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Bathhouse Opens in West Hollywood -- Straight People Welcome

Contact: John Patricks

Los Angeles, CA March 3, 2012 -- Widestance Productions will premiere it's latest play "Bathhouse Tuesday" at the Meta Theatre 7801 Melrose Ave Los Angeles 90046. The show will have a four weekend run beginning March 16th and general seating will be $25.00. More information is available at www.bathhousetuesday.com.

Bathhouse Tuesday West Hollywood Play Image "Bathhouse Tuesday" revolves around three men (composites of some folks one might find at a bathhouse) enjoying the ambience of one of the world's oldest getaways for men. On this particular night though, the stars have aligned to bring Politics and their secret world to a clash, as one of the spas regulars winds up dead. When the victim's wife shows up to claim the body, her interaction with the men forces them to make some difficult moral choices.

The show features an exciting cast including Daniel Szamosi, JohnRobert Schoen, George Alvarez, Eddie Gregory, and Sharon Rosner, with a cameo appearance by the dreamy Jose Espinosa.

Bathhouse is the fourth West Coast premiere for WideStance Productions, a small LGBT oriented troupe led by playwright John Trapper. The group is best known for " The Golden Gays" and "Fairies With Children", both spoofs of their obvious sitcom counterparts. This time the troupe is shedding their dresses and wigs and donning only towels in an attempt to recreate a bathhouse for those who can't or won't get to one themselves.

The charming Meta Theatre is the full time home of Award Winning Anthony Meindl's Actors Workshop and regularly turns out some of our favorite actors of the day. Located near Fairfax and Melrose, there is ample parking on Ogden or Melrose for the shows which will be at 8pm.

WideStance Productions is in its third incarnation having had lives in both Philadelphia in Boston where Trapper's "How to be a Fairy, the Gay Guide for Wannabees" received rave reviews as well as "Inside Andrew's Head", a look at why one of our own took the life of Gianni Versace.

The Life Group LA will receive $2.00 of every full price ticket sold. The Life Group LA is a coalition of people dedicated to the education, empowerment and emotional support of persons both infected and affected by HIV/AIDS so that they may make informed choices and decisions regarding their healthcare and personal well being. You can find more information on this wonderful organization at www.lifegroupla.org

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