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Take the first step in letting the gay and lesbian community know about your event, product or business with GLINN Gay News Distribution. The original and only gay owned and operated news distribution service for the gay community. The big names trying for the gay buck charge ten times as much and give you a fraction of the service. Call it a gay news release, a gay press release, or gay public relations, this is the place to start your gay advertising and promotional campaign. Nobody has as much experience as GLINN in gay business promotion. Nobody else has a deal this good or has been doing it as long as we have; now over 21 years.

For a fee of $35.00 (unchanged forever) GLINN will take your news release and distribute it by email to all the publications listed in our database that have email addresses. PLUS, it will be included in our GLINN Gay News RSS/XML News feed which is displayed on over 50 gay web sites and viewed by over 5,000 people a month.

Take a look at our 2016-2014 Web Stats directly from our web server. Over 2.5 MILLION page views in 2016.

Our news distribution email list includes between 250 and 300 live addresses. This is an automated list and people can add and remove themselves easily. The majority of these are LGBT publications which are included in the list from our databases and other sources, plus web news sites, p.r. agencies, television and radio programs, freelance writers, LGBT organizations, and others who have specifically signed up for this double opt-in list. Subscribers can easily unsubscribe at any time. A subscriber list is not available and the list is not for sale.

Our fee is hundreds of dollars less than other commercial services, plus we have many benefits over other news services, to say nothing of doing this for over 21 years and supporting our community.

GayData News Feed

All news releases submitted with our distribution service, plus other releases selected by the editor from time to time, are included in our RSS/XML news feed that currently appears on over 50 GLBT websites. Numerous individuals have chosen our news feed to place on their personal home pages and it is listed with all news feed directories. Webmasters are invited to place our RSS feed on their sites. GLINN offers the only gay xml news feed that includes photographs. We also have a feed on Twitter that people can sign up for on the main page.

FREE Photo Gallery

Our site has a free photo gallery which also lets visitors send out the images as electronic postcards. See the link at the top of the main page. You can use this to further promote your product, event or cause. You are welcome to use the photo gallery even if you do not use Gaydata to distribute your news release. Please use the PROMO category if you are not using the GLINN News Distribution Service.

Upload your photos and you can give them captions and other information. Include an URL to your site. Upload interesting pictures and people will send them around the world, if they have a community purpose, and they will be sent around the world even if they have a commercial purpose.

Make Your News Release Stand Out

We already will include a link to photos in your news release (in the email distribution), will host photos on our site and have them display within your news release when someone clicks on it from the link embedded in our news feed. This is included in our basic price.

We don't stop there! You can make your news release stand out in our news distribution feed. We can have a photograph display right next to your news release within our news distribution feed on every website that is carrying it. The image should be suitable and useful for display at 300x300 (approx.) pixels on the web page and 144x144 pixels (Maximum) or 120x120 (Recommended) for the news feed itself. You can send us a larger image, but it will be reduced to these sizes. It can be slightly smaller in either dimension.

This optional feature is available for only $10.00. This is available on the payment page, simply add it to the shopping cart.

Sign Up for the List

If you want to receive a copy of your news release when it is sent out, please sign up for the news distribution mailing list on the main page. We do not send out a separate notice when your news release is distributed. You will also be able to see it in the GLINN News Feed on our sites and others.

Submissions & Format

The required submission method is email. Simply include your news release in the body of an email message. Do NOT submit the news release using a word processing document or by attachment. Do NOT include HTML code in the text version of the news release other than hypertext links to web sites, photographs or other documents hosted by you or by us, or email addresses. We recommend you include contact information, including your email address at the top of the release.

You may also submit your news release in HTML format in ADDITION to the text format. Subcribers to our news distribution have the option of choosing the text version or the HTML version. If there is no HTML version all subscribers get the TEXT version. The HTML version can NOT be an email message. The message displays as HTML but there is no effective way to capture the code. You must send the HTML as an attachment to the text version of the news release and it must contain all the HTML code. Including the HTML version is optional.

Most importantly, if you want your news release to have any chance of being used in a publication, it must be in plain text so that a publication can easily copy and paste it into whatever publishing program they use. Web sites will do the same and will add their own html code to conform to the look and feel of their site.

If you want to distribute a document and the actual look of the document is important, such as a chart, it should be distributed in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat). The document or file should be hyperlinked within the news release. If you do not have a server to put the document on, it can be stored and accessed on our server for one month from the date of the release. However, do not send us a news release as a PDF file. We can not and will not use it.

Photograph Guidelines: On your computer you can call your images anything you like, but when you send them to us, please use common sense short file names. Do not use spaces, special characters or upper case characters. All our file names are lower case. Upper and lower case are two different things to a Linux/Unix web server.

Save Yourself Work and Hassle

For this small fee we take care of everything, saving you the hassle of putting together your own email lists, sending out the email and dealing with any remove messages, bounced messages or other complaints.

If you are using a big commercial service for emailing your release, you really should use GLINN as well. We cover many more gay publications, not just the big ones. We include many other outlets and individuals who have signed up for our list. The more expensive commercial news wires do not. Publications are used to getting more than one copy of a release, and there will not be enough duplication to cause any problems.

We send your news release in a professional manner, each one is individually addressed. There are no carbon copy lists or other attributes of a personal mailing. We use a professional commercial mailing service utilized by many Fortune 500 corporations. There are no advertisements attached to your news release which you will find on many services handling mailing lists. (There is a small two line statement indicating the source of the email and it includes an "Unsubscribe" link.)

GayData receives updates directly from gay publications so we will have more current information than any other source. Many ISP's have very restrictive rules on the number of people the same message can be sent to, especially when they have not requested to get email from you. Why risk lossing your dialup account, DSL or cable account or dealing with the other headaches?

Read Previous News Releases

Some of the news releases that GLINN has sent out over the last 5 years are available for viewing on the NEWS RELEASES Current News page. There are links at the top of the that page and this page to the various archive pages. GLINN's GayData News Distribution Service is used to send out a variety of news releases of importance to the GLBT community. We typically only send one or two news releases per week and do not send out "junk" releases, thus publications are generally happy to receive our news items and look upon them favorably.

Photograph Distribution Addition

Publications and web sites are always looking for interesting photographs, especially at no charge. Including a photograph with your news release will likely increase your chances of being published in one form or another. It will also greatly increase the chance of web sites posting your news release and/or photos. We provide a web site directory to store your photographs for a indefinite period (1 year or more) and provide download links in your news release. The photograph(s) is not directly distributed with the news release as many recipients would not appreciate that. An active link in the news release though makes the photo immediately available. Most browsers will block the photo(s), giving the user the option of clicking on a browser message bar that will then display the photos within the email.

You are free to include a hypertext link to any photographs on your own server. You may also send us the photographs in 72 dpi format (for online use) we will host them on our server at no additional charge. Your news release will remain on our site indefinitely. The standard news release distribution includes one photograph, although additional photos and other options are available on the payment page.

GLINN's XML Gay News Feed has a link from the summary in the feed to each full article on our website. The article displays with any photographs that you have provided. Publications and others can easily save these photographs.

Method of Payment

Online payment can be made by PayPal, any major credit card or eCheck. (You can also mail in payment but this option is not encouraged.) Click the link below to make payment and for further instructions on submitting your priority news release. Payment processing through PayPal. You do not need to have an account on PayPal and you can make a one time payment without signing up for PayPal.

Click to use PayPal Payment.

If you have not used PayPal before, it is easy to sign up and it is the best way to make payments on the internet. However, you can use any major credit card without actually signing up for PayPal. The payment confirmation page will provide the email address to which you should email the news release.

If you desire to mail in payment in the form of a check or money order, email us the news release and let us know how and when payment will arrive. You can also pay with an electronic check through PayPal. If you have questions call our office at 305-897-2593. If you are paying by mailing a check or money order, payment must be received before the distribution. We do not have open accounts and do not bill.

If you have any questions, please use the Comment Form. The comment form is in a secure area due to spamming.

Send email directly to info@gaydata.com

or give us a call at 305-897-2593 or 305-394-3439

GLINN and Blue Planet Toll Free: 1-800-518-1206

Why Use GLINN?

GLINN and Gaydata.com have been serving the GLBT community on the internet for over 15 years. However, we have been around for 20 years providing news services, first in 1987 with a direct dial bulletin board system and in 1989 with a free community voice mail system. For many years we provided production services to gay/lesbian publications in Wisconsin including the Wisconsin Light and In Step Magazine.

Beyond being the original email LGBT news distribution service; GLINN Media Corporation is the parent of the Gay/Lesbian International News Network (gaydata.com) one of the original gay news sites on the Internet and started off in 1987 on a direct-dial computer bulletin board system. We have a long history of service to the gay community, beginning in 1986 providing photo-typesetting services to Wisconsin's gay publications, non-profit organizations and providing a free community voice mail information line.

We were the parent of GLINN Network One, America's Gay Owned and Operated Internet Service Provider (www.gn1.net) for two years. We were the first national ISP for the LGBT community. (GLINN Network One sold it's national dialup business in Oct. 1999). GLINN also had the largest gay presence on the Internet (i.e. number of sites and pages) with over 15 GLBT web sites, including this one offering a range of free community resources together with consumer services such as shopping and various business-to-business services.

In September 2001, GLINN moved its offices from Milwaukee, WI to Key West, FL. Our new location is more suited to the nature of our business and offers opportunities for future planned business operations. GLINN Media Corporation now is a division of Blue Planet Offices, Inc., a Florida corporation. Dan Schramm, the founder of GLINN, continues as president/CEO.

We are the only gay news distribution service, and the only commercial service at $35.00 for many years. Plus nobody else provides the extra features we do at any price.


GLINN Media Corporation
A Division of Blue Planet Offices, Inc.
1107 Key Plaza, #306
Key West, FL 33040-4077

Office: 305-897-2593
Dan F. Schramm Mobile 305-394-3439
(Blue Planet uses the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active)
Toll Free: 1-800-518-1206

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