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Publisher: Booklocker.com
Release Date: Currently Available in Epub and Print
Purchase Information: Please visit http://www.jayceerose.com

Jaycee Rose Book cover (07-12-11) -- CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY ROSE LONDON believes in the criminal justice system until she becomes the victim of a brutal attack and her assailant is acquitted. Rose longs to feel safe, free, and optimistic again. But recovery eludes her. She battles nightmares, an impaired short term memory, and an injured lower back. Her romance with Jordan Wright, the woman she loves, ends. Despite her counselor's advice, Rose returns to work hoping to find normalcy.

Her first case, defending Payne Corning, a seventeen-year-old wrongfully accused of murdering a young woman, seems routine until her assailant resurfaces to stalk her. She also receives a deadly ultimatum from a mysterious person identifying himself as Sweet Justice. He gives her seventy-two hours to convince Payne to plead guilty or else they will both die. Photos taken of Payne asleep in his jail cell are convincing proof that Sweet Justice not only means business but has ties to law enforcement.

Is Rose's assailant playing a demented game or is Sweet Justice a new predator?

Unsure of who is involved, Rose seeks help from her most trusted friends, including Jordan. Their search for Sweet Justice brings Rose face-to-face with her assailant, the man she fears most. It also propels them into the dangerous criminal world of Mexican cartels and exposes their own dark secrets, which could tear them apart forever.


Jaycee Rose lives in California with her Beloved Companion of many years. Besides writing, she enjoys skiing and mountain biking, and playing with her four-legged best friends, two Yorkies.

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