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QC Cinema to Release Casper Andreas' Latest Feature 'Violet Tendencies' on DVD

March 7, 2011 - Philadelphia, PA -- Breaking Glass Pictures has announced the May 24 DVD release of "Violet Tendencies," the third collaboration from filmmakers Casper Andreas and Jesse Archer. The romantic comedy features Mindy Cohn ("The Facts of Life") as Violet, a 40-year-old woman who decides to cut herself off from her throng of adoring gay friends in order to find a boyfriend.

Violet DVD Cover Art Violet is Manhattan's oldest fruit fly and the belle of the ball when she's out with her gay friends, but when the party's over, she always heads home alone. While her co-worker Riley struggles with his baby-crazy boyfriend Markus, and her roommate Luke tackles monogamy head on, Violet's romantic life is one big bellyflop. Now, at the age of 40, she's decided it's time she distance herself from her "boys" in order to find a man. With the help of glamorous dating guru Salome, Violet sets out on a hilarious quest to change who she is in order to find the man of her dreams.

Featuring characters from the previous films by Andreas and Archer "Slutty Summer" and "A Four Letter Word" plus cameos from gay icons like Hedda Lettuce, Sophia Lamar and Michael Musto, Violet Tendencies is an irresistible ensemble comedy. Variety says it "moves smartly and delivers outrageous one-liners 'Facts of Life' veteran Mindy Cohn tosses off vulgarisms with seasoned aplomb."

Special features for the DVD will include deleted scenes, audio commentary with Casper Andreas and Jesse Archer, and interviews with Andreas and the cast.

For more information on "Violet Tendencies," including screeners, final DVDs, and interviews with the cast and director, please contact: Justin@bgpics.com.



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