Help - Added Photos

One photograph in the body of the news release is included free.

We originally allowed three photos in the body of the news release at no additonal charge.

This policy has been changed to one free photo. Many people do not read the instructions and we must resize and rename the photos submitted. We also have to type the html code into the news release. Rather than raising our price for everyone, we are simply adding a small incremental charge for additional photos added to the news release. This way is much more fair and the low fee is not a burden.

If you are sending us more than one photograph, we need to know which one of the photos you want to use as the news feed embedded photo, IF you have chosen that option. If you have added the $10 embedded photo to the shopping cart, use the box to enter the file name of the photo we should use.

Your full article with photo(s) is posted on our site and listed on the article index. Your article is included in our XML/RSS news feeds seen by many thousands of people each week. Viewers can click on the headline of your article in our news feed and the full article is displayed along with any photographs that are in the body of it.

Your photograph will be displayed a normal size on the web page itself. Photos should be 72 dpi. If you send a photo with a higher resolution we will reduce it to 72 dpi for web display. Photographs in your news article will be displayed at an appropriate size, but generally about 4 inches across. Text will wrap around the image.

Again, thank you for your order at GayData.Com.

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