circuitnoize.com. Ad reservations take place between March 15th
and April 3rd. The Anniversary issue is available on May 1, 2004.

# # # # # # # # # # #


Doug Robinson-Johnson




3801 N. Keeler

Chicago, IL 60641

www.RMNetwork.org Reconciling Ministries Network

Press Release

March 11, 2004


National Gathering of Clergy Support Pastor's Decision to Officiate Gay

The Marriage Represents the First Legal Marriage in a United Methodist
Sanctuary in the United States

During a meeting of The Reconciling Ministries Clergy at The Ecumenical
Institute in Chicago on March 2-4, the group affirmed the integrity of a
United Methodist pastor who recently conducted a legal gay marriage in the
church she serves.

The Reconciling Ministries Clergy (RMC) is a national network of United
Methodist clergy committed to the full inclusion of gay, lesbian, bisexual
and transgender persons in the United Methodist Church. Amid growing
controversy over legal marriage for same-gender couples, the nationwide
gathering of clergy celebrated Reverend Doctor Karen Oliveto's decision to
officiate at the wedding of Dan Johnson and Bill Hinson.

Oliveto, pastor of Bethany United Methodist Church in San Francisco,
performed the first legal gay marriage ever to take place in a United
Methodist sanctuary in the United States. Some in the United Methodist
Church do not consider such marriages legal in the church and have made an
official complaint against Oliveto that could lead to a church trial.

The RMC, a network of 1,500 United Methodist pastors, gather bi-annually to
support clergy, like Oliveto, engaged in an ongoing struggle between those
seeking to preserve a particular exclusive doctrinal standard and those
seeking to preserve an inclusive religious heritage.

"The United Methodist Church is not of one mind regarding homosexuality,"
said Oliveto. "However, those of us whose ministries reflect open hearts,
minds and doors towards gay and lesbian people must be free to provide
pastoral care and services without fear of punishment. I am grateful for
the overwhelming support I have received, both from Reconciling Clergy, as
well as laity from across the denomination."

In this most recent meeting, the RMC approved plans for the formation of
funds to meet the legal needs of clergy forced to defend their ministry or

"Fifteen-hundred clergy supporters of the full inclusion of gay, lesbian,
bi-sexual or transgender persons in society and the church will not allow
those in their care to be treated as second-class citizens," said RMC Member
Doug Robinson-Johnson, a pastor in Chicago, "These pastors love their
denomination's heritage too much to leave now in the face of this modern
right-wing backlash against change, and they love their parishioners and
neighbors too much to say 'my hands are tied.'"


The Reconciling Ministries Network is a national network of United
Methodist-focused organizations advocating for the full inclusion of persons
of all sexual orientations and gender identities into the life of the
Church. Founded in 1984, RMN consists of 192 United Methodist congregations,
26 campus ministries, 19 Reconciling Communities, and over 17,000
individuals. Organizations involved include the Reconciling Ministries
Clergy, the Parents' Reconciling Network, United Methodists of Color, and
RMN's student movement, MOSAIC. For more information, call the Reconciling
Ministries Network office at 773-736-5526 or email at info@RMNetwork.org.

Press Release

For Immediate Release

The following statement was released by Joe Murray the US Convener of the
Rainbow Sash Movement concerning Pope John Paul II homophobic attacks.

The Pope has every right to promote the Teachings of the Roman Catholic
Church, however in the Roman Catholic Church we have a hierarchy of truth
that is based on the two great commandments that Christ gave his Church,
love of God, and love of neighbor as yourself. What the Pope and US Catholic
bishops have been engaging in is a public display of homophobia and
scap-goating. Both are yet another disservice to People of God.

Why has the Pope placed so much importance on the issue of Gay Marriage,
while the real issue in the Roman Catholic Church is the clergy sexual abuse
scandal, and his lack of leadership in dealing with this issue? The real
issue is reform within the Church. The US Roman Catholic bishops did a
"shameful" job of dealing with the crisis of sex abuse by priests -
protecting the abusers while treating victims with hostility, a new report
says. This conclusion came in a sharply critical report released by a board
of prominent lay Catholics, who found that "these leadership failings have
been shameful to the Church as both a central institution in the lives of
the faithful and a moral force in the secular world."

The Pope has yet to remove those Bishops responsible for this shameful
scandal. Reasonable people can conclude that the Pope and his world wide
Bishops are engaging in an act of scapegoating the international gay and
lesbian community, so as not deal with the real scandal.

I would remind the Pope that it is under his watch most of these Bishops
were appointed. If promoting the Teaching of the Church requires you to
engage in homophobic attacks on a peaceful a community, than I would call
that teaching and/or your motivations into question. Clearly reform is
needed in the Universal Roman Catholic Church and the Rainbow Sash Movement
is calling on Pope John Paul II to convene a Vatican III council so the
issue of reform can be addressed by the Church highest authority, the Pope
in conjunction with his bishops in council. Only by doing this can the Pope
and his bishop's world wide hope to regain the trust of the People of God
that they have squandered because of fear of scandal?

Finally, by orchestrating a world wide campaign against the gay and lesbian
international community the Pope and his bishops only show an abuse of
authority in the name of God, and only calls into question the motivations
for these attacks. During this season of Lent we call the Pope and his
bishops to accept full responsibility for the shameful scandal they are in
part responsible for within the Church, and be faithful to the Gospel of

To find out more about the Rainbow Sash Movement please visit our web site
at www.rainbowsashmovement.org.


Joe Murray

US Convener

Rainbow Sash Movement


Contact: Diane Blackman
D.L. Blackman & Co.


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Contact: Jeffrey S. Garber, President
OpusComm Group, Inc.
(315) 637-2018

National Gay Poll Reveals 2004 Presidential Choice

56% of respondents would vote for John Kerry for President
92% say gay rights issues are on their voting minds - even above the economy
79% of gays state that legalization of same-sex marriage is #1 concern
95% of gays are registered to vote

Syracuse, New York - February 27, 2004 - If the presidential election were
held today, John Kerry overwhelming would be the 2004 presidential choice of
the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered (GLBT) community, according to
a new national poll conducted last week on the heals of Howard Dean's
withdrawal from the presidential race.

GLCensus Partners (a Syracuse University, OpusComm Group partnership)
conducted the poll of 2,058 GLBT respondents online from February 20 through
February 23. The research group maintains one of the nation's largest GLBT
national research panels.

Polled questions:

- Q1: If the 2004 presidential election were held today, for whom would you
- Q2: In national elections for offices such as President and U.S. Congress,
what issues, problems or concerns are the most important to you personally
in deciding whether and how to vote?
- Q3: There are a number of important issues that the national gay rights
movement has emphasized. Of the issues listed below what is the importance
of each goal as it relates in your decision when voting for a President in
the upcoming 2004 election?
- Q4: Compared to other issues, how important are issues involving GLBT
rights to you in deciding whether and how to vote?

Full Press Release and Report of Poll findings can be found at:

For further information and to review a full summary of the February 2004
GLBT political poll, contact Jeffrey Garber, president of OpusComm Group at
jeff@opuscommgroup.com (315) 637-2018 or visit www.glcensus.org.


GLCensus Partner (www.glcensus.org) Study - A Syracuse University and
OpusComm Group research partnership

GLCensus Partners (www.glcensus.org)- The world leader in GLBT consumer
research, includes:

- The S.I. Newhouse School at Syracuse University (www.syracuse.edu) - One
of the world's leading academic and research institutions in the field of

- OpusComm Group (www.opuscommgroup.com) - Innovative Advertising,
Marketing, Communication, Research and Public Relations experts on the
Gay/Lesbian market.

Media Contacts: Phil Lobel/Christopher Kingry
Add'l media info and hi res photos at: www.lobelinepr.com/wp2004


PALM SPRINGS, CA -- White Party Palm Springs celebrates its fifteenth year
as the crown jewel of the gay party circuit on Easter Weekend, April 8 -12,
2004 in the gorgeous desert setting of Palm Springs, California. White
Party creator, Jeffrey Sanker has once again assembled an amazing array of
non-stop events, to amuse and delight the thousands of beautiful men that
converge on the desert for the weekend every year.

"Over the past fifteen years, the city of Palm Springs has graciously
welcomed White Party, which is one of the main reasons it has been so
successful and continued to grow," said White Party Producer, Jeffrey
Sanker. "I look forward to the next fifteen years and beyond with White
Party Palm Springs."

"Palm Springs is known for our celebration of diversity, therefore once
again, we are proud to welcome Jeffrey Sanker and his annual White Party,
said Palm Springs Mayor Ron Oden. "After fifteen years of continued growth
and worldwide visibility, the week has become a valuable signature event for
our city and the local economy."

A ribbon cutting ceremony with Mayor Oden at the newly renamed White Party
Park will take place on Thursday, April 8 at 2pm. The park is located
adjacent to the former Marquis Hotel. At that time, the City of Palm
Springs will be giving Jeffrey a proclamation celebrating the 15th
Anniversary of White Party.

Tickets and passes for WHITE PARTY FIFTEEN are now on sale at
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must be age 21 or over.

Three-day weekend passes are $200 before Feb. 15 and $240 after, and include
entry to Dungeons and Drag Queens on Friday, White Party Fifteen on
Saturday, the Sunset T-Dance on Sunday, plus complimentary admission to
Friday afterhours.

Titanium VIP passes are $400 before Feb 15 $450 after, and includes entry to
all six WP 2004 events, Sat. and Sun pool parties, VIP express entry and
lounge access at the three main events. The VIP lounge offers complimentary

Individual tickets for WHITE PARTY FIFTEEN (Sat. April 9 only) are also
available for $100.

Host hotels for White Party 2004 include: Wyndham Palm Springs - the
official welcome center 760-322-6000; Palm Springs Hilton 760-320-6868;
Marriott Courtyard 760-322-6100; Palm Mountain Resort 760-325-1301;
Caliente Tropics 866-HOT-9595; and the Palm Springs Travelodge
760-327-1211. Mention White Party 2004 for special discount reservations.

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Jeffrey Sanker presents WHITE PARTY FIFTEEN - page two

UNITED AIRLINES and AMERICA WEST AIRLINES are the preferred carriers for
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For more details about White Party Palm Springs 2004, visit
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Every afternoon throughout the weekend, don't miss the spectacular,
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sets, all afternoon on Saturday and Sunday along with special performances
on stage..and off! Don't forget to vote for your favorite poolside DJ.
The winner will get to spin at their very own event at White Party 2005!


Dungeons and Drag Queens
DJ Manny Lehman
Wyndham Ballroom 9pm-6am

Feeling naughty lately? Have the urge to be a little mischievous? Do you
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pleasure, we have you covered! Abandon all care, ye who enter here and be
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Friday Afterhours
DJ Roland Belmares
Club Hilton 4am-8am

Can't stop dancing? Then head next door to Club Hilton keep the party
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turns up the heat at this all new location where you will experience the
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for White Party patrons! So step inside and let the sexy, energizing sounds
of DJ Roland Belmares take you through until dawn.

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Jeffrey Sanker presents WHITE PARTY FIFTEEN - page three


White Party XV
DJ Tony Moran
Palm Springs Convention Center

Enter a white luminous castle filled with enchanting hot men! Lose yourself
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Climax After Hours
DJ Abel
Wyndham Ballroom

Are you ready and willing for DJ Abel? After the bliss of White Party XV, be
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Rio Carnival Sunset T Dance
DJ Kimberly S.
White Party Park

Your favorite T Dance is back. . .Rio style!
Is it your fantasy to go to Rio for Carnival? This year Jeffrey Sanker
brings Rio to you! All the color, spice and sensuality that is Rio will be
here along with your favorite elements from last year's T Dance, including
the legendary Ferris Wheel and spectacular fireworks. You will be
introduced to new, distinctly Brazilian flavored ingredients that will spice
up this classic event and will keep your hips moving until the sun sets
behind the majestic purple mountains of Palm Springs. The Mistress of
Carnival, sexy DJ Kimberly S. promises to turn up the heat and light a fire
under your feet on this enticing trip to the exotic city of Rio de Janeiro!

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Jeffrey Sanker presents WHITE PARTY FIFTEEN - page four

SUNDAY (continued)

Closing Party
DJ Talla (Opening)
DJ Brett Henrichsen (Closing)
Wyndham Ballroom

The fiery flavor of Rio continues at the Closing Party as LA's own sexy
Brazilian, DJ Talla, takes over where our Mistress of Carnival, Kimberly S.
left off. DJ Talla's sensual beats will whip you into a frenzy of
anticipation for Los Angeles favorite Masterbeat DJ Brett Henrichsen. Back
from his world tour and ready to bring down the house Brett will close the
curtain on the most amazing weekend of the year with his upbeat style of
high energy favorites! Revel in his music, lose yourself in the lights and
energize yourself with the high octane sound system. This is your last
chance to let loose, so keep on dancing until dawn at the final event of
White Party 2004!


Superstar DJ Talent Search
@ the World Famous Pool Parties at the Wyndham Hotel
Saturday, April 10 & Sunday, April 11

You've been asking for it. . .here it is. . .your chance to give your
favorite DJ a chance to rise to the top of the circuit! For the first time
ever at a major event, Jeffrey Sanker invites you to place your vote and
help create the next superstar DJ! Two days of dueling DJ's will showcase
the brightest up-and-coming talent at the Wyndham Hotel pool.

Additional schedule information and event details will be announced as they
are confirmed. Visit www.jeffreysanker.com for more information.

With his award-winning company, JS ENTERPRISES, Jeffrey Sanker is known
throughout the global gay community as a producer of world-class special
events and event weekends including: "White Party Palm Springs:" "Miami
Millennium" and "MasterBeat Millennium" (PS); "White Dreams" (during Miami's
White Party Week); and "One Mighty Party," newly reinvented for 2004 as
"Hollywood: The Party" (at Disney's MGM Studios during Gay Days). Sanker
also regularly produces international events in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and
Ibiza, Spain.

# # #

Contact: Dylan Rosser
+44 (0) 7801268844


March sees the first solo exhibition by London-based photographer, Dylan
Rosser, at Kudos London (10 Adelaide Street, London, WC2, United Kingdom).
The exhibition coincides with the launch of his website which features some
stunning and original male nude photography including the series to be
exhibited, titled "Contact". This, his most recent work, hones in on the
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last year.

Not so much interested in the techniques of wrestling, Dylan focuses instead
on the erotically beautiful forms and shapes born out of such a physical
sport. Framed close up, sensual shapes and rich colours emerge as the models
struggle against - and sometimes give in to - each other.

"It was embarrassing at the start. When you`re suddenly completely naked
with a cute guy, in full lighting, with a camera pointed at you!" says Dan,
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giggles. It`s hard to keep a straight face when someone`s ass is right in
front of it. I`m glad we got on really well!"

Jonesey, the other model, enjoyed the naked challenge of Dylan's artistic
project just as much. "I was really looking forward to the shoot. I had seen
the other model and thought ..phwoarrr!!!" he says.

Dylan started out taking photos for gaydar profiles in 2000 and then helped
add to the portfolios of various escorts and models around London. It was
only recently that he started working on personal projects and experimenting
with digital technique.

He presents his male nudes as strong, beautiful and idealized subjects.
Using colour wherever possible, he creates moody studies of the male

You can see more of the artist's work on his website: www.dylanrosser.com

NOTE: Images can be downloaded from www.dylanrosser.com/download
These images may only be used to promote the photographer's website or
Please contact Dylan Rosser at mail@dylanrosser.com if you are interested in
obtaining high resolution images of any other work on his site.



The Following Statement was released today (2/20/04) by Joe Murray, US
Convener of the Rainbow Sash Movement.

The National Catholic Reporter (NCR) endorsed the Massachusetts High Court
decision on gay marriage on its editorial page Thursday, calling it "a
beneficial step along the path of human understanding and human rights." The
National Catholic Reporter, a well-known liberal publication often at odds
with Church leaders, said that civil, state-sanctioned gay marriages would
have no effect on church marriages or other religious traditions.

The NCR further states "It should be noted here that advocating for civil
marriage for gays and lesbians is not meant to seem a cavalier defiance of
church teaching," the editorial reads. "The two, for purposes of the current
debate, should be separate."

Boston Archbishop Sean O'Malley has been working to rally Catholics against
a November high court decision, which legalized gay marriage, and in favor
of a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between one man
and one woman.

The Rainbow Sash Movement is certainly encouraged by the NCR's stand.
However, the Church has done, and continues to do great harm to members of
the gay and lesbian community, in ways that are mean spirited, certainly
out of step with Gospel Values, and sound pastoral practices. There is a
lot of work to be done to build up the house of God in the Gay and Lesbian
Community. For our part I have asked, Charles Mudge, our Rochester, NY
convener to head up Committee to outreach to other lay lead Catholic
Organizations, to encourage them to also speak out on gay and lesbian social
justice issues. Our Peace and Justice organizations in each Diocese and
Archdiocese should be standing shoulder to shoulder with those who seek
social justice for gay and lesbians.

The secondary purpose of this committee will be to lobby the National
Council of Catholic Bishops to hold a listening session at its next meeting
in the fall, in Washington, DC. We call on those bishops who say they
support us, now is the time to speak out loudly for compassionate justice.
If the US Bishops wish to regain their moral leadership, than they should
follow Christ's lead, and speak out for love, justice, and hope in ways that
include gay and lesbians.

I invite the NCR and any other Catholic organization to join us in the work
of building God's House in the gay and lesbian community. Words must be
followed by action, it is time for our Catholic Clergy to follow the lead of
their brothers priests in the Archdiocese of Chicago, and the Diocese of
Rochester and speak out courageously for compassionate justice for gays and
lesbians. They can no longer absence themselves from this issue.

For further information please visit our web page at
www.rainbowsashmovement.org, or email us at RSM@RainbowSashMovement.org


Contact Person:

Joe Murray
US Convener
Rainbow Sash Movement

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Freedom to Marry

About two dozen cities around the country are participating in Freedom to
Marry Week activities, Feb. 9-15, with most cities doing civil rights-style
rallies on Saturday, February, 14th. The leadership of this national effort
is the Metropolitan Community Church.

A MCC Coalition has decided Chicago's protest will take place in front of
Cardinal Francis George's residence on North Avenue and State Parkway at 12
noon, on February, 14th. We are deeply concerned, that to best of our
knowledge, the local MCC coalition has not outreached to any Gay and Lesbian
National/Local parish based Catholic Organization prior to making a decision
that affects the Catholic Gay and Lesbian Community of Chicago. According to
the MCC Chicago Based Coalition George has positioned himself as Illinois'
foremost opponent of LGBT rights, not only taking a leading hand in nixing
the statewide equal rights bill, SB101, during the last legislative session,
but making himself nationally known as an opponent of equal marriage rights
for same sex couples.

The Rainbow Sash Movement is concerned about this because by demonizing an
individual Cardinal, the issue of Gay and Lesbian Marriage will not be the
primary issue. This issue should not descend into personal attacks. This
distracts from the debate about gay and lesbian marriage. By attempting to
demonize Cardinal George the organizers could be perceived as playing the
anti Catholic card.

An additional concern is that the organizers of this event, are seeking to
attack the Cardinal for his perceived homophobic position, through tactics
that could be interrupted as anti Catholic. As gay and Lesbian Catholics we
feel that respectful dialogue is a formula for change, both inside and
outside the Church. While this process takes time, as most consensus
processes do, patience is not only called for but necessary to bring about a
change of heart. We must learn to disagree without being disagreeable.

We hope that when the organizers protest outside the Cardinal's residence
they will be respectful of not only Chicago's Gay and Lesbian parish based
Catholic Community, but; additionally, of those straight Catholics who also
support our movement for equality.

For further information about the Rainbow Sash Movement please visit our web
site at www.rainbowsashmovement.org

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Gay Catholics Vs the Massachusetts Bishops

Massachusetts has become the epicenter of the Gay Marriage debate in the
US. The Massachusetts Bishops are taking their fight against same sex
marriage directly to Catholic Parishioners throughout the state, with a
direct mail campaign to nearly one million families. They have sent a
four-page flier to Catholic households asking them to lobby for a proposed
amendment to the state Constitution that would ban same-sex marriages. This
past November, the state's Supreme Judicial Court ruled that it was
unconstitutional to bar gay couples from civil marriage and gave the
Legislature until May17, 2004 to rewrite the state marriage laws to provide
benefits for gay couples. Our call to the Catholic Bishops has been
consistent, for them to honor their own words in action.

In response to the Bishops four page flyer, Joe Murray, US Convener of the
Rainbow Sash Movement in a letter to each of the bishops, asked them to
tone down their homophobic attacks on the gay and lesbian Community. "The
pejorative tone used in this effort calls for a response from the Rainbow
Sash Movement.You say this is not about civil rights; rather it is about
protecting the family. How can you protect families on one hand, and on the
other deny gay and lesbian families their rights? Your rational may have
had some integrity to it, if you had said you were out to protect
heterosexual marriage, and heterosexual families. However to use the
inclusive term families is disingenuous, and misleading." Murray further
asked "How can we trust your moral judgment when you see all gay and
lesbian couples as perverted?" 

Murray further stated "at the end of the U.S. Bishops' pastoral letter
"Always Our Children," you state:

To our homosexual brothers and sisters we offer a concluding word. This
message has been an outstretched hand to your parent and families inviting
them to accept God's grace present in their lives.

Dated: January 6, 2004
For Immediate Release

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treatment; others offer a more sensual massage for
pleasure, or affectionate therapy for emotional
healing. Some even offer an interesting blend of
mainstream massage therapies along with sensuality and
alternative healing methods.

The website features reviews from clients, as well as
ratings and reviews from the website team. By looking
at their own description, along with the reviews
provided by others who have already enjoyed their
services, potential clients can determine who has the
right traits that they're looking for. Playful,
passionate, affectionate, patient, mild or wild,
soothing or intense-MassageM4M features masseurs right
for every style and preference-and always with an
attitude of cordiality and nonjudgment.

Douglas, a Blue Ribbon Select Masseur in Los Angeles,
sets himself apart by giving a very professional,
legitimate massage with elements of eroticism, and his
specialty, energy healing. He credits MassageM4M with
attracting more clients than he can handle. Of course,
when it comes to appealing to the mostly gay male
visitors of MassageM4M, it doesn't hurt that Douglas
has the attractive look of the college athlete next
door, and after adding several photos to his listing,
he saw his clientele increase so much that now he says
he doesn't advertise anywhere else!

As reported in his client review, Douglas' clients
certainly appreciate his methods. One of his
customers, a 45-year-old engineer who travels
frequently, reports, "I get frequent massages to
release the tension from long airplane flights and the
cramped spaces they call seats these days." He
describes Douglas' sessions as "absolutely fabulous.
The best. Great technique, very intuitive, highly
professional and VERY LEGITIMATE massage by a personal
who puts 150% of himself into making sure it is the
best massage you've had." Another of his customers
logged, "This was a legit massage with a sensual vibe
from beginning to end. The BEST!"

It's no wonder the website is a huge success. Like
many websites that rely on delivering a skillfully
developed presentation, MassageM4M.com was developed
by Los Angeles based computer and media experts who
used database and design skills developed while
working for TV and film companies such as Disney and
Universal. They have put their 10 years of online
experience creating a group of websites that target
the adult male business, including the 90,000-member
Guystats.com. The site also gives a very interactive
tool-set of administration features for masseurs to
track usage, as wells as contact and market to
potential clients.

For a complimentary massage therapy session for your
press review, please contact marketing@massagem4m.com


Corey Chambers,
Executive Producer,
Village TV
1308 Factory Pl., Suite 402
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Dean is the choice for GLBT people
By Donna Red Wing

As a long-time grassroots activist in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and
rights movement, first in Oregon and then with Gay & Lesbian Alliance
Defamation, the Human Rights Campaign and the Gill Foundation, I have always
worked to ensure that politicians listen to the concerns of real people,
especially in those communities often forgotten when policy decisions are

Rarely have I seen a candidate I can respect as much as Howard Dean. I think
that Howard Dean is a refreshing addition to the national political
I am moved by his work for the rights of GLBT people. As Governor of
Howard Dean put his political life (and more) on the line by signing the
civil union legislation in the nation. At the time, only 35% of his
constituency supported the bill. He was targeted by threats of violence and
required to wear a bulletproof vest as he traveled his state, meeting
face-to-face with the people who opposed civil unions. He had the courage
the integrity to make sure that civil unions became a reality in Vermont
because he believed it was absolutely the right thing to do.

Other candidates talk about gay rights. Howard Dean has fought for and
on them.

I care about the safety and welfare of children. So does Howard Dean. As
governor, he made sure that virtually every child in Vermont has health-care
coverage. Governor Dean also introduced innovative and common sense
such as "Success by Six," under which every new parent has the option of
receiving a visit from a member of their community who can connect them with
the resources they need to be a more effective parent. Because of this
and others, the rate of child abuse dropped by almost 50 percent, and sexual
abuse of kids under six is down 70 percent.

He balanced the budget, preserved natural resources, and guaranteed equal
to every citizen of Vermont. And most importantly, Howard Dean spoke out
forcefully against the Bush Administration's foreign and military policies
before other Democrats found their voice on these fundamental questions. I
that courageous integrity!

Dean's commitment to community is at the center of his policies. Success by
for example, is just an application of the principle that neighbors should
each other. This is politics at its most inspiring and unifying.

I see a leader who is disarmingly honest, decent and fair. He is friendly
funny. I see a leader who, because of his authenticity, resonates with
America. I see a man who could and should be president - a man who can help
take back and reinvigorate this great country.

More than 500,000 Americans are organizing locally, building the largest and
most powerful grassroots and Internet campaign in modern history. The
excitement is not only about Howard Dean; it is about his belief in us, and
ability to energize America. It is about lifting us all up, because Howard
is a leader who, through his campaign organizing, is building a national

Please join me in helping Howard Dean restore this country to a place where
we are, as gay men and lesbians, bisexual and transgender people, are
respected, included, and embraced.

Donna Red Wing is the GLBT Outreach Coordinator for the Dean for America
presidential campaign.



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