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Press Release

For Immediate Release

Open Letter to Soulforce from the Rainbow Sash Movement

Dear Rev. Mel White,

I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ, and hope this letter finds you at Peace.

My thoughts are focused on Lent and the injustices directed at Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender people, and how best to work together for common purpose. Over the years the Rainbow Sash Movement has reached out to you in the hope of finding common ground. Sadly that communication has born no fruit. We believe that in dealing with the Homophobia in the Roman Catholic Church we need all the help we can get, without disregarding a respectful attitude to our Catholic faith.

We feel working at cross purposes, promoting only our separating religious organizations does damage to the Gay Rights Movement we are all part of. It is my hope that this open letter to you will help in setting the foundations for a dialogue process. Because our faith and strategies are different we should not act in a manner that is in defiance to our GLBT Christian Principles. Our differences on strategy should not be seen as forfeiture on Ecumenical Dialogue. The last thing the Rainbow Sash Movement wants to do is thumb its nose at any who differ from our approach.

Currently the United Nations has invited to the public square governments who oppose and support human rights for the LGBT Community internationally. As I see it we have a choice placed before us either to go it alone, or try to reach out to the whole GLBT religious community and our allies in this effort. It is my hope that you will join us in that outreach effort. We should never presume to exclude from our religious civil rights movement voices that differ.

It is our opinion that you donít have to cut off from public discourse everyone that disagrees with you. We believe that unity in working for the GLBT common good and supporting and affirming the dignity of every human being is goal that people of good will can work towards. I believe the issue of the United Nations is an opportunity for us to jointly call for such a united effort.

The Rainbow Sash Movement has an integrated understanding for respect for life and for social justice. We should never allow ourselves to marginalize others in our community because of differences. It is my prayer that dialogue can begin.

Joe Murray
Executive Director
Rainbow Sash Movement


Contact Person:

Bill O'Connor
Rainbow Sash Movement


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