One active/live link in the body of the news release is included free. Customers generally want the links in their news release to be live and clickable.

We originally didn't even pay much attention to links. If there was a link in the news release it was not live. Viewers would have to copy and paste it into their browser window. People do send us emails with active or live links in the news release but there is no practical way to use those. We copy and paste the text into a HTML document. For many years the email distribution was text only and there is no way to have a live link in a text email. Over the last couple of years, however, we have sent out HTML and plain text emails based on the user's preference when they signed up for the list.

This is not a problem for every viewer. Sometimes the web browser or email reader will recognize the text as a link and automatically make it live. Of course, it is far better to make it a live active link in the first place.

Many news releases include only one link and one link will now be live so that a viewer can simply click on it to go to your website. We have to put this code into the page by hand. Our policy is now that we will include one live/active link in the news release. This is on the site and also in the HTML version of the email sent out.

We have gotten news releases with as many as 10 links in them. Rather than raising the general price and making everyone pay more, we are now offering the option for advertisers to have additional live links in their news releases. These links are priced at $2.00 each, which we feel is very reasonable and yet helps to pay for the time it takes to type all the code into the release.

Again, thank you for your order at GayData.Com.

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