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One time payment of $35.00 for One News Distribution. (Other options are available.) Payment is made to Blue Planet Offices, Inc., the parent corporation of GLINN Media Corporation. You are paying for one news distribution. This does not renew. You will only be billed once.

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GLINN Gay News Distribution-

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GLINN Gay News Distribution-
XML Embedded Photo

Embedded Photograph $10.00. Your photograph 100x100 pixels will be embedded right in our news feed next to your news release displaying on the more than 250 web sites that display our GLINN Gay News Distribution feed.

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Embed Your Web Page
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Small $5.00
or Large $10.00

When anyone clicks on your headline in the news feed they are taken to the page containing your news release on our site. All advertisers are competing for the public's attention and time, to say nothing of all the other distractions. This gets you noticed. This option embeds the web page from your site of your choice at the top of your news release. There is an option of SMALL 200x300 pixel or LARGE 200x900 pixel window. This is a live display of your home page or any page that you want. Display a gallery of photos, video or sound links or whatever you want. Read the HELP for more information and samples.

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GLINN Gay News Distribution-
Additional Photos
$2.00 each.

One photograph is included in the news distribution fee. If you would like to have additional photographs within the body of your news release, there is a small additional charge of $2.00 per photo.

Number of Photographs in Article Body
Photo for XML Feed:
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GLINN Gay News Distribution-
$2.00 each.

One live link is included within each news release. This means you can have a live link to your website at no additional charge. This way a viewer can simply click on the link to go to your site rather than having to copy and paste the link from the news release into their browser. Additional live links are available at $2.00 each.
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After payment, please send your news release to: dan@blueplanetoffices.com

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