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GSN101: New GLBT Based Live Streaming Video Online Community

For Immediate Release
GSN101: The GLBT Streaming Network

Atlanta, Georgia - February, 14 2012 -- A new live streaming and recorded video network is online for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. GSN101.com is the new GLBT video network that will bring non-pornographic community shows and events to your computer or mobile phone. GSN101.com will offer GLBT viewers free access to both live broadcasters and video database of recorded shows, movie trailers, Pride events and much more. GSN101.com is owned by gay people and made for gay people to enjoy.

"Gay video and programming is scattered across the web. You have to be lucky to find it", says GSN101.com producer L. Johnverrell, "When you do a web search all that shows up is porn!Where is the cultural community programming and video for gays and lesbians? That is what GSN101.com will offer."

GSN101.com Logo Image GSN101.com producers like Johnverrell are also appalled at the limitations that the GLBT community has both on the web and mainstream television.

"Gay mainstream channels and most video sharing sites are mostly ran by heterosexual people who regulate the programming and videos so that if heterosexuals happen to watch it they won't be offended. GSN101.com is operated by the GLBT community and the site is specifically for GLBT based live shows and video."

GSN101.com will offer channels to any GLBT based club, group, organization, business, production company, Pride committee or individual that whats to broadcast live or upload video to the site. GSN101.com does not allow individual video uploading without a channel, nor does it allow any pornographic live broadcasting or video uploading. "There is enough gay porn on the web to last for centuries. We want to encourage Pride events, concerts, short films, drag shows and live broadcasting of gay cultural events. This is something that is lacking on the web for the GLBT community."

GSN101.com channels are free. Interested parties are required to have a representative attend a one hour training session before they receive their channels and the ability to upload video. Videos are already available on the site for viewing, but live broadcasting will not begin until early March 2012. GSN101.com has a goal for 101 live streaming broadcasters on its official launch date of June 1, 2012.

GSN101.com is committed to provide a much needed cultural video and broadcasting presence on the internet for gays and lesbians. No more scatted GLBT broadcasting and videos on other sites that may censor your content because it is for the gay community. "Again, we won't allow porn on GSN101.com, but there is nothing wrong with expressing yourself by showing some skin every now and then! After all, we're gay!"

GSN101.com also offers banner and commercial advertising opportunities for companies. GSN101.com provides online live streaming and recorded video sharing for the GLBT community.

PR Email: pr@gsn101.com
Contact: L. Johnverrell
Email: lj@gsn101.com Phone: 404-749-0213

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