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First LifeCard Plans Agency, Eilrich & Moir, LLC, Opens to Serve the LGBT Community
Market Approach: "If You Can't Get Married…at Least Get Legal!"


(CHANDLER, ARIZONA—November 3, 2011) LifeCard PlansTM, a leading provider of online storage and emergency access to medical and legal documents from anywhere in the world, has sanctioned the first formal agency, Eilrich & Moir LLC, to represent LifeCard PlansTM in the LGBT community. Eilrich & Moir, LLC is managed by Donna Hammond and Janet Stumps, a couple from the Phoenix Metro area.

"There is a driving need in the LGBT community, even more so than any other social segment, to properly manage these risk" said Donna Hammond, Managing Partner. "Janet and I chose to represent LifeCard PlansTM because we know firsthand the challenges that most LGBT couples face; we cannot get married and we do not have the rights to make legal or medical decisions for one another without these documents in place and accessible. The service LifeCard PlansTM provides assures that medical instructions and partner rights to decide are instantly ‘provable' in an emergency and that estate-planning documents are clear, updated and assure that our wishes are properly carried out."

This sentiment is echoed by LifeCard PlansTM President, Kevin Humphrey. "Everyone should have these basic documents in place and 65% -71% of Americans do not," Mr. Humphrey said. "We understand the additional need in the LGBT community to be able to legally demonstrate that they have the basic right to make decisions for one another as well as to give healthcare providers and loved ones access to emergency medical information in times of crises. We want to be sure, through Eilrich and Moir that this community gets the attention it deserves. "

There are online document access companies, web-based electronic medical record storage sites and there are legal forms providers, but no one has ever combined the three together. LifeCard PlansTM accommodates the need to have secure, always-on access to any existing important documents and medical records with their basic DigitalVaultTM plan for $5.99 /mo. Plans with forms include: $9.99/mo. for emergency medical information access by emergency healthcare providers along with legal powers of attorney and advanced medical directives; $14.99/mo. for all previous benefits plus living wills for both partners and $19.99/mo. to include a simple trust. LifeCard PlansTM has also added a LifeMinderSM service to send subscribers gentle email reminders to complete their forms. Both partners have their own individual forms and they and their dependents are covered under one account.

ABOUT Eilrich & Moir, LLC (www.lifecardplans.com/for/lgbt) is newly-formed company with the specific mission to represent LifeCard PlansTM in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community as well as other corporate, retail and non-profit markets. IF YOU CAN'T GET MARRIED…AT LEAST GET LEGAL!

LifeCard PlansTM, LLC. provides its subscribers EMERGENCY ACCESS TO MEDICAL & LEGAL DOCUMENTS FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, so that informed medical, legal, and financial decisions can be made on their behalf, according to their instructions, when they are unable to make them themselves. For one low monthly fee, LifeCard PlansTM provides your whole family with secure digital storage of key information and documents through an online portal that can be accessed via secure login from anywhere at any time, PLUS the state-specific documents you need including Advanced Medical Directives, Financial and Healthcare Powers of Attorney, Wills and Simple Trusts.


For more information, press only:
Donna Hammond, Partner, Eilrich & Moir, LLC, Agents for LifeCard Plans
donna.hammond@lifecardplans.com, 1-602-743-8805


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