Help - Article Headline

When you submit your article it should have a headline. That is what you type into the box here. If the headline is long, just type the first 3 to 6 words of it. This is primarily so we can easily connect your PayPal payment to the news article you will shortly email to us.

The headline is what leads the article in the email distribution and is also the "Subject" of the email. The headline is also used for your article in the xml news feed.

It should tell people what the story is about and entice them into reading it. And it should make sense to the audience, not just to you. You want people to read your news story when it is emailed to them, and you want people seeing it in the news feed to click on it to read the full article on our site and see any photographs you have submitted with it.

Customers actually send us news releases without headlines, so please be sure to check your news release before emailing it to us.

Again, thank you for your order at GayData.Com.

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