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Wynn Wagner Receives Award Marking Lifetime of Humanitarian Work

Wynn Wagner Awarded 2012 AEGiS Health, Human Rights and Humanitarian Award


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News Release

June 20 2012: Wynn Wagner has received the 2012 AEGiS Health, Human Rights and Humanitarian Award marking a lifetime of humanitarian work.

Wynn Wagner, a retired archbishop in the Old Catholic Church, a internationally known computer software developer, writer and philanthropist has been a supporter of AEGiS for over twenty years both in providing software development as well as technical computer and financial support. He also wrote “Day One” to assist those who have just found out they are HIV positive. “Day One” is part of the introductory page of AEGiS and is the most popular document on the website and one of the most read documents in the world on HIV/AIDS.

AEGiS, the AIDS Education Global Information System is a non-profit, user-supported, on-line information resource. It is the single most comprehensive source of HIV/AIDS information in the world. With millions of documents dealing with HIV/AIDS, it is one of the largest online websites of any kind.

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Text of Letter to Wynn Wagner from Sr. Mary Elizabeth, OSM, Secretary/Treasurer and Founder of AEGiS

Before computers there was your creation of OPUS- Computer Based Conversations System! And as soon as HIV/AIDS reared its ugly head you were there providing funding for its victims and research through your inventions taking no personal profit from your work!

Because of your pioneering efforts AEGiS is proud to present to you the AEGiS Health, Human Rights and Human Services Award.


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