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GLBT Catholics Challenges the Integrity of Catholic University of America

(01-28-09) -- The Catholic University of America (CUA) located in Washington DC right in the shadow of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception has added a new twist to the Pro Life Movement. An undisclosed university representative told leaders of the Students for Life of America's annual conference, which was held last Saturday, January 24, that The Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians (PLAGAL) which advocates the right to life as the basis of all other human rights "goes against the teachings of the Catholic Church, according to an article in the campus newspaper, The Tower. The article notes that CUA did not permit the group to co-sponsor the conference or set up an exhibit booth on campus, but still welcomed PLAGAL members to attend the conference".

We understand the need to be clear and on message; however, this position does not make sense in the face of the Church position on abortion. Apparently to be authentically Catholic you now need to be heterosexual. Homosexuals are welcome to the Pro Life as long as they remain in the closet.

What is troubling about the Pro Life Movement is its lack of diversity. One only had to look at the Liturgy celebration the evening of the March for Life in the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, on ETWN, to understand this was primarily a white only club. Developing diversity should be the cornerstone of the Pro Life Movement not a stumbl ing block.

The Anti Gay Group "The Cardinal Newman Society" is apparently speaking for the University since University Officials have not commented on Patrick Reilly's statement "We need a unified front in the fight against abortion, and PLAGAL has an important place in the pro-life movement. Nevertheless, CUA is a public witness to the Catholic faith, and its first obligation is to its students. PLAGAL has historically sought to convince pro-life Christians of its gay rights agenda, which in some respects opposes Catholic moral teaching."

The "Cardinal Newman Society" is not known for its intellectual objectivity when it comes to gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender (GLBT) students. Objecting to PLAGAL participation based on the Church's Teaching on the Homosexual Person is blatantly morally unfair, and smacks of bigotry. If PLAGAL is in opposition to Church Teaching than why has the CUA certified it as on campus organization? The obvious answer to this is the Cardinal Newman Society is as clueless on this matter, as it is on GLBT matters. PLAGAL is as authentically Catholic.

Most Catholics in the pews have had it with the Pro Life Movement's fear- mongering, race-baiting, and complete indifference to issues of social justice. This movement needs a new ethos one which appeals to our better angels. If the Pro Life Movement does not welcome all who are Pro Life than the interests of the unborn are not being served.

It is the hope of the Rainbow Sash Movement that the University will rethink its position. Sponsorship of this yearly pro life conference should be open to all Campus organizations who support life at CUA.


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