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Title: New Gay Fiction Book Just Released - A NEW DON by James Livezey Kulick
Publisher: Barnworks Publishing, LLC, Huachuca City, AZ
Date: December 22, 2010

For a copy of this book for review or to arrange a personal interview with the author, please contact Bonnie Lewis, bonlee@cox.net, or call 888.456.1926.

Growing up in the Rosen family household was not easy for Joe, an only child. On the one hand, he was surrounded by everything he'd even need and more; the estate home was elegantly furnished and expansive. Joe had his own space - plenty of it - and there were servants, maids, cooks, and security guards galore. But the balance was tipped by his bitter, over-bearing mother, Jewish-American-Princess Betsey, whom Joe could never seem to please. Despite the entourage of support, Joe felt failure was his middle name, and loneliness was the game.

Bernie Rosen, Joe's father, was a gentle soul, whose love for his son countered Betsey's wrath. Bernie was a prominently powerful man, and Joe was only beginning to learn of the depth of that influence. His father was the owner of the Rosen Recycling Plant, and a half dozen or more questionable companies. Bernie was likewise Don of the Family that included the Rosen clan and five East Coast Mafia families. Joe comes to grip with the fact that he'll never be able to fulfill his mother's dream for him of becoming a self-made man. Joe was growing up gay, and realized that he was falling in love with his best friend (and adopted brother) Brad. The touching story of how this relationship developed slowly but so completely is endearing. Joe grows up in a hurry, when it all hits the fan - Bernie is assassinated in true Mafia style. On his death bed, he proclaims young Joe as the new head of the family.

Joe's journey to Mafia supremacy is shored up by a cast of lovable and colorful characters that include Brad, Aunt Ida (Betsey's more sane sister), Manny, head of Rosen family security, kitchen diva Cassie, Uncle Tony, don of the Prasso family, and a host of other Rosen family supporters.

The dialogue is high-pitched, erratic, far-flung, sometimes downright nasty, and almost always over-excited. Livezey Kulick manages to keep readers totally engaged and enraged with the action.

Joe survives attempts on his life, mind-boggling business issues, and really lives the fury of an inherently homophobic Mafia. Readers become part of Joe's knock-down, drag-out rise to Mafia fame, and are entertained by a surprise ending that they never saw coming.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: James Livezey Kulick, born in Philadelphia and now living in Scottsdale, Arizona, is an award-winning novelist. In major Arizona newspapers, he has gained fame as "powerful" with his work as an activist to the underdog and a "showstopper" in his musical/movie days. Moreover, his church knows him to be outstanding in loyalty, service, and dedication. Among the numerous awards given to him is the prestigious Diamond in the Desert, Angel in Action, and an award from President Bill Clinton for leadership in the advance for change. A New Don is a page-turner till the bitter end . or 'The Beginning,' as Livezey Kulick so appropriately teases. Yes, the author has several sequels in this series, currently in production.


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