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Changing Lives of Men and Women with Sitting Pain

Irvine, CA, May 29, 2010 -- Terry Delonas, cofounder of LipoWear, announced the recent availability of SitRelief Shorts for women and described the continuing feedback from men and now women with sitting pain from cancer or HIV whose lives have been dramatically changed by SitRelief Shorts. "We are so very pleased with the often emotional response from people suffering from sitting pain after they have tried SitRelief Shorts" said Delonas.

Some examples of customer comments include:

"SitRelief Shorts have changed my attitude toward life with HIV. They are amazing, surpassing all expectations, and enable me to nearly forget the ravages 31 years as an HIV+ survivor have had upon my body!"

"I have been suffering with fat and muscle loss in the buttocks for many years. When I sit on a hard surface I feel myself sitting on bone. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You're a God-send."

"After years of sitting pain and missing out, I am going to the opera again! What a wonderful product. Thank you for helping those of us suffering from sitting pain."

"After years of suffering, I can go out with my friends again and enjoy life."

"The comfort they gave me when sitting on a hard surface was incredible. I had not enjoyed a musical performance in quite a few years because my inability to sit for a period of even ten minutes. Now I am able to sit in comfort and enjoy the show."

"The shorts let me do things in comfort that I had quit doing."

"I'm so excited to simply be able to sit in comfort again."

"The experience is not like sitting on a pillow. Much more like having one's natural padding back. Thank you so much."


SitRelief Shorts were designed as a padded undergarment for selected patient populations that experience significant sitting pain, including people with HIV, cancer and seniors as well as others. Sitting pain is caused by fat and muscle wasting in the buttocks resulting in crushed nerves when sitting and often causes the withdrawal from many daily activities which contribute to the quality of life.

Lipowear product image In a clinical trial, the padded undergarment was tested in patients with lipoatrophy and sitting pain by physicians in southern California. Baseline sitting comfort was 11 minutes and dramatically increased to an average of 3 hours with the padded undergarment. Patients returned to abandoned activities and the Quality of Life Survey improved significantly in multiple areas including: Physical, Social and Cognitive Function. In addition, the undergarment restored a normal body contour resulting in clothing fitting better.

The LipoWear team is dedicated to the elimination of sitting pain for lipoatrophy sufferers and donates 10% of corporate profits to AIDS Service Organizations.

The company web site, www.lipowear.com is available for additional information and SitRelief Shorts are available for men and women customers online.

About LipoWear

LipoWear, LLC, develops therapeutic clothing products for selected patient populations, including seniors, cancer and HIV which address specific debilitating problems common to these patient populations. Company founders include Terry Delonas, Joann Reina and Joe Bollert, PhD.

Contact info:

Joe A. Bollert, PhD
LipoWear, LLC
2102 Business Center Dr., Irvine, CA 92612
Telephone: 714-323-2116
Fax: 413-410-0120
Email: jbollert@lipowear.com


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