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Film Director Keith Holland and Screenwriter Alton Demore are Seeking Investors for LGBT Feature Film Heart Of A Woman (True Story)

heart of a woman logo(01-09-13) -- British Film Director Keith Holland and Screenwriter Alton Demore are seeking Investors for LGBT Feature Film Heart of a Woman based off Memoir I Rise by Transgender Author Toni Newman. Feature Film Heart of a Woman is a drama discussing the injustices that Transgenders face in America especially minority transgenders trying to survive and overcome obstacles faced daily. Three diverse individuals, one male, one female and one's who wrestling with the decision, are working in the sex industry to survive, while they struggle physically, emotionally and spiritually to find understanding and legitimacy in a morally corrupt world that takes no prisoners.

Heart of Woman Cast

Heart of a Woman is a SAG Film with Top Cast of Transgender Actress/Songwriter Angelica Ross, Wedding Crashers and True Blood Star Rachel Sterling, Client List and All My Children Star Daniel Sobieray, Law & Order and Client List Star Elisabeth Rohm, Lottery Ticket and Def Jam Comedian Leslie Jones. Other cast members are LGBT comedian Jason Stuart, Alec Mapa, Dave Vescio, Serena Lorien, Melyssa Ford, Steve Eastin, Aerin O'Connell, Trae Ireland, Laura Soares, Katarina Waters, Jose Rosete, Robert Paul Taylor, George P. Saunders, Matt Nordgren, Joe Thornton Jr, Glenda Redfield and Mavrick Von Haug. The Theme Song Heart of a Woman was composed by Songwriter Angelica Ross.

The team of Heart of a Woman is Director-Keith Holland, Writers-George P. Saunders, Alton Demore, Toni Newman, Casting Director-Dea Vise, Publicist-Kayo Anderson and Producer-Shahid Manning (Millennia Scope Entertainment Foundation). The film discusses discrimination, prejudices and injustices of a gender most people forget about in our society. Equality for All Persons regardless of Race, Sex and Gender is the theme of Heart of a Woman.

For more information on Feature Film Heart of a Woman go to http://www.heartofawomanmovie.com or contact Director Keith Holland 213.369.2512 or SPI Productions 323.633.6039 spiproductions@yahoo.com. A compelling true story about the equal right to be who you are (Equality For All).

Daniel Sobieray

Angelica Ross

Rachel Sterling

Elizabeth Rohm

Leslie Jones


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