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L. Johnverrell
Almost Bullet Inspirations/Southern Movie Makers

New Het-Q Romantic Comedy Deals With Inner-Gay Prejudice And Queer Identity

Atlanta, Georgia, January 31, 2009 -- Filming starts late February for the romantic gay and queer comedy, Het-Q. Almost Bullet Inspiration's movie producer, L Johnverrell has written a script that she says "will deliver laughs and have people talking about all colors of the rainbow."

"Het-Q digs into several discriminations that exist from within the gay community", Johnverrell adds. "It tells a story of how some gay people aren't for unity as they seem to be, and how some people tend to roam in the community to discover their sexuality."

Young actor Peter Zimmerman plays the lead role of Mark in the movie. Mark is secretly dating openly gay male talk show host, Ramon Rios, (Reggie Gray). When Mark suddenly starts to date a normally butch identified female auto mechanic, Teresa Carter, (Nikki LaShae), Rios pins them on show that just happens to have an expert on heterosexual queerism on the guest panel.

Het-Q films in the Midtown district near Ponce De Leon Ave and screening begins in May. GLBTQI community businesses and individuals can sponsor screenings for their employees and friends.

For more information and sponsorships visit the official website: http://www.het-q.com

Het-Q Writer/Director/Producer L Johnverrell: ljohnverrell@het-q.com

Het-Q is produced by L Johnverrell and Atlanta based production company Almost Bullet Inspirations.

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L Johnverrell
Almost Bullet Inspirations
Writer/Director/Producer of Het-Q
Shooting in Atlanta starts February 23rd


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