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"The Diary Of A Movie Greaser" Supports Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre

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CHERRYVALE, KS - 6/26/17 The recently released book by San Moran, "The Diary Of A Movie Greaser: Remembering Grease From Start To Finish" about the making of the movie musical Grease in 1977 from a nearly 40 year old diary, has taken on new meaning. Beginning immediately, 50% of the proceeds from the sales of the book will go to the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre.

The book details how friends pushed him to go to the New York casting call and reveals the never before told "bare-all" story of his audition. Luckily matched up with a firebrand dancer, the pair were cast and they moved to Hollywood. The author's break as an actor/singer/dancer placed under contract as the character "Moose" for the entire production schedule for Paramount's musical movie Grease went on to shape his entire career.

San Moran's writing is peppered with colorful personal anecdotes, behind the scenes stories, and fond memories of celebrities, many no longer with us. It begins just before his New York audition and concludes following the film's lavish Hollywood premiere, Studio 54 party, and home town promotional appearances a year later. The Diary Of A Movie Greaser Supports Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre.

"The Diary Of A Movie Greaser" takes the reader through rehearsals, shooting of many well-known musical numbers, personal anecdotes of other cast members and production notes. The book also contains eight pages of color photos the author took during production plus additional photos throughout that give an insider's view of his experiences.

"You are more than a 'fly on the wall' as you live and breathe with Sean behind the scenes, complete with never before seen photos and hilarious anecdotes. The Diary Of A Movie Greaser offers you the ultimate insider's experience. A wop-babba-lu-mop, a-wop-bam-BOOM!" said Didi "Frenchy" Conn.

"This book by Sean Moran is so well written it allows the reader to feel and smell the sweat and heat of the dance off scene. You get to know parts from a very close up lens. Like a virtual experience. The reader becomes part of the cast and crew," said Susan "Patty Simcox" Buckner.

Tag along with Sean and the cast to Olivia Newton-John's lavish Grease wrap party as you help us support her Cancer Wellness & Research Centre. The author will inscribe a personal note of thanks for your support.

"The Diary Of A Movie Greaser" is a straightforward, non-embellished look back in time. Along the way, Sean's production notes that give a seldom-seen view of what it's like making movie history. So, turn back the clock to 1977 and come along and live it with Sean Moran as he remembers Grease from start to finish.

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Title: The Diary Of A Movie Greaser
ISBN: 978-0-9979411-0-4
Retail Price: $14.95
Available direct from: http://MovieGreaser.com.

For more information about the Olivia Newton-John Centre, visit http://www.onjcancercentre.org/

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