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journey2luv.com New and Unique For Grown Lesbian Women Goes Live February 9, 2009

(02-09-09)-- journey2luv.com is for Women who love Women, grown Women, real Women with real lives. If you are one of the many women who are tired of going around in circles chatting, emailing and finally meeting women who are not ready to be in a grown up relationship, then you are in the right place, at the right time! Women who are ready to be real about who they are, right now, and what they are looking for are who you will find on journey2luv.com.

Our site is not fancy, but it's unique, yes, we ask the usual questions and a few others, but we take it a step further. In your time and at your discretion you can choose to take your correspondence/conversation to the next level with the deeper questions, short answer style, on...family, sex, work, finances, parenting and religion. Topics that we oftentimes forget or are afraid to ask or discuss thoroughly while floating thru the infatuation stage of a relationship, you know, the stage right before reality steps in. NO ONE will be perfect but she could be perfect for you. This deeper personal question and answer section is viewed only by the women you invite to view it. It's real talk about real life affirming situations. The true to life 'Could you be the one?' questions.

Journey2Luv.com logo journey2luv.com is also the place for couples. If you and you partner are looking for other committed couples to form friendship bonds with, you can build your profile as a couple and input information about yourself. We all know finding stable, down to earth committed couples to hang out with is a challenge. This is suggested for truly committed couples who are secure in there relationship and just want to meet and talk to others, as a couple, who appreciate real friendship without the fear that someone is trying to play you while your back is turned.

We are very excited about this opportunity to unite with our sisters all over. With your help, journey2luv.com will become one of the best all-round resources for the lesbian community. Together we will connect and support one another around the world. Any member can send us yours or your favorite lesbian/gay owned and operated business URL and/or complete contact information and we will list it so other members can benefit from an unlimited wealth of resources.

Join Now For Your FREE Intoductory 3 Month Membership

Thank you so much for continuing your journey2luv with us!

Exclusive Membership features:

Search and see immediately how compatible you are with other j2l members

Join in on various discussions by posting a comment in Community News

Set up a detailed profile (featuring private next level questions which you must invite others to view at your discretion)

Set up your profile as a single or as a couple(upload a picture of the two of you) Upload up to 5 photos (with a security feature that prevents others from copying and saving your photos)

Receive and send messages on your profile page

Access to thousands of lesbian women looking for that special someone

See names and browse profiles of women who have checked you out

Save your favorite profiles to your favorites folder

Links to numerous resources whose primary concerns are the mental, physical, and spiritual well-being of women...and many more resources linking you to local entertainment hotspots

Chat rooms for community and private chats coming very soon Submit for our listing, your favorite or local gay owned/operated/friendly clubs, bars, restaurants, accommodations, professionals or major events in your area. so we can link ourselves throughout the United States and support each other's endeavors.

...And much more

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