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Why Gay Men Shouldn't Use Straight Dating Advice "Too Much Of It Is Useless" Says Creator of The Get A Boyfriend By Valentine's Day Challenge

Atlanta (01-12-11) -- Author, columnist and Huffington Post blogger Mike Alvear thinks one of the reasons gay men are so frustrated with their love lives is that they're taking their cues from the wrong people.

Book Cover- Meet the Hottie in the Corner "Gay men shouldn't take advice from straight men or women," says Alvear. "It's like taking plastic surgery advice from Michael Jackson." Alvear is the author of the best selling ebook for men seeking men, Meet The Hottie In The Corner--The 21 Day Plan To Overcome Your Fear of Rejection, Master the Art of Icebreakers and Snag Guys You Never Thought You Could Get. Alvear uses online dating as an example. "All the straight dating gurus tell you it's a bad idea for men to post shirtless pictures online because women don't like it," he said. "What kind of advice is that for gay men?"

Alvear offers another example: "That whole thing that men should be the pursuers? Oh, that's helpful in the gay world." Alvear maintains that almost everything about straight dating strategies--from body language to flirting, even the research done on courtship, is largely irrelevant to gay men.

"How does body language research that says women should flick their hair when they're interested in men apply to us?" Alvear asks. "Or, how does the concept of not having sex on the first date because you might be branded a slut affect us when we don't have the reputational concerns that women have?"

Alvear wrote his best selling gay dating ebook after growing frustration with straight dating advice. "Every bit of the book--from how to conquer fear of rejection, how to approach guys you're interested in and how to flirt is from a gay perspective," says Alvear.

To prove his assertion that gay dating strategies work better than straight ones, Alvear launched "The Get A Boyfriend By Valentine's Day Challenge." "It's straightforward," he said. "Apply the principles in my eBook, Meet The Hottie In The Corner and if you don't have a boyfriend by February 14, you get your money back."

Many of the gay newspapers that have reviewed Meet The Hottie called it, "The bible for men seeking men!" It offers ingenious ways of approaching, meeting, attracting and bonding with gay men. "You don't need this book if you go out and constantly get cruised by hot men," said Alvear. "But who has a life like that? This ebook helps the rest of us."


Meet The Hottie In The Corner-- The 21 Day Plan To Overcome Your Fear of Rejection, Master the Art of Icebreakers and Snag Guys You Never Thought You Could Get is available as an instant download at http://www.mikealvear.com/gaydating. Gay newspapers and websites interested in becoming affiliate marketing partners can get more information by emailing Bill Arnett at williamarnett@mac.com.

Manhunt.net's former "Cruise Director," Mike Alvear co-hosted HBO's The Sex Inspectors, writes a sex advice column syndicated to the gay press and published the first body language guide for gay men: Attract Hotter Guys with the Secrets & Science of Sexual Body Language. Available at http://www.mikealvear.com/ebook.

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