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The Most Innovate Leap in Men's Underwear Since the 30's It's here. Custom Fit Anatomical Men's Underwear


SilkSuit LLC Logo October 16, 2012 - TheSilkSuit, LLC, a start up e-retailer is now offering Custom Fit Anatomical Men's Underwear. The innovative design adds a sexy new concept to Men's Underwear. Similar to a traditional suit with a jacket and pants, The SilkSuit is two pieces – the SilkSock and the SilkSak. The SilkSock is a double layered sheath of breathable stretchable fabric, and covers the 'little guy'. The SilkSak, is a pouch of the same fabric for the 'boys' and stays attached with Baby Elastic. The Company asks for anatomical sizes, measuring is required – it's tailored men's underwear.

For all men, especially circumcised, the constant, day after day, week after week, year after year, decade after decade subtle abrasion - this "sandpaper effect" causes the delicate nerve endings and blood vessels that are the source of the pleasure sensation for men, to move further away from the surface due to a Keratin layer that forms to protect the Glans. The SilkSuit attempts to Heal, Protect and Enhance with a secure, snug, custom fit. The depth of the sexual experience may be more enhanced because the keratin layer (essentially a “callous”) may begin to heal after about 14 days of wear.

Product image Men suffering from sensitivity issues, recovering from prostate cancer or erectile dysfunction may benefit. For the healthy male, The SilkSuit makes what's already great - spectacular. The Company's logo is a rooster in a dress suit (get it?) with the tag line “Making Sensations Sensational” as the possible benefit, with a fashion statement. The possible increased virility may provide a deeper, more satisfying sexual experience. An example is putting a supercharger or turbo on a muscle car. Does it need it? Maybe not, but superchargers and turbo are cool and make the muscle car perform even better. That's the essence of The SilkSuit. Perhaps the male enhancement pill industry has a new, natural, non-invasive competitor.

“The genius of The SilkSuit is its' simplicity. Heal, protect, and in about 14 days the nerve endings that remain for sexual pleasure will be less shielded by the reduction of the Keratin layer, essentially a “callous”, has been forming for, in some cases multiple decades by the “sandpaper effect”. The Healing will surprise a lot of men.” said Founder Michael Ward. “It's truly a radical new step and style. Things haven't changed this much since the 30's. I get that. Athletes and significant others will notice first – and benefit. We are excited about upcoming feedback.” Athletes and men with active lifestyles may enjoy new levels of energy for more powerful workouts and performance. The theory is jock straps are relatively more abrasive than underwear.

The SilkSuit currently offers three different fabrics and solid color blends all breathable, flexible, for everyday use and athletes. All fabrics will have different designs on the outer layers in the near future, furthering options. The client has to measure their anatomy when “relaxed” for a better fit. Another version, The SilkSuit+ has an opening to make restroom use easy. Baby elastic is used to ensure The SilkSuit stays securely attached. “I never see a baby booty fall off an infant's foot or babies with blue feet. Perfect solution.” says CEO Michael Ward.

About The SilkSuit

TheSilkSuit LLC., founded in 2012 and headquartered in Los Angeles, CA is the exclusive maker of patent pending Custom Fit Anatomical Men's Underwear – The SilkSuit. For more information, the Company is hosting a Pre-Order campaign at the crowd funding site www.indiegogo.com/thesilksuit.

Michael Ward, CEO


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