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East Coast Premiere!

Golden Girls (01-14-10)-- This new musical spoof on "The Golden Girls" explores the world of four older gay men who are obsessed with the Famous Foursome. Thanks to their equally dysfunctional therapist, they are able to indulge their obsession through a novel new therapy, which involves them all moving in together to live as the Golden Girls. A sell-out in Los Angeles. "Outrageous, uproarious and over the top!" – L.A. Weekly. "A fast-paced bitchy good time!" – L.A. Splash

WHAT: The exciting musical spoof on "The Golden Girls" that’s selling out theatres in Los Angeles – now for the first time "coming home" to Miami. Let’s give them a big South Beach welcome!

WHEN: Friday Feb. 26 (at 8pm), Saturday Feb. 27 (at 8pm) & Sunday Feb 28 (at 6pm).

WHERE: The Colony Theatre on Lincoln Road.

HOW: at the Colony Box Office or at these websites:

Tickets available from $35

This show is dedicated to elderly gay men (all you queens over 25!) with the hope that we all embrace growing older with pride and dignity. May we all have the intellect of Dorothy, the kindness of Rose, the wit of Sophia – all wrapped up in the never-fading sensuality of Blanche.


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