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Republican Congressman David Dreier Caught Getting a Happy Ending

Fairies With Children logo Los Angeles, CA October 7, 2010 -- Fairies With Children (The Yes on hate Episode) opens October 22nd at the Meta Theatre on Melrose. The show is a drag musical spoof of the popular 90s sitcom. A group of gay activists move to the suburbs disguised as the famous American sitcom family to better understand conservatives. Unknowingly, they find a foreclosed upon home right next door to Senator Bavid Breier and his live-in ... Assistant. The character of Senator Bavid Breier is loosely based on Congressmen David Dreier, once a Republican favorite until he was ousted from his closet by Mike

Jeff and Marcy Rogers on hisBlogActive website and in the movie "Outraged". A portion of each ticket will go to the Human Rights Campaign. More information can be found at www.fairieswithchildren.com

According to writer John Trapper, "the character is actually a composite of several closeted hypocrites we've seen over the last several years." Trapper says he spent a lot of time imagining how painful that it must be for both Dreier and his Chief of Staff living a life that is not only a lie, but spent working against their own freedoms (as Dreier has a long record of anti gay votes). "In the show, we look inside the mind of Brad Smith through our character Chad the Assistant, who doubles as Marcy Darcy for the purposes of keeping their close relationship a secret. In our story, Chad loves Bavid so much that he does anything for him, but really dreams of a complete fulfilling life out of the closet."

Trapper surprisingly has a lot of positive things to say about Dreier, "he is a very charismatic Politician, nice to look at, and very intelligent. It is my greatest hope that he will soon walk the path of Ken Mehlman and come out where he can do some good for the whole community. I believe if he did come out, and did so in the right way, he'd still be elected and a great asset to our community ... of course he'd have to start voting differently."

Peggy Bundy Sandy Dreier isn't the only one to get spoofed in this show. Theatre goers will get to see and hear about their favorite Fox News personalities during a musical tribute called "Good Morning Fox and Friends" sung by Donna Pieroni one of the original fat women from the TV series Married With Children. In this show, she plays an over zealous tea party member who "doesn't need friends cause she has the whole gang at Fox News". In the off chance Theatre goers may have forgotten some of the famous hypocritical and stupid conservative quotes from recent years, they'll get some of those in this show too.

WideStance Productions was founded to bring gay content in a way that people can get a peek into a world they wouldn't otherwise see. "We try to keep them too busy laughing to notice they're being taught tolerance". The troupe's last production "The Golden Gays" was a hit in Los Angeles and even traveled to the home of the famous foursome South Beach Florida.


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