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My Raz Front Cover by Todd PetersonFREE BOOK - Todd Peterson isn't like the other boys

I'm am Anonymously Todd Peterson and respectfully offer a free PDF copy of my new gay themed novel. Just write me.

Characterizing outsiders around the world, Todd Peterson isnít like the other boys. Ostracized and bullied by other children, and misunderstood by his family for being "different", he resorts to retreating in the shadows, dreaming about the Wizard of Oz and playing in his beloved Roller Derby. Everything changes after he becomes a victim of a hate crime in high school and decided to join a traveling carnival where he gets to see a world greater than he had ever imagined. Follow the life of a farm boy in Wisconsin and discover how he forges a future that takes him to San Francisco, amidst a burgeoning gay Mecca, where not only dreams are found Over the Rainbow, but also the one thing he thought was most elusive of all: acceptance.

Write Timothy Patten at jdcinsf@aol.com for your free copy.


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