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The Gavel is About to Drop on Gay Marriage in America:

Ken Del Vecchio's controversial new film, "An Affirmative Act" to premiere in June

(04-08-10) -- The dark side of discrimination against gay marriage in America explodes on the screen in Renaissance Man, judge/trial attorney/bestselling author/veteran filmmaker and writer/director/producer Kenneth Del Vecchio's controversial new film, An Affirmative Act.

Terry and Samantha Succi a young law professor and architect are happily married and raising a baby -- until they're charged with fraud. Their ostensible crime? They are both women posing as a heterosexual couple -- and as such, violating the state law that discriminates against gay partners and prohibits them from receiving the same rights and benefits accorded their straight counterparts. To make matters worse, the state's governor (six-time Emmy-winner Justin Deas), in an effort to protect his politically expedient anti-gay marriage bill, secretly arranges for a quick slap-on-the-wrist guilty plea offer that will ensure a fast and tidy end to the case.

Affirmative Action DVD cover But the women are not about to plead guilty to anything and instead hire a self-absorbed but top-notch heterosexual attorney John DeMire (Eric Etebari, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Witchblade, CSI Miami) to take the case to trial. What ensues is a riveting courtroom drama guaranteed to inflame the passions of the masses concerned with the United States' most important and talked about social issue the legalization of gay marriage.

An Affirmative Act features two-time Academy Award nominee Charles Durning (Tootsie, The Sting, Dog Day Afternoon, Rescue Me). Durning, who is also a nine-time Emmy nominee and received a Tony Award for his portrayal of Big Daddy in Cat on a Hot Tim Roof, injects a deeply sinister element to the film as the white supremacist "Man in the White Suit."

The film introduces Candice Holdorf and Elissa Goldstein as Terry and Samantha, respectively. Other members of the cast include Costas Mandylor (Saw 4, 5 & 6, The Pledge), Emmy Award winner Blanche Baker (Sixteen Candles) and Thomas G. Waites (Oz, Boardwalk Empire, The Interpreter).

An Affirmative Act also features prominent actors from the LGBT community, Rob Moretti (Crutch) and Randy Jones (Cowboy The Village People) and is the first directing assignment for noted art director Jana Mattioli (TiMurders, Kinky Killers, The Big Gay Musical).

The film will have its worldwide premiere at the Hoboken International Film Festival ("HIFF"), which runs June 4 - 10, 2010. Jackie Martling, known to millions of radio listeners as "Jackie the Jokeman" on the Howard Stern Show, is HIFF's host, and Del Vecchio is the festival's founder and chairman.

A star-filled week showcasing some of the world's most cutting-edge movies, HIFF headlines the NYC market with powerhouse media partners and culminates with an Oscar-like Gala Awards Ceremony where Academy Award nominee Robert Loggia (Big, Independence Day, Jagged Edge) will personally accept the 2010 HIFF Lifetime Achievement Award. Past recipients have included Cloris Leachman, Charles Durning and Billy Dee Williams.

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