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January 27th, 2009


New Book Provides Co-Habitation Contracts As Alternative to Marriage

(Los Angeles, CA 01-27-09) -- Just in time for the financial crisis of 09' the new edition of "Love is Love, but Business is Business" by Merle H. Horwitz, Attorney at-law, debuts with everything you need to create legally binding financial contracts between two unmarried but committed romantic partners. In an effort to provide all the legal protection of marriage to couples who either can't, or won't, get married, this short but informative handbook includes a legal Co-Habitation Contract in the book and on CD, and easy to follow forms and advice from Attorney and Author, Merle H.. Horwitz, Esq.

Horwitz was one of the first lawyers in the country to advocate for specific rights and liabilities for couples in co-habitation arrangements outside of marriage. He recognized the vulnerability of each individual when these relationships dissolve, and the complications that arise from having to divide assets, responsibilities, child support or real estate without the formal structure of a state sanctioned divorce.

First published in 1980 (William Morrow, NY), "Love is Love, but Business is Business, The New Edition" (GM Books, West Los Angeles) has been updated with current, practical information for all couples that are living together today and making joint financial investments. The New Edition is being offered in a printed book format at $14.95—it includes a CD Rom Disk containing the cohabitation contract that can be edited and customized..

Amber Horwitz
AH Publicity
PH: 818-400-0499
EM: amber.horwitz@yahoo.com


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