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For immediate release: Contact: John Scagliotti 802-254-4859; mailto:stonewal@sover.net Member of national gay and lesbian documentary Caucus and programmer of cineslam, vt's Glbt Festival

Pride of the Ocean Filmmakers To Gather on the High Seas to Commemorate the First Pride events 40 years ago this June

Film Cruise Benefits Vermont's Gay Shorts Film Festival "CineSlam"

(02-21-10)-- The Pollin Group and After Stonewall Productions are pleased to announce that Pride of the Ocean, will be honoring a number of filmmakers as part of its historic cruise commemorating the first pride events to take place 40 years ago. Pride of the Ocean's cruise embarks May 30th on the Norwegian Dawn from New York City, only miles away from where the first pride march began, the Christopher Street Liberation March, which launched the yearly occasion of celebrating the Stonewall Riots every June. Today thousands celebrate "Pride" all over the world.

Pride of the Ocean logo The programmer for the festival will be John Scagliotti, who created the first LGBT TV series on PBS, In the Life , as well as the producer of the first gay film on PBS Before Stonewall which won two Emmy Awards in 1986. This cruise theme is entitled Our History, Our Films and will pay tribute to the role of filmmakers in the past 40 years. Scagliotti will present a number of pivotal films from the four decades since the riots and will also present some recent new works like Dean Hamer and Joe Wilson's Out in the Silence and Berlin's Film Festival "Teddy Award" winner City Of Borders by Yun Sun. Besides films, Pride of the Ocean will also bring together more than 20 LGBT filmmakers like Mark Payne (GET HAPPY!) , Northern Ireland's Connor Clements (JAMES) and Cheryl Dunye (WATERMELON WOMAN) to socialize with the passengers in intimate dinners, parties and seminars. This seven day cruise will offer free-style ticketing so that the attendees will also be able to participate in many of the other activities and off-shore excursions in Bermuda offered on the Norwegian Dawn.

"We started looking for different ways to take the LGBT film festival into a more intimate world” said Scagliotti. "Here in Vermont we have filmmakers stay for many days at a farm in the country and offer our audience a chance to spend time with them beside the usual Q&A after a screening. We have BBQ's, seminars and dances. That is what we are trying to capture for Pride of the Ocean. These filmmakers work their hearts out and the audiences can spend time with them in a supportive atmosphere to talk about all the challenges that they face and the filmmakers will get thoughtful feedback from our audiences. The gay community loves its LGBT filmmakers and this is a great way to bring everyone together for more than just a question or two."

The Pride of the Ocean cruises will also be run as a benefit for small non-profit LGBT film festivals around the country. This first film festival cruise supports the work of Kopkind's CineSlam, which is the LGBT shorts film festival in Vermont. CineSlam will also present some of their festival winners in the ship's screening theater and other shorts that will be part of its festival like Besty Kalin's premiere of "Chained". More information about the film programming can be seen at The Pride of the Ocean web site www.prideoftheocean.com and more about CineSlam at www.cineslam.com

The Pollin Group, located in Chevy Chase, Maryland and led by Jim Pollin, is well established in the Cruise Industry, specializing in corporate and educational managed cruises. After Stonewall Productions manages a number of documentaries and LGBTQ film festivals.

For more information about Pride of the Ocean go to www.prideoftheocean.com or The Pollin Group, LLC , 4701 Willard Ave., Suite 1623, Chevy Chase MD 20815 Tel: 301-656-5740,Fax: 301-656-5741 Nationwide: 866-432-0050 Pictures for Press can be downloaded at: http://www.prideoftheocean.com/press.php Deadline to register for the cruise is March 12th.


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