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Campaign launched for LGBT webisode "West Hollywood 90069"

NEW GAY WEB SERIES - www.indiegogo.com/westhollywood90069 (* Time Sensitive)

West Hollywood, California September 17, 2012 -- Richard Morgan Productions announced today the launch of the LGBT webisode drama "West Hollywood 90069" on the crowd funding platform Indiegogo.com.

"We envision "West Hollywood 90069" to be a sort of "Melrose place" or "Beverly Hills 90210" for the LGBT community" stated executive producer Richard Morgan.

"Ever since 'Queer as Folk' went off the air I've been feeling like there was a need inside the LGBT community for a show of this sort. What's stopped us in the past in order to do a show you needed millions of dollars and the support of a network. But with today's technologies you can do a show for the fraction of what it used to cost and distribute it via the web."

"The show will be the first of its type that is produced for LGBT by LGBT. "Morgan continued. The response I've been getting from the Hollywood creative community has been wonderful. The show will air weekly episodes this fall with professional actors as well as some of Hollywood's top talent behind the camera. They are doing the project because it gives them a chance to work on something that expresses who they are."

The show will be dependent on the LGBT community for its initial support (each episode will be financed through donations via Indiegogo.com) while looking for a home on an established LGBT web channel such as LOGO.

The "Indiegogo.com/WestHollywood90069" campaign will be using a unique blend of perks, from a personal "Thank You" in the credit section for each and every donor to executive producer status for those who donate over $500 for an individual episode.

"We're just going to put it out there and hope that the community gets behind us on this and donates. It's the first time that this has been attempted, but if it's a success, it opens the doors for any number of LGBT -- themed shows to also find their way.

*We are starting a 30 day donation drive. This campaign will receive all of the funds contributed *by Tuesday October 2 at 11:59PM PT

We all thank you and appreciate any free promotion you could give us in your media. Richard J. Morgan and the Team.

For more information and donating please go to: www.indiegogo.com/westhollywood90069
www.westhollywood90069.net (under construction)
Richard J. Morgan: (323) 413-8130

This campaign will receive all of the funds contributed by Tuesday October 2 at 11:59pt We are a not-for-profit company, as in all profits are recycled back into the company to make better future productions.

And any donation is not tax deductable.


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