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Contact: Shann Carr
Tel: 760.567.5687
Email: girlmoxie@aol.com


Moxie Studio logo PALM SPRINGS, CA -- APRIL 13, 2010: After cracking up audiences for more than a decade on 70+ gay cruises on the high seas with Atlantis Events, comedian Shann Carr's land-locked fans are clamoring for a healthy dose of Shann-tastic fun. This summer from May through July, she'll set sail across the US in an RV with a red-necked sidekick, two dogs and revolving camera crews for 90 days and 10,000 miles filming a comedy-reality series about surviving on today's gay entertainment circuit.  Carr, a 26-year gay comedy veteran says "I'm craving the nitty gritty of hitting the road hard and leaving a discernable dent in it.  It is exhilarating to plop down into a new city every couple of days and mark steps with the fans living there.  It keeps your show fresh and coming from a gut level.  Instead of cruise ship buffets and snorkeling we'll be having Top Ramen cook-offs and fireside RV camp-outs!" 

  Out For Laughs: The Land Cruise will motor through cities across the US from May through July sprinkling fun-loving gay comedy out onto the landscape of gay and not-so-gay America.  Shann and her sidekick, aspiring comedian, Ken Cypert, a self proclaimed hillbilly from Arkansas now residing in New York, will perform at gay events large and small including pride celebrations, summer festivals and various truck stops and dive bars along the way. They'll frolic with other gay & lesbian performers and interact with the locals and capture it all on film. They'll drink in the gay nightlife  and get into all sorts of mischief hanging out with real people who live delightfully gay lives. All of this goes 'in the can' to create a comedy/reality series called "Out For Laughs: The Land Cruise".

  Stops on the tour include gay meccas like Key West, Fire Island, Fort Lauderdale, Provincetown, SF, Rehoboth Beach, Las Vegas, Dallas and Chicago.

The tour is being sponsored by many gay and gay-friendly businesses including Club W, Triangle Inn Palm Springs, Streetbar, Urban Finley, PNN, Jumphouse Design, The Snowden Group, Intriguism, Malin Studios 100 and others.

For more information on Shann Carr's Out For Laughs: The Land Cruise including tour dates and appearances, please visit www.shanncarr.com.

About Shann Carr and The Moxie Studios

With 26 years of gay stand-up experience at her hip, comedian Shann Carr weaves a storytelling style that makes you feel like you're sitting in your living room with an eccentric friend who has your whole dinner party in stitches. Over the past 26 years, Shann and The Moxie Studios have produced a series of live stand-up and TV comedy projects under the title “Out For Laughs", including a docu-comedy film called "Out For Laughs: On The Ocean", that follows three comedians, a drag queen, a piano player and a hypnotist working together on a series of gay cruises with Atlantis Events. Shann lives in Palm Springs with her dogs Boris and Beckham who receive as much fan mail as she does.

Carr is the Executive Producer of The Moxie Studios Inc., a visionary company on a mission to make Palm Springs the gay entertainment production capitol of the world. Last year, The Moxie Studios produced several media-based events in Palm Springs including the first-ever Gay TV Week, a Gay Commercial-Making Contest, a New Year's Eve multi-media bash and a poolside laser experience at the Riviera Resort & Spa. Shann and the Moxie Studios also created a comedy book called "You're Going To Be Gay!". The Land Cruise tour is part of The Moxie Studio's endeavor to create media-making momentum that builds Palm Springs' reputation as the perfect work-play destination for professionals producing the next generation of gay entertainment.  

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To book Shann Carr's Out for Laughs: The Land Cruise in your town contact Shann Carr / The Moxie Studios at 760-567-5687 or email girlmoxie@aol.com.


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