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J Cameron Releases New Novel 'Unzipped: Gay Ambition Driven by Sex, Money and Fame-My Story'

(03-21-13) -- Pink Ink Publishing announces the launch of a new novel by J Cameron in ebook format now available for Amazon Kindle.

Unzipped Book Cover "Unzipped: Gay Ambition Driven by Sex, Money and Fame-My Story" A small town boy and his dreams to make it big at any cost. J Cameron wrote this memoir under a pseudonym to protect the other players in the story. "It reads like a trashy gay novel, but it is my story, and it's all true," says Cameron. The book is intended for adult audiences.

Coming out is hard to do. This is an erotic gay memoir of a guy using his youth and looks to go from small town to bright lights, big city. His ambition: to make it to the top.

Jay was gay, young and beautiful. Out at fifteen, he discovers a new life. He is addicted to sex, drugs and money by sixteen. The sudden release from his small-town hell is too much for him to handle!

Pink Ink Publishing says, "It's a rollercoaster ride of sex, drugs, money and fame. It's like a train wreck you can't take your eyes off. As quickly as he rose, he came crashing down."

"Ready to take New York by storm, at any cost, you sense the craziness and endless whirlwind of the life he created. He loved all of it but it was too much for him to handle. It was like being released from jail: You step outside, and the freedom and bright lights are too much after being in the dark for so long. With unlimited access to cash, sex and drugs, Jay falls prey to all of it. Jay goes from a fulfilling his dream of fame, success and money, to the nightmare of being willing to do whatever it takes to keep it."

"It's just one chapter of my life," said the author regarding his new novel to be published by Pink Ink Publishing. Mr. Cameron is writing a second book. "It's the second chapter, the next ten years of a very crazy life trying to find himself."

Pink Ink Publishing is a new publisher specializing in gay fiction. http://pinkinkpublishing.com

Link to Amazon Kindle page: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BUZZ1U8

Media contact: info@pinkinkpublishing.com

Author: J Cameron email: jcameron@pinkinkpublishing.com


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