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Breaking Glass Pictures Grabs Transgender Revenge Film "Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives"

August 3, 2010 – Philadelphia, PA -- Breaking Glass Pictures has acquired the North American distribution rights to Israel Luna's brazen revenge film "Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives" following its controversial world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. The deal was struck between Breaking Glass Pictures CEO Richard Wolff and Eastgate Pictures President Ronna Wallace. The film will arrive in theaters via a series of screenings throughout the Halloween season prior to its DVD/VOD release in November.

"Trannies" stars Willam Belli ("Nip/Tuck") as a member of a transgender sisterhood of performers that is violently bashed and left for dead by a group of rednecks. Following the bloody mayhem, the surviving ladies go after their attackers and prove that it takes balls to get revenge. The provocative performances by the largely transgender cast are only one of the reasons that "Trannies" is sure to be a cult classic. Legendary gay performer Hedda Lettuce calls it "groundbreaking. It's the kind of anger the gay community needs to be expressing now."

"Trannies" made headlines after GLAAD described it as "anti-transgender" and requested that it be pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival. Not only did the film go on to play, but it also garnered high praise from audiences and critics alike. It seems there's no such thing as bad publicity for "Trannies," as it has gone on to sell out theaters at numerous film festivals. Michael Musto of the Village Voice has gone so far as to say the film "deserves a GLAAD award," reflecting the message of empowerment that many have found in the characters' search for justice.

GLAAD or no GLAAD, "Trannies" is a film that the LGBT community and beyond has embraced with fervor. So far, the film has won Audience Award and Best Overall Film at the Q-Cinema Film Festival in Fort Worth and Official Selection at the Seattle International Film Festival and the QFest Philly Film Festival. . Riding its notoriety, the film has been invited to over twenty more festivals, including the New York City Horror Fest, Austin Film Festival, Tampa LGBT Film Fest, and ImageOUT Gay Fest in Rochester.

Director Luna is still in awe that "Trannies" has made such an impression on the public. "I'm not sure if the controversy and protests have swayed people to approach the movie in a certain way, but the reactions have been amazing! We've gotten people yelling at the screen, booing the villain, people cheering for the girls saying things like ‘kick their ass!' I never expected this to be such a reaction-type of film, but I'm so happy that that's what the fans have made it!"


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