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Anti-gay But Might Be Gay -- That Is the Question

(11-05-11) -- Possiblygay.com poses the question: Might anti-gay individuals be possibly gay themselves?

Possiblygay.com was created to shed light on the fact that some opponents to the gay community are sometimes caught or come out as gay. More and more we learn of gay sex scandals involving high-and-mighty opponents of the gay community.

Itís a sad fact that these individuals have such potential of reaching the minds of thousands of followers and then use that reach to promote hate by denouncing the gay lifestyle, claiming that itís wrong to be gay and that gays can be cured.

At Possiblygay.com, we donít hate anyone who might possibly be gay; we just want to stop the damage they are doing to those who might actually be gay and truly struggling with it. If the evidence that has been presented isnít enough yet, science will surely prove beyond a reasonable doubt that people are born gay.

"God only knows how many children they are trying to protect who only end up in a worse position mentally or physically then they would have if they had just been allowed to be who they are," said Mike Zayas, founder of Possiblygay.com

"Itís one thing to have a religious belief, but itís another to let that belief fuel personal campaigns where the motto is that being gay is wrong or can be even be cured." He continues, "Iím sick of these individuals making rounds, writing books, holding interviews and spewing their back-ass insane agenda. I needed to do something about it," he stated.

Anyone who writes books, holds prayer groups, runs clinics, does interviews and preaches against gays should be put under a microscope to see if they arenít struggling with their own personal issues and going about it the wrong way.

If you know someone who is anti-gay but might be gay themselves, submit your information to Possiblygay.com. If youíre genuinely against the gay community, thatís fine, but if you might be secretly part of it too, then we have a problem. Remember Ė being gay is okay, even if youíre possibly gay!


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