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Nhojj releases "Adam & Steve" for LGBT History Month

Openly gay Caribbean artist Nhojj releases single "Adam & Steve" during LGBT History Month, at the height of global debates around Human Rights for LGBT people

Celebrating October as LGBT History Month, Nhojj released his new single "Adam & Steve" on October 11, coinciding with National Coming Out Day. The soulful lullaby offers a beautiful affirmation of love and understanding for all people.

The latest in a string of songs affirming LGBT identity, Nhojj blends ambient electronica grooves with socially conscious lyrics to offer listeners a compassionate and deeply spiritual experience. This Caribbean trendsetter bravely sheds light on spirituality and homosexuality in a culture where many see the two as contradictory. The God Nhojj depicts in "Adam & Steve" is a nonjudgmental God who simply asks that his children love one another; it is a God whose love is offered, not just to Adam and Eve, but to "Adam and Steve" also.

Nhojj is a two-time OUT music award winner noted for having the all-time #1 most watched Reggae-world music video on MTV Hive. He also reached #1 on the MTV Music video chart.

Son of a minister, Nhojj grew up in Guyana and began singing at his father’s church when he was 5. In 2005 he recorded "John Martinborough – Coming Home," a collection of church hymns. Earlier this year Nhojj released the groundbreaking marriage equality "Amazing Grace" video portraying an interracial gay couple exchanging vows and affirming their commitment in a church. It was the first time a classic Christian hymn had been used to express the "naturalness" and "Godliness" of love between same sex partners. Says MINT Male magazine, Nhojj is "changing preconceived notions about the representations of love."

LGBT History Month originated in the United States and was first celebrated in 1994 to encourage honesty and openness about being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. National Coming Out Day is an internationally observed awareness day celebrating Gay, Lesbian, bisexual, Transgendered, and Queer people and communities.

Nhojj made OUTMusic and black history in 2009 when his soulful ballad "Love" was voted R&B/Soul Song of the Year by the Alliance of LGBT Recording Artists and Performers. It marked the first time a black artist won an OUTMusic Award. Earlier this year Nhojj won his second OMA for "The Gay Warrior Song" and recorded "He & Him," a provocative love song. Follow Nhojj




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