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For Immediate Release

Rainbow Sash Movement Challenges Catholics for Equality

The Board of Directors of the Rainbow Sash Movement has made the determination not to join "Catholics for Equality" or endorse the organization. We understand that Dignity USA, and New Ways Ministry both support and have been given board positions on C4E board for that support. We find from an ethical perspective we cannot do that.

Our concern is at a very fundamental level, webelieve that fighting homophobia within the Church, and challenging the Church’s teaching that promotes anti Gay sentiment, discrimination, and violence is both necessary, and ethical if we are to support Gay Rights in the broader community.We cannot support Gay Rights in society, and not in the Church.

In our opinion, clerics and/or religious who believe that by coming out of the closet they are taking part in their own oppression, or priests who believe it is not our place to challenge Church Teachings that promote homophobia have missed the mark. We Catholics have our part to play in this just struggle.

There should be no place for a clerical mentality that promotes the idea that Church Teaching is off limits.We reject the view;"Catholics for Equality" apparently have embraced.

"We are not a church reform group," said Fr. Joseph Palacios a founding board member, "We are not going to handle doctrine. We can't change that. That is the church's thing. We don't even have the illusion that we as Catholics can do that. …". Sadly this clerical mentality has dogged us for the last 40 years when Catholics try to organize for Gay Rights. While this Ivy League clerical mentality may work well inside the Beltway, and among Archbishop’s Wuerl’s circle of friends, it does not play well outside of if it.

The conversation that is taking place in secular society has more to do with bringing the Catholic“moveable middle" around to the issue of Gay Rights as poll after poll has shown. It is a requirement of membership on the Rainbow Sash Movement board of directors that board members be both Catholic and active members of a parish we are intimately involved with Catholics in the pew, unfortunately the same cannot be said of C4E.

One way to join in this conversation is happening in Minnesota ‘where Minnesota’s Catholic bishops are preparing a push against the legalization of same-sex marriage in the final two months of the 2010 campaign season, but there is no practical way to challenge these bishops without challenging their Church supported homophobia. Another, is the pending Immigration Legislation where attempts will be made by USCCB not to include language in the legislation protecting LGBT Families.

As Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Catholics we either join in the conversation of social justice for our community, or are left behind. There is a shift consciences taking place among the"People of God" around the issue Gay Rights and this has happened because the Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Community have driven the conversation, and waking gay Catholics up to the fact that we have apart to play in this human rights journey.

To join the Rainbow Sash Movement and just to find out more about please visit our web site at www.rainbowsashmovement.com.

Rainbow Sash Movement Board of Directors


Contact Person:
Joe Murray
Rainbow Sash Movement


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