We all have too many demands on our time and too many thinks vying for our attention. We all want immediate gratification and we are all just a little bit lazy. You know what I mean. Thus, GLINN Gay News Distribution has a simple but clever idea to help get you even more attention.

We will add a small frame to the top of the page on your news release that will DISPLAY your web site (the page of your choice) in a small frame. It is called an "iFrame." An example is shown below. You can simply have it display your logo, a photograph, or an entire page of photographs. You could put a video or sound link with graphics into it too. You can have a choice of sizes too.

You get to show off your site and images and capture the viewers attention right away. You don't have to rely on the person reading your article and then deciding to click on your link to visit your page. They can certainly do that, but most people will not, so this gives you a great way to make an immediate impression and make your news release even more helpful.

SMALL- 200 Pixels High and 300 Pixels Wide

LARGE- 200 Pixels High and 900 Pixels Wide

Again, thank you for your order at GayData.Com.

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