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How Do Porn Stars Make Bottoming Look So Easy?

For Immediate Release
Contact: Bill Arnett
November 22, 2013

New Book Exposes Shocking Ways They Perform Painful Sex Acts Without Flinching.

Summary: Through interviews with famous porn stars, directors and producers, How To Bottom Like A Porn Star: The Ultimate Guide To Gay Anal Sex (Woodpecker Media, 2013) reveals how bottoms in porn have seemingly painless sex with huge tops. Part gay porn industry exposé, part how-to guide to bottoming, book shows new and innovative methods to bottoming without pain.

How to Bottom Like a Porn Star Atlanta (11-22-13) -- What do porn star bottoms know that you don't? They perform some of the most painful sex acts ever seen without so much as blinking. How do they do it? And how can ordinary gay guys learn from them so they can do it, too?

Gay sex columnist Woody Miller teamed up with a colorectal specialist and an urologist to find out. They interviewed some of the biggest names in the gay porn industry – – performers, directors and producers to produce a book that combines porn industry secrets with innovative techniques from the latest gay male sex research.

The result is a fascinating, behind-the-scenes, no-holds-barred look into the gay porn industry and the secrets they use to get performers to bottom without pain or messy scenes. The author, along with his team, use the research as a launching point to introduce far safer and more effective ways to bottoming without pain, including “The Sexhalation Method,” which combines systematic desensitization, pattern breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and sexual imagery.

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