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I Rise, the controversial new novel by Toni Newman will be dropping the bomb on the questions tabloids have been speculating for years "who is, and who isn't?"

Toni Newman I Rise, is the true story of Toni Newman's transformation from an effeminate, conflicted male to a proud, educated transsexual. You will follow Toni on her rise from a "sissy boy," a scholarship student, a business professional, an escort, a drag queen, a NYC prostitute, an LA dominatrix, and finally, a transsexual attending law school in order to help her transsexual sisters in need. Along Toni's journey you will be introduced to names that will make your jaws drop, clients, business associates, and lovers….

From cross-dressing and Bible Study classes in Jacksonville, North Carolina, to writing and studying while tending to the fetish fantasies of Hollywood's A-list, I Rise is far from a tale of fitting in. It is instead a unique and mesmerizing study of finding oneself in a world where gender and beauty can be hard fought for and earned. Through the complete loss of friends, family support, employment and shelter, Toni was never deterred from seeking the path that was right for her. When a minority community so stricken by drug abuse, sexual exploitation, explosive suicide rates, and lack of education, has a voice rise out of it as courageous and profound as Toni Newman's, it is a home run that needs to be heard all over the world.

The Erotic Professionals serviced the elite of the world, including politicians, actors, musicians, and producers. Find out about a Prime-Time television actor, rapper, author, fitness model, and clothes designer sexually linked to African American transgender Madame Toni Newman during her NYC prostitution days. You will see information on President George H.W. Bush, Mel Gibson, and many others, stay tuned.

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