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Straight Spouse forced to Celebrate Gay Pride?

Curtis Waite
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Unseen Book Cover Austin, TX (06-19-12) -- While we are in the month of celebrating gay pride, a new book has come out to draw attention to what happens when people live in the closet. While the book is focused on Straight people and their pain and anguish, it is not a Gay Bashing book. The opposite can be said for Unseen-Unheard; the Journey of Straight Spouses.

Unseen-Unheard; The Journey of Straight Spouses is a book delving into what happens to the straight spouse after they discover that their spouse is part of the LeTs Bi Gay community. From their devastation, anxiety and sudden doubt of their own personal worth, the book follows a wide range of people as they cope with and empower themselves from this life altering experience.

Authors Amity P. Buxton and R.L. Pinley share their personal stories in Unseen-Unheard to give that firsthand experience. While several years separate them and their stories, the reality of how society, not just American but worldwide, still keeps people from being themselves and how it can damage those that they love. Amity created the Straight Spouses Network to help the thousands of people who have experienced this traumatic experience. It was from this support group that R.L. Pinley found help as she dealt with her husband's outing.

Unseen-Unheard is a book for straight spouses just as much as it is for the LeTs Bi Gay community. It shows how being honest with oneself is an awarding and life full filling experience. No person should be forced to live in the closet as shown in this book by the emotional impact it creates not only for themselves, but for their spouses and their children. Truly an eye brow raising book that speaks from the heart.

Unseen-Unheard; the Journey of Straight Spouses is published by Creative House Press and is available at any book store or directly from the publisher at: CreativeHousePress.com.


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