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BonBonWorld logo Luxurious & Hip Underwear Looks For Today's Cosmopolitan Man

Bon Bon Bodywear - A Classy And Playful Men's Underwear Brand

April 26, 2010 (Toronto, ON) -- Bon Bon Bodywear has recently globally launched a fashionable and revolutionary underwear brand, creating a luxurious clothing experience, complete with trendsetting looks for the successful man.

With the company mantra of "Live Liberally", Bon Bon Bodywear is specially designed for today's creative, self-confident man, and incorporates a balanced mix of modern basics, popular trends and high fashion. Every collection has a unique story behind it, appealing to a man's original personality and stylish flare. By complementing progressive ideas in men's fashion with their trademark fun-loving style, Bon Bon creates revolutionary pieces that are a form of art, at an affordable price.

To this end, Bon Bon works creatively with the world's top designers and visual artists, crafting hip underwear that represents the best upcoming trends in the artistic, fashion and sporting communities. "Bon Bon's pieces are the perfect choice for both daily wear and special occasions, says Vladimir Markovich, Creative Director, Bon Bon Bodywear, "where men want to come off as classically stylish while also projecting a sincere attention to the finer details, reflective of their diverse lifestyles."

A fresh approach to men's underwear, Bon Bon features eclectic collections that come in a fashionable array of colors and neutrals, with well thought out concepts and attention to details, giving men an attractive masculine feel with a flair of hip, premium underwear worthy of a cutting edge wardrobe accessory.

"To put it short, when you think of Bon Bon, think LUXURY. Seriously, these are incredibly soft and of really high quality," raves Men's Wear Review, a popular men's underwear blog focused on the latest trends and products. "All-in-all, I absolutely love Bon Bon. I can't say enough positives about how soft Bon Bon pieces are."

Other thoughts from menswear reviewers from around the world: "Bon Bon Bodywear is a premium brand and it shows from the moment you pick up the box. It's solid, substantial and glossy, just like a special package picked up from Tiffany & Co." -- Daily Jocks

"It's difficult to hide my genuine enthusiasm when it comes to Bon Bon underwear. Much too often you will pay a premium for high-end brands, just to be disappointed with the cut, production quality, durability, etc. Let me tell you : nothing will disappoint you with Bon Bon briefs" -- Guy's Underwear Blog"

"But Bon Bon does not just stop at cool, quality underwear", states Yuri Klepich, Business Development Director, Bon Bon Bodywear. "Every Bon Bon piece is made from Modal, a textile made from sustainable, biodegradable materials derived from renewable beech trees that use a natural chemical free process --- providing a soft, luxurious feel, while being healthy and good for the man's body as well as the environment. "

Bon Bon Bodywear is available throughout the world through their proprietary online store at www.mybonbonworld.com as well as in Canada through Top Drawers retail operations and in the US through International Jock (www.internationaljock.com) based out of Los Angeles. Bon Bon Bodywear is currently also available through other international outlets housed in Australia, and UK.

About Bon Bon Bodywear

Bon Bon Bodywear provides playful, fashionable, high-quality, and eco-friendly men's underwear, creating a luxurious experience for the senses. Conceived in Canada in 2009 and available across North America, Europe and Australia, Bon Bon's pieces are defined by fashion-forward color, active living, and an irreverent sense of humor, where sophisticated street meets contemporary themes. For more information, visit www.mybonbonworld.com or join in the conversation at Bon Bon's Facebook fan page or Twitter.

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