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Avoiding Lost Luggage

Key West, FL 11-15-10 -- With the upcoming holiday season, it is a good time to mention some new methods to prevent your luggage from being lost. Airlines lose about one bag out of every hundred amounting to some 30 million worldwide each year.

Although the majority are merely the victims of tight transfer times and turn up late, thousands of others are truly lost and are auctioned off at airports all over the country and throughout the world. The number one reason these bags are permanently lost is a lack of identification on and/or inside the bag.

To prevent your baggage from being lost, the first thing is to remove any old luggage tracking tags from previous trips. The second thing is to use a secure luggage tag. The big artsy tags many people use are just an invitation for them to be ripped off the bag by baggage handling systems and do nothing to protect the bag from being stolen. Other types of tags have weak straps that are easy to rip off the bag and baggage handling machinery can make quick work of them.

Most people use baggage tags with their home address which really will do little good in getting thier luggage back while they are on vacation and away from home. Baggage thieves also look for out of town addresses as they know that is less risky then stealing the baggage of a local. There are people who make a living stealing luggage. Police found hundreds of bags stacked floor to ceiling in a Denver couple's home and most have no identification on them making their return very difficult. Recently a Phoenix couple were arrested for stealing thousands of bags from that city's airport. Baggage is also lost and stolen on cruise ships, trains and buses. The amounts paid by airlines for lost luggage seldom comes close to the value of the lost property.

Having some cute tag might make it easier to spot your luggage in an airport baggage claim area, but it does nothing to prevent your bag from being stolen. In fact, there has been no all-around security device to keep luggage from being stolen, and certainly nothing practical and economical, until now.

A company in Key West, FL has developed the ultimate secure luggage tag that both prevents lost and stolen luggage, but also increases the chances it will be returned if lost. The new product called SecureBAG-TAG (www.securebag-tag.com) is only $19.95 and includes three tags that include your name, photograph and email address. The tag has a serial number with free lifetime registration with tracking and includes Blue Planet email, SSL secure website url and dedicated telephone numbers to report lost and found luggage.

The tag also includes sophisticated security features such as a special heat sealed hole into which a brass grommet is compressed. This makes it impossible to pull the tag off a bag. Optional stainless steel aircraft cables make it impossible to cut off the tag. Finally, the tag has a special RFID chip that will scare off even the most professional luggage thief. Nobody is going to take the chance. Just like in the case of home and auto alarm systems, the thief will simply move on to an easier target.

The tag system includes a couple of additional features that no other luggage tag offers. The kit includes 3 labels to place inside luggage together with adhesive plastic sheets to place over them to make them even more secure. Finally, the kit includes a laminated wallet card with the serial number and Blue Planet contact information. The card also proves that person owns the luggage so there can be no dispute over the true ownership of the bags.

Blue Planet Security Corporation, a division of Blue Planet Offices, Inc. offers a no questions asked guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product for any reason within ten days, you can return it for a full refund. Visit the "Verisign Trusted" site www.securebag-tag.com for full information.

An affiliate program for webmasters is available and a retail version of the product is also offered. Blue Planet Security Corp. also produces high security tags for keys (www.secure-keys.com) and custom property and inventory tags for businesses at www.secure-key.com. Diver tags and related products will soon be available for purchase.


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