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New Gay Social Dating App Sizzel Launches In The US

Sizzel Logo Los Angeles, CA. July 28, 2016 -- Sizzel, a new social dating app aimed at a male gay audience launches in America.

After a successful preview earlier this year in Berlin, the "fetish capital of the world," Sizzel’s debut stands out among social dating apps by using color codes to pair men by their pleasures. These colors come in different flavors -- black, blue, baby blue, grey, orange, purple, red, yellow, and brown. No other social dating app on the market offers this unique color-interest feature.

Each hue signifies a different fetish, ranging from purple for body piercings, grey for bondage, light blue for oral, yellow for the occasional water play, all the way to orange where anything goes. There’s a color for every man on the app.

Sizzel expands on these interests by offering users the ability to search by options in leather, sports, denim, sneakers, and rubber gear.

The reaction to Sizzel’s use of the colors has been welcomed. "Fetish fans know colors were introduced many years ago, where gay men would wear a colored handkerchief in their back pocket to show others what they were into," says Sizzel’s creator, Naum Mileski.

Sizzel is the brainchild of Naum Mileski, a 33 year old entrepreneur from Sydney, Australia, who has worked in real estate and in the airline industry. He is an avid traveller, which let Naum see the way others expressed their fetishes in different ways. It was Naum’s fascination with these unspoken interests that inspired him to create an app that worked the way he experienced the gay communities on his travels.

Sizzel on the Phone When you sign up for Sizzel, users can enjoy up to 60 profiles at a time, ample time to send photos and select favorites. For the more socially active, a premium membership gives you unlimited access to all profiles, full uploads of video and galleries, complete control over the fetish filter, and the ability to make your profile invisible to other users in case you’d like a bit of privacy. A premium membership invitation is $13.99 per month.

Sizzel is looking into expanding into additional regions as the app’s popularity grows. Sizzel can be downloaded onto all devices on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Find more about Sizzel on Sizzelapp.com.

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