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Dating for men who know the hottest way to intimacy

(03-20-10)-- Hot2Frot members will tell you that Frottage definitely is sex.

Sometimes treated as a cause for either scorn or embarrassment, Frot, also known as dry humping and cockfighting is sex without penetration. More mainstream than acknowledged, it recognises the importance of masculinity to the gay and G0Y man, and is the expression of love of the male physical form.

Hot2Frot.com launched in March 2010 and brings together the growing number of men that are not afraid to say what they like and be proud about it.

Unashamedly sexy this classy on-line environment is for those guys who have previously been reduced almost to spectators on the larger more generic gay dating websites. It is free to join and a comfortable place to meet, chat, flirt, and promote the closeness and intimacy of their sexual preferences and male bonding.

Hot2Frot.com offers a different perspective to other gay websites; many members aren't into anal sex, they embrace safe sex, and don?t want rules thrown at them about what they can and can?t do in the bedroom.

A forum for men to showcase themselves without feeling marginalised, a chance for them to celebrate who they are, craft their image, express themselves, and develop friendships across the world.

Inclusive, not exclusive, gay or G0Y, old or young, the growing awareness and appreciation of Frot is everywhere.

A quote from our already growing membership:

"I think the philosophy behind your website is long overdue, and I look forward to using it!" Hot2Frot.com
- the website by men, for men

For more information about this website, or to schedule an interview please call Rob McChesney on 07739 984412 or e-mail Rob at anrocreative@yahoo.com


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