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Gay Real Estate's 2015 Gayest US Cities

(03-29-15) -- With more states now recognizing same-sex marriages and providing more protection from discrimination, 2014 was a banner year for LGBT rights and recognition. Of course, thereís still a lot of work to do, but more and more gay and lesbian realtors are being approached by out couples than ever before. If youíre looking for a new home, here are the gayest U.S. cities for 2014. This list was created using an equation that factored in same-sex households, the number of LGBT elected officials, the number of gay events and associations, bars, and more. Even concerts by Lady Gaga were used to help determine how gay a city is!

Washington, D.C. has ranked at the top of LGBT-friendly lists for years, and itís no surprise that it ranked at the top of this one. With more than a dozen LGBT elected officials, several gay neighborhoods, and more, the city is definitely a great place for young and upcoming gays and lesbians. However, itís not a cheap place to live. Many who get jobs in the nationals capital end up living nearby and commuting.

Pasadena, California, is another city with a high ranking. The city is close enough to Los Angeles for commuting and enjoying everything the huge city has to offer, but itís far enough away that itís a little quieter. The city has a several gay bars, welcoming churches, out and proud elected officials, and even a popular lesbian book club.

Seattle, of course, is well-known for its welcoming attitude. There are many LGBT people who live in this large Washington city. Gay neighborhoods like Capitol Hill are full of great restaurants, fun clubs, and much more.

Going back to the East coast, we have Cambridge, Massachusetts. Like Pasadena, Cambridge is located close to Boston, but far enough away that it still has that quiet, small town feel. The city has been on the cutting edge of LGBT rights -- for example, transgender people have been protected from discrimination since 1997. The city also elected the first lesbian African-American mayor in the country.

Finally, the top five gayest cities in the U.S. for 2014 wraps up with Atlanta, Georgia. The city is definitely the gay capital of the south. With many gay bars and restaurants, a number of LGBT events, and the huge Atlanta Pride parade, itís no wonder many gays and lesbians in the south choose Atlanta for their home. Real estate prices are also fairly reasonable, especially in some of the older neighborhoods.

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