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Visual Ventures, llc
9528 Miramar Road Suite: #123
San Diego, CA 92126
Phone: 888.486.8881
Email: pr@visualventuresllc.com

For Sale: Verotic brand and custom suite of interactive adult community websites

San Diego -- July 11th, 2008 --Visual Ventures, llc announced today that they are offering to sell their Verotic brand and custom suite of interactive adult community websites. The decision to sell is a difficult one, but is necessary to enable the company to focus on other non-adult ventures.

These adult community sites were designed for explosive growth similar to what was seen by sites like Adultfriendfinder.com and MySpace.com. The company is currently seeking a buyer that will continue growth benefiting both the buyer and the many thousands of existing Verotic members.

About the Brand

Verotic - (Verot·ic): Our Verotic brand is based on the word Erotic. Erotic is anything that arouses sexual desire or excitement. Verotic adds a Visual component to Erotic to enable the ultimate adult experience – the Verotic experience.

More information on the Verotic brand is available on our corporate site:


About the Suite of Websites

VeroticGuide.com -- (www.VeroticGuide.com ) Your Visual Erotic Guide

Verotic Guide - is our premier all adult community website (social network). After years of planning and development, we launched this site in 2007 to meet the need for an adult place to play and interact with other likeminded adults. It might be thought of as an adults only MySpace with an elegant twist. It is open to any adults or even businesses with a Verotic nature.

It includes member pictures, videos, member advertising areas, forums, private and public groups, instant messaging, mail messaging, group chat and video chat with your web cam. We make it easy to find, interact, and even meet other Verotic adults from our vast member database.

VeroticMen.com -- (www.VeroticMen.com ) The Visual Erotic Guide for The Gay Community

Verotic Men - is our exclusive gay male community. We launched this custom site in 2008 to better meet the needs of our gay community members. It offers the same features as our premier VeroticGuide site (social network), but is customized to enable a discreet place for gay men to interact and play.

About Visual Ventures, llc

Visual Ventures, llc was created from a concept developed by the founders in early 2006. The founding concept was that any, and all, types of online interaction can be enhanced by including Visual components, i.e. photos and video. The main focus of the company has been on interactive communities.

The company is located in San Diego, California and is currently self-funded and privately operated. For information: www.VisualVenturesllc.com

Email: pr@VisualVenturesllc.com

Phone: 888.486.8881

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Visual Ventures, llc
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