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40 Moms. 40 Messages. 1 Happy LGBTQ Holiday

Media Contact: Robin Rice FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Email: Robin@YourHolidayMom.com
Phone: 410-770-4501 Business Name: Be Who You are Productions, Inc.

Moms sharing love for any LGBTQ child, teen or young adult this holiday season.

EASTON, MD -- NOVEMBER 14, 2012 – Moms are often the true catalyst to making the world a better place. This holiday season, this is being shown in a unique way thanks to one mom who is on a mission to improve the lives of all LGBTQ children. YourHolidayMom.com is a blog slated to bring together 40 moms for 40 days to offer written, audio and video messages of encouragement during the holiday season.

"Thirty years ago, I lost my little brother to suicide because he feared he was gay and simply could not live in a world that would not support him if this were true. Today, I still feel that hole in my heart, and so I do whatever I can to support LGBTQ youth," says Robin Rice, creator of the blog. "I started by gifting Christmas Stockings to LGBTQ shelters as a way to say I care, and then last year, I put out an audio recording called Your Holiday Mom. I knew we needed something more than just one voice, so this year I asked for 40 moms to open their hearts to many 'disowned' LGBTQ children, teens and young adults out there. Supportive moms from all walks of life are out there and this is a story most don't hear. It's time they did."

One mother said: "Having a transsexual daughter and a bisexual daughter has shown me how challenging and lonely it can be, especially for those without parental support. I don't want to hide my support, just like I don't want them to hide who they are."

Supportive mom Michelle Griffin agrees. "My husband and my three LGBTQ kids were excited to find out I was participating in the project. It is not only an opportunity to be involved in helping others, but a chance to reinforce to my own children that they are accepted and loved just as they are, and that our family is willing to stand up for them in the larger community."

One 19-year-old from the LGBTQ community is excited to witness this labor of love. "YourHolidayMom.com restores a bit of my faith in humanity. It is all the more meaningful that a parental figure is willing to symbolically take you under their wing. Holiday Moms mean so much because they can help fill a hole that is in many of our hearts."

"We are not a company and have no profit agenda. We are just moms who care and have created a way to show it during the often emotionally difficult holiday season," says Rice. "Isn’t that what the season is supposed to be about -- family, caring, and people coming together? We may have to do it in cyberspace, but we can still make a difference in someone’s life."


Beginning Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2012, and going through January 1, 2013, YourHolidayMom.com will share letters, audio posts, and videos created by moms who are lovingly supportive of ALL children who identify as LGBTQ. Founded by Robin Rice, this movement will raise awareness for the LGBTQ community during peak times of difficulty for unsupported LGBTQ youth.




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