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Dance Culture Alert: New Ryan W. Single Drops

(02-14-10)-- Pop music wunderkind Ryan W's first solo single, CRAVE, will be released March 10, 2010. CRAVE represents a collaboration with Ryan W and smash songwriter Brianna Sage (In My Hands). The song is hedonism personified.

A Kansas City native, Ryan W headed to New York City as a teenager, where he appeared in Broadway shows like Aida and South Pacific and national tours of top musical celebrities. Performing alongside mega-stars like Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Ricky Martin, and Cher, he finally came to realize that the spotlight shining so brightly on them was his, too --and so he grabbed for it.

Ryan W Crave Album Cover While recording in Los Angeles in 2007, he experienced a major familial setback when his mother, visiting him from the Midwest, suffered a massive stroke, leaving the entire left side of her body paralyzed, To make matters worse, she underwent an acute anaphylactic reaction to the medication Heparin, causing her right leg—the only one which still functioned—to be amputated. After 5 months of ICU and some therapy, Ryan W. flew his mother back to her home in Kansas City, where he would live and care for her while plotting his next move in the music industry.

In moments of geographical despair, he would think: “I have the looks, the voice, the moves, and the talent, but have I lost my momentum?” Sooner than he thought possible, the world had its unequivocal answer:

Hell to the no!

And so CRAVE flashed into existence, lusty and carnal.

Of course members of NYC legend Junior Vasquez's engineering team were immediately on the case. His team from around the world craved CRAVE, pumping out invigorating, cheeky re-mixes, including versions by Nick Harvey (Switzerland), TAZ and Fumi Kondoh (Tokyo), Steamweaver (Brazil), and Ruben Vega (NYC). Ever the perfectionist, Ryan W. selected this DJ's team because he felt it would best capture the old-school feel of classic NYC clubs like Twilo, Roxy and Limelight, places from a bygone era of opulence and unbridled erotic honesty.

The CRAVE Maxi-single will be available from iTunes, Masterbeat, Beatport, and Juno Records as of March 10,2010, and Ryan W's First full-length CD, Based on a True Story, launches in late 2010.

The thing about craving is that sometimes, you never can get enough. Have a listen and be prepared to give in to your temptations: like Ryan W. they're irrepressible.



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