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January 18, 2010


Contact: William "Jake" Jacobs
321 16th Street Unit B
Toledo, OH 43604



(01-18-10) TOLEDO - A new website devoted to the social, political, cultural and spiritual networking needs of the LGBTQI Community has made it's debut online. Though the name HomosexualsOnly.com sounds exclusive, it's open to all genders and persuasions in hopes of bringing a sense of unity and "family" to a community where diversity often leads to isolation.

homosonly logo Created as a reaction to conservative propaganda in recent marriage equality debates, HomosexualsOnly.com creator William "Jake" Jacobs bought the URL initially as an act of online civil disobedience. "People used religion against interracial marriage and women's rights. Now they use these excuses to deny equal rights to homosexuals out of fear. So I registered this domain to avoid it falling into the hands of bigots," said Jacobs.

Upon later reflection, Jacobs noticed a lack of intercommunication vehicles for gay people, especially gay men, on topics other than dating and hooking up. "There are plenty of sites to help you pick up a trick, but when we need to rally the troops for a political action or give advice to kid coming out, where do you go?", queried Jacobs. "The right wing Christians have the pulpit at their tax-exempt meeting places every Sunday to spread their political messages, but where is our equivalent meeting place?"

HomosexualsOnly.com uses the latest social networking technology, some of which wasn't even invented when the site was conceived early in 2009. Some of the features available at HomosexualsOnly.com include:

-post your own blog

-posts to your own "Wall" (similar to Facebook)

-embed videos from other sites

-upload an unlimited number of photos

-photo Tagging

-create Groups

-Online Friends, Mutual Friends, and Favorite Friends.

Optional Features include:

-create and reply to events

-search events by category and location

-find friends' location on maps.

Not only will users be able to connect within the site, but they can also connect with their established friends on other more popular mainstream social networks. Once users have created their free membership to HomosexualsOnly.com, they can invite all their FaceBook friends with one click, or show all their updates from Twitter.


To fill the gap left by gay sites devoted to sex and cruising, HomosexualsOnly.com will not allow photos or videos containing nudity or blatantly sexually oriented material. Younger, tech savvy web surfers have no trouble finding sexually oriented material elsewhere, but they can't be truly honest about who they are if they have to lie about their age. At HomosexualsOnly.com, we're keeping it as clean and family-friendly as we can to provide support and information to the underserved members of the community who are not part of "the scene".

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