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Queerbook.com New GLBT Networking Site Focused on Advocacy, Education and Information

(03-15-10)-- What's in the power of a name? Queerbook.com apparently proves up the name can be a big draw. Queerbook.com, the URL purchased a full year before Facebook started, sat and waited for the owner to do something with the site. Dallas, Texas' Reece Manley, owner, was busy with a number of other projects until a visit to Google Analytics showed thousands and thousands of hits to the site based on the name alone.

"We commissioned a study to see what the appeal of the word "queer" was an attractive moniker and if another GLBT Networking site could be feasible. The answer to both questions was an overwhelming yes. Especially if the content of the site shifted," says Reece Manley, owner of Advocate USA, LLC, the legal owner of the site.

Texas Research and Investment (TRI) questioned over 1000 GLBT persons in two diverse cities to come up with the features which would make for a successful new GLBT entry into the market. "Education, advocacy and original content were the driving forces identified as being very underserved by the current GLBT Social Networking sites, many of which are just porn sites," says Craig Williams, PhD, of TRI. "Those are the things we have at Queerbook.com that other GLBT Networks don't have. We are especially interested in serving the whole community, not just gay or lesbian but trans, bi and queer identifying persons as well."

Queerbook.com GLBT Social Networking site has experienced phenomenal growth since the site opened late last month. The most popular features have included the "Ask Reece" a chance to ask a professional therapist a question via the online form and have answers posted the next day. Secondly, individual blogs, which are growing quickly. Next, subgroups of Queerbook.com such as those for writers, Texans, trans, and educators are growing quickly.

The site is also a very powerful website for marketers to reach a powerful segment of the GLBT community. "We will not, do not, make available member names or email addresses," says Reece. "That said, we have some incredible marketing opportunities for reaching the affluent, educated and highest levels of consumers in the GLBT community. We attract quality members and carefully police every 6 hours, by hand, for SPAM activity. This is in addition to the software which reduces intrusion."

GLBT community members are invited to get in Q! and find out what it can do for them. Queerbook.com may be moving to a "Freemium" layout , but we will grandfather all current users to full access memberships if we do move ahead. We encourage people to join us now and enjoy the advantages which may come close at the heels of the Spring of 2010," says Reece Manley.

For more more information, visit www.queerbook.com or the Queerbook support site http://queerbookcom.weebly.com. Questions may be directed to info@queerbook.com.


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